Should You Do Strength training before breakfast? Benefits of working out on an Empty Stomach!

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Should You Do Strength Training Before Breakfast? Should You Train for Strength Training Before Breakfast?

There are two groups when it comes to doing strength training before breakfast. One group swears that an empty stomach workout is super beneficial for them, whereas the other group frowns on the idea of a fasting workout.

Let’s see what the new research tells us about whether you should do a workout before breakfast or after.

And which is more beneficial?

Personally, I never liked working out on an empty stomach! I feel weird when I tried it.

You should not do strength training before breakfast. You will need a carb-full breakfast to get the energy to finish your strength workout. Thus, always eat before you want to do some heavy squats.

If you are working out for strength and will be lifting heavy, and you do not have much fat to burn, then you should rather eat a good breakfast before working out. You will need all the fuel to make those muscles and get fit from skinny.

Do Strength Training Before Breakfast?

Benefits of Doing Do Strength training before breakfast in an Empty Stomach!

The key benefit of doing strength training before breakfast is a high chance of fat burning. Since your body will naturally get the energy needed from your bodily fat sources.

But if you are skinny or have less fat then you should rather eat breakfast and then work out in your home gym.

You don’t wanna be skinny, do you?

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No Sleepiness

If you are one of those people who eat breakfast while still being half asleep then working out before breakfast might be an option for you.

When you start your warm up the sleep runs away.

This gives you a boost of energy for the rest of the day.

It may help burn fat

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to the best time to exercise in order to burn the most fat.

Some people believe that eating before working out is the best way, while others think that fasting or exercising in a fasted state is more effective.

There is evidence to support both sides, so it’s important to experiment and see what works best for you.

A study done on men shows that working out before breakfast or fasting overnight seems to be more effective in reducing body fat. But there is some concern about increased cortisol levels after overnight fasting, which may negatively impact your health as well.

Another study done on men suggest that in the short-term doing exercise before breakfast might help lose fat.

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You might get better fat loss results from your workout

This study found out that doing exercise before a workout utilised more intramuscular fat storage than doing a workout after breakfast.

Thus, if your goal is fat loss, then doing an early morning workout without food seems to be the best way.

And if your goal is to gain muscles, then an oat and whey breakfast would do. I used to eat this breakfast before going to the office. And in between, I would do my morning workout.

Boost metabolism and improve appetite control

Doing a workout before breakfast increases 24-hour metabolism. Fat oxidation or fat metabolism research on done on both male and female candidates.

As per the study, 24-hour fat burn was more seen in females than men.

But if you are trying to gain weight, then your metabolism is probably already high.

Boost metabolism and improve appetite control

Drawbacks of Fasted Workouts

There are a few drawbacks to strength training on an empty stomach.

If you are skinny, then do not do it.

You have less energy storage in the form of fat, in this case, your lean muscles are at risk.

When you work out without eating first, your body will use stored muscle glucose (glycogen) and then fat.

While it is true that strength training in a fasted state can lead to muscle degradation, it is important to note that this only occurs after a prolonged period of time.

A 30-minute of HIIT workout will not get to that point.

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And if you are working out in a fasted state for the first time, you should start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration as your body becomes accustomed to the routine.

Additionally, chronic low blood glucose and cortisol levels can lead to depression of the immune system, so be sure to take measures to prevent this, such as consuming a pre-workout snack or drink.

This study shows that eating breakfast before the morning workout leaves a positive effect on mood, throughout the day. No wonder I felt bad for working out with an empty stomach and then going to the office.

I felt very tired actually, and I am a skinny guy so fat loss is not my goal. So I do not do empty stomach workouts.

What to Eat in Breakfast Before Workout

What you eat before you work out can make a big difference in terms of how you feel and how well you perform.

It’s important to eat the right foods so that you have enough energy to last through your workout, but also so that your body doesn’t get bogged down by heavy food.

Try to eat a light, easy-to-digest meal one to two hours before your workout. Avoid high-fibre and high-fat foods before your workout, as they can be difficult to digest and may leave you feeling sluggish.

Instead, opt for easy-to-digest carbs like fruit or whole grains, which will give you sustained energy throughout your workout.

Don’t forget to combine them with protein to help speed up your recovery.

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What to Eat at Breakfast After Exercise

When you finish a workout, your body is in a state of recovery. This means that it’s primed to take in nutrients and rebuild muscle.

To help this process, aim to eat 15-25 grams of protein within an hour of finishing your workout.

On scoop of myprotein whey did this for me very well.

You can get protein from sources like lean meat, eggs, dairy or plant-based proteins.

Additionally, you’ll want to include some carbohydrates and fibre.

Choose a high-fibre carb source like quinoa, beans, oats, ragi to keep you full and satisfied.

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Drawbacks of Fasted or Pre-breakfast workout

  • Strength training on an empty stomach will use stored muscle glucose (glycogen) more than fat.
  • Heavy lifts or fast running will use stored muscle glucose (glycogen) more than fat, even if you do them on an empty stomach.
  • If you want to maximize fat burning then you should do low-intensity cardio workouts and not strength training.
  • Strength training in a fasted state can lead to muscle degradation if done for a prolonged period of time.
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What to eat before an early morning workout for weight loss?

Lemon in warm water is widely known in India to drink in the early morning for weight loss. You can then do your low-intensity cardio to burn fat.

Should I eat before a morning workout?

Unless you have a weight loss goal in your mind, then you should work out after breakfast. A breakfast of oats, and milk and whey protein should do! Oats will provide you with carbohydrates for the energy required for the workout. And milk and whey will help you with the protein to help your muscles grow.

Work out before or after breakfast for muscle gain?

If you do not have the need to lose fat at all, then you should work out after breakfast for muscle gain. I used to do this early morning weight training after breakfast only. I do not want to be skinny at all.

Should You Do Strength training before breakfast? Benefits of working out on an Empty Stomach! 1

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What is the best breakfast before strength training?

A meal with carbs and protein, 1-3 hours before the strength training, is good for muscle gain. A bowl of oats, milk and one scoop of whey should do.

You should definitely eat breakfast before strength training for better results and high energy.

Can you do strength training before breakfast?

Yes, you can do strength training before breakfast. But there is a catch. If you decided to lift heavy on an empty stomach, then you might feel low in energy very quickly. If you do not have fat in your body, then you should do weight lifting after breakfast only.

PS: The times I tried fasted workouts, I had nausea and high acidity.

What happens if you exercise without eating enough?

If you have a large fat reserve in your body then those will be used for energy while you exercise without eating enough. But if you go longer with your workout, you can degrade your muscles as well. For strength gain, it is always advised to have a portion of carbs and protein before a workout.

Can we do exercise after breakfast for weight loss?

You can do exercises after breakfast for weight loss but it will not be very effective. For weight loss, empty stomach workouts work well.

Are you supposed to eat after a workout?

You should eat some amount of carbs and protein after a workout. This will help you get the energy and help your muscles repair.


If your goal is fat loss, then doing low-intensity workouts before breakfast is recommended. As per multiple studies, it is confirmed that an empty stomach and low-intensity workout work the best for fat loss.

And since you are working out early in the morning, you will be able to focus on your other activities throughout the day.


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