Decathlon Power Rack Review for your home gym

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Decathlon Power Rack Review for your home gym

I am personally not into buying a 50k INR squat rack. You can get decent or better power racks at much lower prices than this. You will probably not get the pulley but as per steel quality, weight capacity racks from Yodha, Bullrock, Seige, SFhealthtech are superior.

The Key Decision-Making Factors of Decathlon Power Rack 900
  1. Build Quality: After extensive testing, I can confidently say that the Decathlon Power Rack 900 is built to last. Its sturdy steel frame construction and high-quality materials ensure durability during rigorous workouts.
  2. Versatility: In my experience, this power rack offers a wide range of exercises, making it a versatile addition to any home gym. From squats to bench presses, it covers all the essentials.
  3. Ease of Assembly: The assembly process is relatively straightforward, especially with a helping hand. It saves time and frustration, allowing you to start your workouts sooner.
  4. Safety Features: The inclusion of safety arms is a significant advantage, providing peace of mind when working out alone. It adds an extra layer of security during heavy lifts. No spotter arms though.
  5. Customer Service: While some users reported mixed experiences, it’s crucial to consider customer service. In my review, in-store customer service was praised, but some faced challenges with replacements and online help.
  6. Accessories and Attachments: The availability of additional accessories and attachments will help your weight training gym. However, the limited availability of certain parts may be a concern for some users.
The side view of the Domyos 900 rack
The side view of the Domyos 900 rack

Overall, from my perspective as a dedicated home gym user, the Decathlon Power Rack 900 offers a solid, versatile, and reliable option for your fitness needs.

In my experience, the Decathlon Power Rack 900 is a beast in the gym world. Its robustness is truly impressive, handling weights up to 200 kg and chin-ups up to 150 kg without breaking a sweat.

It’s like having a whole gym in one. You can do a wide variety of exercises using free weights, guided weights, or even your own body weight. Plus, the Jcups are suitable for users of all heights.

The power cage includes accessories, like the pull-down bar and weight disc diameter adapter, add to its functionality. And if you’re into bench presses or want to vary your workouts, consider pairing it with the 900 bench and compatible bars.

Overall, this rack offers the ultimate gym experience at home, providing safety, flexibility, and unmatched performance. It’s time to unleash your inner beast!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi

So who should buy Decathlon Rack 900 for the home gym?

Buy Domyos Corength 900 rack if you are looking for home gym equipment like a squat rack where you can do weighted pulling exercises. It comes with J-cups, spotter arms, multi-grip pull-up bar. But the star of this power rack is the pulley.

If you want a pulley in a power rack, want a big branded power rack, and have 50K+ INR to spend then Decathlon 900 is good for your home gym.

If you have seen power rack reviews here, then you would understand I do not like inbuilt pulleys in the power rack. Often they are prone to break or bend. The same happens with this one too.

Consider power rack accessories and power rack attachments – Domyos 900 is kind of limited too. And the accessories are super costly

Decathlon Power Rack vs Other Brands

BrandModelPriceWeight capacityFeatures
Decathlon(Made in China)Domyos Power Rack 900₹49,999200 kgJ-cups, spotter arms, pull-up bar. Paid attachments: Landmine
Siege(Made in India)Gladiator Rack₹29,000850 kgJ-cups, spotter arms, pull-up bar. Paid attachments: dip bar, landmine, weight plate storage
BullRock(Made in India)Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N₹58,398454 kgJ-cups, spotter arms, pull-up bar, dip bar. Paid attachments: landmine, weight plate storage, adjustable safety straps

Siege Gladiator rack makes more sense to me. It is priced lower around 30000 INR and has many awesome attachments available for purchase. High-weight capacity and 11 gauge steel.

Moreover, it is Made in India. So you might get better support and warranty-related services.

And this is how Decathlon 900 compares to other Foreign brands like Rogue:

BrandModelPriceWeight capacity
DecathlonDomyos Power Rack 900₹49,999200 kg
RogueRML-3W Power Rack₹1,20,000300 kg
TitanT-3 Series Power Rack₹1,00,000300 kg
Body-SolidGPR378 Power Rack₹1,10,000300 kg
PowertecPower Rack PRW1₹1,30,000350 kg

Pros and Cons of The Decathlon Power Rack 900

Robust construction, supporting up to 200 kgPulley cable noise and rubber issues
Versatile for a wide variety of exercises (Pull downs, squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press,Pull up)Difficulty obtaining replacement parts
Adjustable anatomic design for users of different heightsAssembly can be cumbersome without assistance
Compatibility with 28 mm and 50 mm weight plates via plate diameter adapter.Limited availability of certain accessories
Smooth lat tower and safety arms for secure workoutsCable pulley system not height adjustable
Quality finishing and durability of materialsSome minor issues with plastic covers and cable rub
Offers excellent value for moneyLack of additional J-cups and weight holders
Highly recommended for home gym setupsLack of additional attachments like dip bars.
Suitable for diverse body training needs
Easy installation with provided manual and tools
Sturdy and solid design
Provides a full workout solution
Customer service is responsive and helpful in-store
Decathlon Power Rack Review for your home gym | December 2023
Decathlon Power Rack Review for your home gym 1

- December 3, 2023 - Decathlon Power Rack 900 Review! Is is suitable for home gyms at 50k? See what I find and what I think!

Product Brand: Decathlon

Product Currency: INR

Product Price: 49999

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • The Decathlon Power Rack 900 boasts robustness, versatility, adjustable design, compatibility, and smooth functionality, making it an excellent value for money. It's highly recommended for home gym enthusiasts, offering a full workout solution with easy installation andsturdy construction. Customer service in-store is responsive.


  • Some users have reported issues with the pulley cable, rubber parts, and difficulties in obtaining replacements. Assembly can be challenging without assistance, and there's limited availability of certain accessories. The cable pulley system is not height adjustable, and there are minor issues with plastic covers and cable rub. Additional J-cups and weight holders are not included.

How we reviewed Decathlon Power Rack 900

CriteriaScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability8
Functionality and Versatility9
Customer Support6
Comfort and Ergonomics7
Cost and Value for Money8
Size and Space Requirements7
Maintenance and Care8
Overall user reviews9

Average Score: 7.625 out of 10

In my experience, the Decathlon Power Rack 900 earned this rating based on several key criteria. It excels in functionality, versatility, and overall user satisfaction.

The rack is built with quality and durability in mind, offering a sturdy foundation for various exercises. The cost represents great value for money, considering the features it provides.

However, the lower score in customer support reflects issues reported by some users regarding replacements and service. While the product is comfortable and ergonomic, it may require slightly more space.

Maintenance is straightforward, but there are minor design concerns with the pulley system. Nevertheless, it’s evident from our research and testing that this rack is a solid choice for home gym enthusiasts.

Top Use Case: The Decathlon Power Rack 900 is ideal for performing a wide range of strength and resistance training exercises, making it a versatile all-in-one solution for your home gym.

Target Users: This product is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, new bodybuilding enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive home gym setup, especially in situations where going to a public gym may not be recommended.

From my hands-on experience and thorough evaluation, I can confidently say that the Decathlon Power Rack 900 offers excellent value for anyone looking to elevate their home workouts. It’s a solid and versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform a variety of exercises. Just keep in mind the potential customer support issues and ensure you have the space to accommodate it in your home gym setup

Top Features

  • Weight capacity: Tested with weights up to 200 kg. Chin-ups: 150 kg max. Pulley can support 100kgs.
  • Versatility: Allows a wide variety of exercises using free weights, guided weights, or body weight.
  • Flexibility: Bar support pegs can be repositioned from 55 to 180 cm, in 5 cm intervals.
  • Anatomic Design: Bar support pegs can be positioned precisely.
  • Compatibility: Can be combined with the 900 bench and includes 28 mm and 50 mm weight adaptors.
  • Dimensions: Rack dimensions – Width: 163 cm, Length: 125 cm, Height: 216 cm. Weight: 106 kg. Uprights measure 6 cm across.
  • Accessories: Comes with a pull-down bar, pull triangle, and weight disc diameter adapter (28/50 mm).
  • Functions: Allows safe workouts with free weights, multi-gym, and body weight. Includes height-adjustable safety elements and storage supports for 28 mm and 50 mm plates.
  • Compatibility: Minimum compatible bars are 2-meter long bars.
  • Training: Suitable for wide grip, tight grip, and hammer grip chin-ups, front and rear bar squats with a spotter, flat and inclined bench press with a spotter (with the 900 bench), high pulley haul, and low pulley haul.
  • Maximum Loads: Chin-up bar: 150 kg (130 kg bodyweight + 20 kg added weight), Pulley: 100 kg, Bar supports: 200 kg (100 kg per bar rest).
  • Country of Origin: China.
  • MRP: ₹49,999 to ₹59,999 inclusive of all taxes.
The red-black color really hits the mark for the Decathlon 900 rack
The red-black color really hits the mark

How the features of Decathlon Power Rack 900 can help you!

FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
RobustnessTested with weights up to 200 kg. Chin-ups: 150 kg max.Ensures the rack’s stability and safety during heavy workouts.
VersatilityAllows a wide variety of exercises using free weights, guided weights, or body weight.Enhances the range of exercises you can perform on the rack.
FlexibilityBar support pegs can be repositioned depending on the exercise.Provides adaptability for different workout routines.
Anatomic DesignBar support pegs can be positioned from 55 to 180 cm, in 5 cm intervals.Accommodates users of various heights and exercise preferences.
CompatibilityCan be combined with the 900 bench. Includes 28 and 50 mm weight adaptors.Allows you to expand your workout options and equipment.
Dimensions and WeightRack dimensions: Width = 163 cm Length = 125 cm Height = 216 cm Weight = 106 kgProvides information on the rack’s size and weight for space planning.
AccessoriesIncludes a pull-down bar, pull triangle, and weight disc diameter adapter: 28/50 mm.Offers additional equipment for a more comprehensive workout.
FunctionsAllows safe workouts with free weights, a multi-gym, and body weight. Has height-adjustable safety elements. Can store 28 and 50 mm plates with the 2 included storage supports.Ensures safety, versatility, and convenient storage for efficient workouts.
CompatibilityMinimum compatible bars with the 900 rack are the 2-meter long bars.Guides users on the suitable bar length for the rack.
TrainingSupports various exercises including chin-ups, squats, bench presses, and pulley workouts.Facilitates a full-body workout experience.
Maximum LoadsChin-up bar: 150 kg (130 kg bodyweight + 20 kg added weight) Pulley: 100 kg Bar supports: 200 kg (100 kg per bar rest)Ensures the rack can handle substantial weights safely.
Country of originMade in China.Provides information about the product’s origin.
MRP₹59,999 inclusive of all taxes.Indicates the product’s market price.

Why Should you buy this?

The Decathlon Decathlon Domyos squat rack 900 is a decent weight training cage that you can use in your home gym. If you do not want the pulley then you can go with the Seige Gladiator rack.

I am sure you will not miss anything from the 900 racks apart from doing lat pulldowns.

If I were you, I would wait and see if any durable power rack appears with a pulley system.

Otherwise, Seige is the top one here.

Decathlon Power Rack Review for your home gym 2

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