Fit mammal resistance band review

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This Fit mammal resistance band review is a must-read before you buy the set of resistance bands!

Fit mammal resistance bands are a well-known item when it comes to resistance bands.

It has over a 1k+ star rating/reviews and a good rating overall.

Fit mammal resistance band review

Do you need this?

Is Fit mammal resistance band good?

Fit mammal resistance bands are good for people who invest in a set of bands so that they can vary the resistance as they wish.

This allows them to train their smallest and largest muscles.

You can easily do face pulls with a single yellow tube band.

And you can also do full-body exercises like squats or push press with it.

Obviously, no bands will replace your gym equipment, but these exercise bands will help you workout almost anywhere with ease.

Fit mammal resistance band review

Let’s start with the pull force of the fit mammal resistance bands:


  • Yellow: 4.5 kg
  • Blue: 9 kg
  • Green: 13.5 kg
  • Black: 18 kg
  • Red: 22.5 kg


As per their color-coding, yellow is the lightest resistance band. This band can be used for small muscles like the rotator cuff. The lightweight band is very useful for the recovery process.

The blue resistant band has a decent weight of 9 kg and can be used for bicep curls.

The green band can be used for squats or arms if you are strong.

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The black fit mammal resistance band is a strong one and should be used for deadlifts, squats etc.

The red fit mammal band is the strongest band, and you should use this for squats, deadlifts as well.

But above is just my opinion. If you are strong enough, then you can use any bands for any exercise you like. And of course, when you are growing stronger, you can combine the bands for more pull force as well.

And I happen to use multiple resistance tubes together. This is the beauty of these types of resistance bands. These stackable resistance bands by Fit Mammal are great for that.

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What you get in the pack? 

  • 5 tube resistance bands suitable for all fitness levels.
  • 2 ankle straps
  • 2 handles
  • 1 Door Anchor
  • 1 carry bag
  • 1 Workout E-guide book

This is a pretty good combo to get a toned body via resistance training. And even useful for advanced-level athletes.

You and any athletes can include those bands made with premium materials into your exercise routines.

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Benefits of Fit mammal resistance bands set

  • Comes with 5 tube bands 5 attachments so you can do a variety of exercises.
  • Combining these stackable bands together you can increase your muscle strength.
  • Combining them to make it 150 kgs of force.
  • These elastic bands are lightweight and can be taken with you while travelling.
  • Unbreakable tube bands.
  • Double latex bands.
  • Comes with lifetime warranty.
  • Accessories are stronger than those that come with cheaper brands.
  • Leg ankle straps are comfortable.
  • Handle cushions are comfortable as well.
  • These resistance bands are also useful as heavy weight workout band.

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Cons of Fit mammal resistance bands set

  • Many people think these resistance band price is high.
  • Not usable as pull-up assist bands.
  • These are not fabric resistance bands.
  • Not much usable as elastic stretching band.

Most common positive topics from all the reviews

  • Great for rehab workouts.
  • Great for working out at home.
  • Resistance bands are very durable and feels premium.
  • Soft and durable handles and ankle strap.
  • People are impressed with lifetime warranty.
  • Users are happy that the bands do not break or get damaged when stretched.
  • People like the premium latex material.

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Most common negetive topics from all the reviews

Some users have broken their resistance bands after 15-20 days of usages.

Some users not have received ankle strap or handles.

Some complain that the metal straps are getting rust quickly.

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Final verdict:  

If you are after a pro level, durable and premium resistance band then you should get this fit mammal resistance band set. This type of resistance band is great for home workout. You can use these bands for stretching, toning and all other benefits of resistance bands.

The whole set of natural latex tubes might seem costly, but they are also backed by a lifetime warranty. And it is very unlikely that you will break those bands quickly.

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Yes might get a faulty piece to begin with, and you can return the same.

Otherwise, this is a great buy.

If you do not own a resistance band set already, then get this one.

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