Do Home Gyms Add Value for Houses when selling?

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Do Home Gyms Add Value for Houses when Selling?

Yes, home gyms will add value to your house by appealing to people who would love to work with home gym equipment.

From yoga to strength training the home workout space will increase the price of your gym in the market.

It will surely appeal to the people who love to work out but do not have the time for it.

Do Home Gyms Add Value

But with the house you will sell, they can see a better person with it.

So yea, your home will appeal to luxury real estate agents and buyers.

Do home gyms add value to your life?

Yes, home gyms can significantly add value to your life. They offer convenience, saving time and money on gym memberships. Regular exercise in the comfort of your home improves physical and mental health, with studies showing enhanced muscle power, flexibility, and overall fitness. Home gyms also provide privacy and allow tailored workouts. With easy access, you’re more likely to stay consistent, leading to better health and well-being.

Easy Access to Workout Facilities

Imagine rolling out of bed and being just steps away from your own gym. No commute, no locker room rush, just you and the open training floor. With a home gym, you can:

  • Work out anytime you want, saving commuting time and giving you freedom to adjust your schedule.
  • Enjoy absolute privacy and complete freedom to use any equipment without having to wait.
  • Design a personalized fitness space, boosting your motivation and enjoyment.

Don’t underestimate the power of such convenience. In fact, a dedicated workout space can be a game changer, turning a busy life into a balanced one! A home gym – it’s health and happiness right at your doorstep!

Set Your Own Rules

Your home gym, your rules! Wave goodbye to wait times and sayonara to side-eyes. No more “don’t drop the weights” or “last one wipes”. Want to do a power superset with dumbbells? Go for it. Or, maybe, an AMRAP workout without the pressure of ringing timers? All yours! You can deload whenever you want. Plus, tidy up on your own schedule. Having a home gym lets you pump up your fitness game on your terms – private, flexible, and absolutely freeing. There’s no match to this exhilarating buzz of independence! So, let’s shape your space to shape you up.

Less Commute

  • Imagine cutting hours off your weekly schedule! With a home gym, you can. No more commuting to a crowded gym!
  • Bulking or trimming, you can do your reps anytime you like. Squeeze in a morning workout before the daily grind or de-stress with a night regime.
  • Think about it. You save time, money, and energy. No more rush-hour traffic or fuel costs.
  • It’s safe and convenient. You can even work out while the kids nap!
  • Home gyms bring flexibility to your fitness routine. In fact, they’re redefining the way we view “gym time”. Your personalized gym experience awaits in your very own living room.

Save Money

Imagine saying goodbye to gym membership costs! Investing in a home gym can save you a considerable sum. A yearly gym membership averages $696, while a one-time home gym setup could cost around $400. With the latter, you’re seeing savings from the second year onwards! No more travel expenses, no more fees, just fitness at your fingertips. Still unsure? Compare the costs:

  • Year 1: Gym (12k-15k INR approx) vs Home Gym (10k to 1 lakh INR etc)
  • Year 2 onwards: Gym (12k-15k INR/year) vs Home Gym (0 INR/year)

In the long run, you will save a significant amount by embracing the home gym lifestyle. You’re literally building a healthier wallet with every workout!

Do Home Gyms Add Value when Selling or Renting?

Yes! The home gym adds value when you are renting or selling. Because the buyer or renter will now be able to work out in a fully set-up gym.

No gym fees, convenience for them, and more money for you.

All you need to have a proper ventilation, rubber tiles, minimal accessories, some cardio equipment, some strength training equipment and you are good to go.

The House is Easier to Sell

Looking to sell your house in a snap? Adding a home gym could lift its appeal significantly! While it might not increase the monetary value directly, it might be the muscle you need to seal the deal! 80% of homeowners are taking workouts home – so imagine what a ready gym could do for your selling prospects! It’s like seeing a cherry on top of a sundae – an enticing bonus! I would suggest, keeping your spending below 35000 INR. After all, we’re aiming for fitness-friendly, not a high-end health club! So, ready to pump up the ‘sellability‘ of your home?

Adds a unique point

Having a home gym is a game-changer when it comes to selling or renting your house! It adds an attractive and uncommon feature that potential buyers or renters may find hard to resist. In my experience, homes with dedicated gym spaces often see a boost in value and desirability. I mean, wouldn’t you love a home that promotes a healthier lifestyle?

  • The inclusion of a rubber-tiled floor increases the standard of a home gym, adding an edge to your property.
  • Conversion of unused areas into a gym also adds a personal joy factor, enhancing overall life quality.
  • Indeed, a home gym is an investment that yields benefits both in the present and future. So, why not get started on creating your fitness haven at home?

You can charge higher rent

Imagine being able to charge more rent because of your in-home gym? It’s distinctly possible! According to my research, an on-site fitness center can significantly boost your property’s value, allowing you to increase the rent by up to 10%-20% easily!

Renters love home gyms and are willing to pay up to 1000 INR more for properties armed with a fitness center.

Property Appraisal

Absolutely, a home gym can add value to your house! The role of property appraisal is like a detective’s, uncovering mysteries of your home’s worth. Whether selling or renting, necessary equipment to maintain your fitness routine could appeal to potential buyers or tenants.

Does it excite you when you see a house with gym for sale?

From my personal experience, a home with a gym was a clincher. Just the convenience and flexibility it offers are game-changers!

A home gym may not inflate the house’s financial value through the sky, but exponentially increases its perceived value.

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