How to use complan for weight gain in adults – complan review

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How to use Complan for weight gain for Adults – Complan Review

I have always drunk complan so that I can grow taller. But obviously, it did not work. And it did not work much for weight gain as well.

Definitely not for adults as well.

Complan is a health drink like many others and should be used for general purposes only.


Complan tastes good and has many vitamins, but it is not calorie dense, neither it has a high amount of protein. Thus, it is not an ideal drink for weight gain.

For adults, they should rather buy whey proteins and make their own weight gain shakes.

Check this complan cons section to know why whey is superior option for adults for weight gain and not complan.

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Complan for Weight gain

Complan drink benefits—benefits of complan for adults

  • Complan is a great choice for those who are looking for a trusted brand that delivers on time and has great packaging.
  • Complan is a good source of nutrients for children with an altered feeding pattern.
  • Complan is a great value for the price.
  • This healthy drink provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals like sodium, potassium, chloride to maintain fluid balance.
  • It provides 18 gram protein per 100 gram. And all this comes from milk.
  • Complan is made from more than 50% milk solids. To be exact, complan is 54.7% milk solids. So you will get all the milk benefits.
  • Comes with 34 vital nutrients.
  • All flavours are nice, but I like the natural flavour more.

Complan Drink Side Effects

  • If you are allergic to milk than this is a bad option for you. Since 54.7% of complan is made from milk solids.
  • Complan also has some peanut oil which might not be good for you if you have peanut allergy.

Complan Cons and Comparison with whey protein for weight gain

  • Many complain that natural flavour has degraded than before.
  • Complan has 21.8 grams of sugar (in Natural Flavour). A lot of sugar in a so-called health drink.

As an adult, you do not need this for weight gain. In this complan review, I would clear that for you.

Complan only provides 18-gram protein from 100-gram scoop. Whereas with protein powder you will get at least 25 grams of protein per 35-gram scoop at least.How to use complan for weight gain in adults - complan review 1

Also, you do not know what type of protein is that. I guess it is mostly casein protein since milk has 80% of it.

Protein per scoop of course varies from brand to brand. For example, my protein provides 21-gram protein per 25 gram scoop.

So in short –

Complain 18% protein/scoop (probably slow absorbing casein protein)

General whey protein concentrate—84% protein per scoop.

Whey is also easily digestible and absorbs quicker to fuel your muscles.

If you can spend, you can get whey isolates, which are lactose free.

You can argue that the price of complan or Horlicks, Protinex is priced way lower than whey protein. But these are not made with high-quality ingredients like whey protein as well.

Low price, lower quality of the supplement.

For general health, this is okay, but not for specific goals like weight gaining.

Complan ingredients

54.7% milk solids, sugar, peanut oil, malt, added vitamins and minerals, taurine and L-cartinine.

Complan ingredients

Complan Nutrition Facts

Complan Nutrition Facts

Who should not take Complan?

Children below 5 years are prohibited from drinking platforms. Although marketed as a children’s drink, adults can enjoy sipping this healthy drink as well. Also, if you have a milk or peanut allergy then you should not drink complan.

PS: complan benefits for adults are very limited as well. Just ask yourself can you not get these vitamins via natural food items at low cost? Drink milk directly? And for more protein get whey concentrate or isolate?

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Can you drink Complan milk drinks to gain weight fast?

To gain weight fast you need to work out and eat a protein-rich diet. A complan + milk combo can be used as a general supplement. But it will not help you much. You can use milk to gain weight, if you want, there is a diet named GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) as well.

Which drink is best for weight gain?

There is no particular drink that is good for weight gain. But you can make your own protein shake with whey protein. You should also make drinks high in calories for weight gain.

Start with adding dates, banana to the protein shake to make it a high-calorie liquid for weight gain.

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Complan is made with 54.7% milk solids

How many times a day can you have Complan?

Complan can be taken 1-3 times a day. Many also use complan sachets for easy counting and managing process as well.

Is Complan harmful?

If you are allergic to the ingredients of complan then it can be harmful to you. Otherwise, complan is not harmful at all. I have eaten complan natural for 10+ years. :p

What happens when we drink Complan?

Complan milk as a general healthy drink can provide you with proteins, 34 nutrients which are essential for a healthy body.

Who should use Complan?

Anyone can use complan along with a healthy diet and should be above the age 6.

Which is better Complan or Horlicks?

Protein wise complan has 18 grams of protein per 100 grams and Horlicks provides 11 gram of protein per 100 grams. And while complan has 54% milk solids, Horlicks has 65.6% malt in it.

Is Complan high in sugar?

Complan natural flavour has 21.8 grams of sugar per 100 grams. So it is 21.8% sugar, isn’t it too much for a healthy drink? Basically, you are paying 20% money for this sugar and 18% for protein. So yea, complan is high in sugar.

Do you add milk to Complan?

Complan and milk are a great combo. It was very tasty combination in my school days. Just a glass of milk of 200ml, add 3-4 scoops of complan and stir.

Is Complan suitable for adults?

Complan is suitable for adults. Complan is a decent health drink for a generous purpose. People over the age of 6 can drink complan.add milk to Complan

Is Complan milk good for adults?

100 grams of Complan will give you around 18 grams of protein and some vitamins and minerals.

One adult human can get those from a normal diet as well.

Thus while complan is good for adults but you can easily skip it and focus on having a healthy diet.

What is the maximum age to drink Complan?

Complan can be eaten by anyone who is over 6 years of age. There is no upper limit to complan drinking.

Will Complan increase weight?

Complan is not a high-calorie drink for weight gain in adults. You need high-quality protein, a healthy diet and weight training to increase your healthy weight.

Who should not take Complan?

Children under 5 and people who do not want lots of sugar, and milk protein in their diet should not take complan.

Complan and its benefits

Can I drink Complan everyday?

If you do not have any allergies, then you can drink complan every day. Add milk to the mix, and you got yourself a tasty healthy drink.

Can 21-year-old drink Complan?

Absolutely, as a 21-year-old you can drink complan. Complan flavours are tasty and have some nutrients as well. Complan powder benefits remain the same no matter what your age is.

How can I gain weight quickly?

To gain helathy weight quickly, you should eat a healthy diet with a high amount of protein. And you should lift heavy and keep improving with progressive overload to gain weight quickly.

Can doctors prescribe Complan?

Complan is not a prescription medicine. It is an OTC. So you can just go and buy a complan.

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