How could cycling on roads be made safer for your workouts!

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How could cycling on roads be made safer for your workouts! What tips do you can remember and what should others do as well.

How could cycling on roads be made safer? Since you can not control a lot of things that are external, you have to focus on what you can control on your body and on your cycle.

Top Tips to make your cycling on roads safer

Follow the low and follow general rules of the area

When riding your bike, it is important to ride predictably and lawfully in order to avoid accidents. This means following the rules of the road-staying visible to drivers, slowing down when necessary, and looking out for cars that may be backing out or turning.

Stop signs, Zebra crossing, following cycling lanes etc are common laws that you should maintain and be predictable to car drivers and people.

How could cycling on roads be made safer

Tell other cyclists about laws

When you are following the rules, ask others to follow them as well. This is for their own safety as well. And carry an identity card always.

Chose your cycle carefully

The cycle should match your height and build. Do not get oversized or small cycles for yourself. Also, it is better to invest in an electric geared cycle. With this, you can go really far and while returning can rest and use the motor.

Ideally, an outdoor cycle with gears is good for city rides and workouts.

Wear Protected Gears

Wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and jackets to protect yourself. But ride safely and do not get into an accident in the first space. Also, keep checking your cycle for any problems. You do not want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

How can I make my bike safer?

When you’re not using your bike, make sure to lock it up with two different locks. This will make it more difficult for thieves to steal and will also deter them from trying. Additionally, be sure to use a strong lock that is resistant to bolt cutters.

When parking your bike, try to find a space that is well-lit and covered. This will deter thieves from targeting your bicycle and also make it easier for you to see it in the morning. Additionally, be sure to lock your bike securely with a strong lock.

How can drivers minimize their risks when sharing the roadways with bicyclists?

With the growing number of bicyclists on the road, motorists have to be extra careful when sharing the roadways with them. In order to minimize their risks, drivers should avoid speeding and driving aggressively. They should also use their turn signals and be prepared to stop or change lanes when needed.

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Use popular social media for support if in trouble

Cyclists have a fraught relationship with drivers because of the many close calls and accidents that can happen when both are on the road. Cyclists can display and share things on social media, like pictures and stories, that give them an identity to provoke empathy in drivers.

The best way is to carry an action cam to record whatever is happening while you are cycling. You can also make Youtube videos with the footage easily.

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Since there is no strict lockdown you can surely go for a ride but go out with protective gear and precautions.

And be sure to follow traffic rules and local authority instructions.

Ref: Urban cycling safety


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