Durafit treadmill reviews


In my Durafit treadmill reviews I will tell you about the pros and cons about these. My experience with them is limited between local gyms. 

And you should also know that Durafit is a Indian company. Durafit is headed by two IIM-A Alumnus and mostly deals in domestic, semi commercial and commercial treadmill.

Durafit treadmills are versatile, durable and reliable. These treadmills come in many flavours like domestic, semi commercial and commercial style. This allows you to pick your favorite depending upon your usages.

If you need more help in selecting the durafit treadmill, then you might check our treadmill buying guide on the best treadmill in India article.

Best durafit treadmill reviews

  1. Durafit heavy hike treadmill Review
  2. Durafit royal treadmill review
  3. Durafit atom 1.5 treadmill Review
  4. Durafit Spark 1.25 HP motorized Treadmill Review
  5. Durafit Strong 2.0 HP Review
  6. Durafit Springo 2.0 HP Review

Durafit Treadmill Reviews

Best Durafit Treadmill Reviews (Detailed)

Durafit heavy hike treadmill Review

Durafit heavy hike treadmill Review

Why Should You Buy this?

With the long list of features and the 3 years warranty would seal the deal for me if I wanted to run.

And the fact that it has good technology behind the shock absorption means I can care less and do random sprints! Overall a great treadmill to have.

Durafit heavy hike is a great treadmill by durafit. This is best for Marathon trainers, people who love to run, people who would love to lose some weight and elderly people.

 For runners this treadmill can go from 1 to 16 km/hr meaning you can train for slow steady paced running, you can train for a marathon and you can train for sprints. There are 48 pre programs if you want to use them. 

The running area is 19 inches wide and is 50 inches long. That is plenty in a semi commercial treadmill.

The motor has a CHP or continuous power of 2.5 hP so you can take this treadmill for long runs as you need.

And the highest peak output is 5 HP meaning you can step up the gear and run at full speed for an explosive workout. I would include this for my HIIT workouts at home as well.

Durafit heavy hike also has auto incline to make your workouts more tough!

But also if you are going through some physical issue and want a low impact steady cardio then this treadmill has the perfect support.

The thickness of the board is 1.8mm and has good cushioning and traction. This is helpful for beginners, elderly as it does not put pressure on the knees. Also to prevent any issues there is a dual shock absorption system with springs and gel cushion.

The size of the treadmill is fairly large – (L*W*H) : 1895*725*1210 (mm)

But this is foldable and comes with a hydraulic soft drop system. So after workout just fold it up and use the space for something else.

Will treadmill build stamina?

I liked the fact that they are providing durafit treadmill lubrication in the package. 

Note the max user weight is capped at 120kg if walking and 90kg while running. Be mindful of these numbers otherwise you could be shortening the life of your treadmill. Also there could be a chance of an accident.

There are some music systems but do not expect any great quality from them. But as far as sound on the treadmill goes, these work good.

Other features include a large LCD screen, easy buttons to control incline, speed etc. And there is also a safety key, mobile stand places to keep water bottles.

There are heart rate sensors on the hand rails as well.

Here are the top features that you should care for!

  • 2.5 HP motor with 5 HP peak
  • 50 inch long and 19 inch wide
  • 1-16 km/hr speed
  • 48 Pre set programs
  • Foldable treadmill with soft hydraulic drop
  • Safety button
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Large dashboard
  • Target modes such as speed, distance, calories time etc.
  • Gel cushion and Dura spring technology for keeping our knees safe
  • 3 year warranty

Durafit royal treadmill review

Durafit royal treadmill review

Why Should You Buy this?

The full Yoga kit is a great touch for a yoga and running based workout. But even without this the fold-able durafit roya is well built, has good horsepower and speed and made for heavy people.

Durafit Royal lives up to its name with the sturdiness and the durability it offers. For a first it offers upto 150 kg of walking weight and when running the max user weight supported is around 150kgs.

People who want to lose weight or people are gifted with large physique can easily walk or run on it. 

Premium treadmills like this are really durable at supporting weight and HorsePower. Here the CHP is 3.0 and 6 HP is peak.

And with all that you can power the speed can go upto 20 km/hr. This treadmill has 21 inches wide and 56 inches long running area. And this huge area is perfect for runners and tall people.

Durafit Royal also has a huge 22 incline to make your running experience more intense. There are also 48 pre-set programs, out of which 24 are available on the incline.

Durafit Royal is also a foldable treadmill with soft hydraulic drop system. This means you can just fold up the treadmill when not using and save some space. Especially helpful if you have a small house.

And since this treadmill also has wheels, you can move it around from one room to another.

Like other semi commercial models the LCD provided with the Durafit Royal treadmill is large and the console have all the keys. From here anyone can change up incline, change treadmill speed, change programs etc.

This dashboard section also has two bottle or mobile holders and speakers. And in the middle with glowing red color is a safety key. Which I hope you never have to use.

And to lessen your headache of lubrication there is 100% silicon oil in the package.

Another cool feature would be the gym combo that they give. Their Durafit Royal combo consist of a resistance band, a yoga ball 65 cm, yoga mat, 1 foam roller. That’s a lot and this is almost perfect for a full yoga workout with treadmill running!

Top Features that you should care for!

  • Wide LCd display
  • 3 CHP and 6 HP peak motor
  • Wide running area of 21 inches
  • 48 Pre set programs
  • Yoga kit
  • 1-20 km/ hr speed
  • 120kg running mode max user weight

Durafit atom 1.5 treadmill Review

Durafit atom 1.5 treadmill Review

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a budget treadmill on which you want to run to lose fat then this Durafit Atom is a great choice!

Durafit atom 1.5 is a great budget oriented treadmill for home. This treadmill is powered by 1.5 CHP or 2.5 peak HP motor which supports speed from, 0.8 to 12 km/hr.

Running area is around 15 inch wide so you can not run too fast or too recklessly.

The belt has a 1.8 inch thickness so if you speed walk and run slowly this will not affect your knees. Note the max user weight is 90 kg for walking and 60kg for walking.

To increase the difficulty of your workout you can use the 3 level inclination easily. There is a basic but large dashboard at the front of the treadmill.

Here you will get the inclination control button along with other program button and on the handrails there is the heart sensor.

Top Features that you should care for

  • 1.5 HP with 2.5 HP peak motor
  • 12km/hr highest speed
  • 15 inch wide walking/running area
  • 3 level incline
  • 90 kg max user weight

Durafit Spark 1.25 HP motorized Treadmill Review

Durafit Spark

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a budget treadmill with no headache of additional features then get this one.

Note that this Durafit treadmill is not foldable, does not have an incline and running area is not long or wide for full strides.

Still for speed walking, jogging this is a good durafit treadmill to have.

Durafit spark 1.25 HP treadmill is a great budget options for those who would mostly walk or slow jog on the treadmill. This treadmill has a 1.5 HP continuous and 2.5 HP peak performance when needed.

Since the running area is only 19 inches wide and not so long thus you should get this only for slow jogging and walking. Full fledged running will not cut it.

The running belt has a friction coating with 1.8mm thickness. The running supported weight is 65 kg, which is okay and walking max supported user weight is 95 kg. If you fall under this weight limits then this is a good durafit treadmill to buy.

There are also 12 pre set programs with target modes like chase, time, distance etc.

Although this treadmill is a budget one with 35 kg weight still it is durable and sturdy.

And this treadmill is not foldable but it has wheels for transportation and you get full 5 year warranty on the frame.

Top Features that you should care for!

  • 1.25 HP motor with 2.5 HP peak
  • 1-12km/hr speed
  • 12 pre set programs
  • 5 years warranty on frames
  • Wheels to move the treadmill

Durafit Strong 2.0 HP Review

Durafit Strong

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want something more durable than the Durafit Spark then get this one.

This one also has a higher top speed level and more powerful motor. Also there is a handy emergency kill switch. Overall a great motorised treadmill for all ages.

Durafit Strong is a mid range treadmill with 2 HP motor which can go upto 4 HP peak. The running area is 17 inch wide which is okaish for running. The top speed this motor can go is 14 km/ hr which is very good.

But if you are really tall have long strides then you might have to struggle a bit.

And with three level manual incline you make your running workouts more tough to execute.

The max user weight this treadmill support is 120 kg when walking and when running that goes down to 90 kg. Which is reasonable at this price range.

To save space you can fold the treadmill up with a hydraulic soft drop system and also use the wheels to move it around.

The dashboard is big and it has most of the controls of the treadmill along with the speakers. Other than the speakers this dashboard has a LCd display that can show you time, distance, speed, calories and pulse rate. The heart rate sensor is on the hand rails.

There is also a safety button incase of an emergency.

And if you feel bored there are 24 programs that you can try on!

Top Features that you should care for!

  • Max user weight of 120kg walking and 90 kg running
  • 1-14km/ hr speed
  • 2 CHP and 4 peak HP motor
  • Safety button
  • Soft hydraulic system to fold the treadmill

Durafit Springo 2.0 HP Review

Durafit Springo

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do want to have a treadmill where you can run with proper support for the knees then buy this one. The running area is wide and long and the cushion with spring support is great.

Durafit Springo is giving dual shock absorption with spring and gel cushion technology which is helpful to put less pressure on the knee joints. Best for the elderly and runners.

There is also an auto incline of 15 levels which is also beneficial if you want a strong workout with a treadmill. Or want strong leg muscles.

The running area is around 19 inches wide and 51 inches long meaning this is great for long strides and runners. The max user weight for walking is 115 kg and for running  it is 85 kg.

The dashboard has wide spaces to keep water bottles, phones or tablets etc. And there is also a red kill switch. You can also choose 18 pre-set programs from this dashboard as well.

And with the peak motor power of 4 peak HP the highest speed can go up to 16 km/hr. 

This treadmill has a hydraulic soft drop system so you can fold it up to save space. And this treadmill has 71 kg weight. This is a highly durable and sturdy treadmill at this price.

Treadmill Under 10000

Top Features that you should care for!

  • 4 HP motor
  • 15 level auto incline
  • .6 – 16km/hr speed
  • Max user weight 85 kg running and walking 115 kg.
  • Heavy duty treadmill

Buying durafit treadmill second hand?

I do not prefer buying second hand items but if you get a good deal on a durafit treadmill which is not too old then go for it. But be aware of fraud sellers on olx etc.

Durafit treadmill stabilizer

Durafit GA400W Treadmill Stabilizer is a good one but if not available then you can just get other stabilizer with around 500 voltage support.

Here is the ones that you should get from Amazon.

If you get the Durafit treadmill stabilizer then you do get 5 years of warranty. Which many companies do not provide. But for the sake of getting a stabilizer you can get any from other reputed stabilizer brands.

And can use that stabilizer for other appliances as well.

Durafit treadmill lubrication

If you are using a durafit treadmill then you might as well as use Durafit treadmill lubrication oil. The 100% silicone oil is available in spray format with a 500ml bottle.

Durafit treadmills do come with 100% silicone oil for lubrication but one day that will run out. And you see that is not available then What will you do?

Here is another item that you can use –

Glare India Treadmill Belt Silicone Lubricant Oil

This is another best selling silicone lubrication oil but comes in only 100ml pack which would end very quickly.

This is a 100% silicone oil which is clear, colorless, odourless.

Good for reducing the chances for motor wear and tear and also helps in reducing treadmill noise.

Durafit treadmill installation

Durafit team takes care of the installation very efficiently.Off course they can not visit your house since that will demand huge man power.

But they help with whatsapp video call so that you can install the durafit treadmill by yourself.

You have to get registered for the video call install guide on whats-app. Send your Name, Invoice Number, email id and Address) @ 6379905512. And then they will call you up for that. And working for 7 days from 9 am to 6 pm.

Durafit treadmill price

Durafit treadmill price starts from around 13k INR and then sky is the limit. Since the price is heavily dependent on the features of the treadmill.

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