Horlicks Protein Plus vs Ensure vs Protinex: Which is better?

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

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In my quest for the perfect protein supplement, I have jumped into the world of nutrition to compare three popular options: Horlicks Protein Plus, Protinex, and Ensure. These powerhouse protein products offer a variety of features to consider. Horlicks Protein Plus boasts 34g of whey, soy, and casein protein per 100g, while Protinex provides 34g of hydrolysate protein (though the protein type remains unspecified). Ensure, on the other hand, contains 30g of soy protein and milk powder per 100g.

Join me as we explore their protein types, flavors, nutritional value, suitability, pricing, reputation, and more in this horlicks protein plus vs ensure vs protinex showdown.

Horlicks Protein Plus vs Ensure vs Protinex

AspectsHorlicks Protein PlusProtinexEnsure
Protein Content34 gram of whey, soy, casein protein34 gram of hydrolysate protein per 100 gram but not specified which type of protein30 gram of soy protein, milk powder per 100 gram
Protein TypeProtein (Whey, Soy) – 38%
Casein – 1.1%
Milk Solids – 5.5%per 100 gram
Not mentionedNot mentioned in %
Flavor and TasteVanilla, MaltVanilla, Rich ChocolateVanilla, Chocolate
Nutritional ValueContains all the Vitamins and MineralsContains all the Vitamins and MineralsContains all the Vitamins and Minerals
IngredientsSkimmed milk, protein ingrediants, barleyNot really mentionedSkimmed milk and Malt is the main ingrediants
SuitabilityFor AdultsFor AdultsFor Adults
Price532 rupees for 400 gram (₹133 /100 g)1325 rupees for 1kg (₹132.50 /100 g)774 rupees for 400 grams (₹193.50 /100 g)
Special Dietary ConsiderationsNoneNoneNone
Allergen InformationMilk, Peanut, Soy allergensMilk, Peanut, Soy allergensPeanut, Soy allergens
Our Review4.2/54.2/54.30/5
PurposeGeneric health drinkGeneric health drinkGeneric health drink
Potential Side EffectsNoneNoneNone
Packaging and ConvenienceAvilable in Jar, BoxAvilable in Jar, Box, ContainerAvilable in Jar, Box

Key Takeaways

  • Protein content: Horlicks Protein Plus – 34g of whey, soy, and casein protein per 100g; Protinex – 34g of unspecified hydrolysate protein per 100g; Ensure – 30g of soy protein and milk powder per 100g.
  • Protein type: Horlicks Protein Plus – Whey (38%), Soy (38%), Casein (1.1%), Milk Solids (5.5%); Protinex – Not specified; Ensure – Not mentioned in percentage.
  • Flavor and Taste: Horlicks Protein Plus – Vanilla, Malt; Protinex – Vanilla, Rich Chocolate; Ensure – Vanilla, Chocolate.
  • Nutritional value: All three contain all essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Price per 100g: Horlicks Protein Plus – ₹133; Protinex – ₹132.50; Ensure – ₹193.50.
  • Reputation: All products have a high reputation.
Horlicks Protein Plus vs Ensure vs Protinex: Which is better? 1
Horlicks Protein Plus vs Ensure vs Protinex: Which is better? 2

The Last Rep!

In conclusion, the comparison of Horlicks Protein Plus, Protinex, and Ensure reveals several positive aspects that make them all worthy contenders in the world of protein supplements. All three enjoy a high reputation, indicating trustworthiness among consumers. Their exceptional mixability and the inclusion of all essential vitamins and minerals in their composition further contribute to their appeal. Additionally, the suitability for adults without reported potential side effects makes them versatile options for a wide audience.

Horlicks Protein Plus vs Ensure vs Protinex: Which is better

However, it’s important to note some potential drawbacks. Protinex’s failure to specify the type of protein used in its composition raises questions about its ingredients. Ensure, while offering impressive nutritional value, comes at a higher price per 100g compared to Horlicks Protein Plus and Protinex. Additionally, the lack of detailed ingredient information for Protinex and the slightly lower protein content in Ensure may influence some consumers’ choices. Ultimately, the choice between these products will depend on individual preferences and priorities, with both positive and negative aspects to consider.

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