Cheapest mass gainer in India – Do they work?

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Cheapest mass gainer in India is your home cook food, no other mass gainers do not even come close to it. Mass gainers in general have just oats, whey protein, sugar and other preservative chemicals. You can just skip all that and buy oats, whey, milk, fruits separately to make a mass gainer shake at a very low price. Even if that does not work for you then skip whey and add many types of dry fruit to the mix.

Mass gainers only work when you have real food and do workouts.

By this time while many others would have shown you a list of their highly priced products I as a skinny fellow would say your home cooked food is the best and cheapest mass gainer in India.

Cheapest mass gainer in India

If you have no option to have real food much and or you want to add a large portion of calorie to your daily diet then you may look for mass gainers. Here are some cheapest yet safe mass gainers in India. Read up here about the common side effects of mass gainers also check my best mass gainer shake.

Cheapest Mass Gainer In India

Nakpro Nutrition Gold Mass Gainer

Nakpro Nutrition Gold Mass Gainer

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Final Verdict: Definitely not for a sports person but for anyone who would like to gain weight by taking pre made blends of carbs and protein. So far there are mixed results, some have had good results of weight gain some did not. Generally these all should help better if you also workout.

Nakpro makes the list with their good protein content in the mass gainer. The pack is of 1 kg and each serving is 100 grams. So it will last you 10 days if you eat it once a day. 

It has a 3:1 blend formula where 3 part is carbs and 1 part is protein. In each 100 grams of this low cost mass gainer you will get 68 grams of carbs and 22 grams of protein. Also you get all the essential amino acids.

Each serving also has 450mg of digestive enzymes so digesting this mass gainer should be easier. This also has a good mix of vitamins and minerals it is all in one product. With protein, carbs and micronutrients.

You can drink up nakpro mass gainer either after working out or before working out or in the morning.

They recommend that you take 3 scoop of this to 200-250 ml water, you might need some sort of shaker or blender.

There are many flavour to choose and you might end up hating some of them.

Advance MuscleMass Mass Gainer with Enzyme Blend

Cheapest mass gainer in India - Do they work? 1

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Final Verdict: Overall this looks like a good product but there are some discrepancy on label info and advertised info. Either way many people are getting good results but like al mass gainers you have to buy a lot. And you do get a shaker free.

Two things that quickly caught my eye are the whey protein claimed to be from the USA and you get a free shaker. Here they have 7.7 gram of protein and 23.46 grams of carbs per 34 gram of scoop. But you will not be probably eating one scoop as that will be a very tiny dose of carbs and protein and probably not worth it.

You may eat up to 2 scoops at least.

Along with that you get essential minerals and vitamins also. Added sugar is on the lower side so that is a good thing. They also claim to have creatine but the label has no info about it. It has some glutamine though.

They recommend that you can take it with breakfast, post workout and after workout. I would take with breakfast or post workout. But they want you to eat it three times a day. So 3 times a day means 3*34 gram scoop = 102 grams. So this 1kg low cost mass gainer will only last you around 10 days.

MuscleBlaze Fuel One Mass Gainer

MuscleBlaze Fuel One Mass Gainer

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Final Verdict: It has a lot of sugar so you may avoid it completely unless you’re a fan of it.

Muscleblaze fuel one is available on a 750 gram pack with similar prices of 1kg gram pack of others. With 100 gram serving it will last you less than 8 days! Calorie per serving of 100 gram is 387 kcal. Protein is 12 gram and cabr is 72 gram.

There is added sugar of 12 gram! I am not sure why they would add this much sugar in it. If you are not a fan of muscleblaze like me then gladly skip this cheap mass gainer.

It has some ahswagandha extract though along with zinc, vitamin c, d. The vitamins have 100% of daily intake. Vitamin C may help with immunity. Vitamin D will help with calcium absorption.

Nutramass High Protein Mass Gainer

Cheapest mass gainer in India - Do they work? 2

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Final Verdict: So far the taste is good and for many it has been effective as well.

This low cost mass gainer blend has whey isolate, carbs, vitamins and minerals. One serving of this will provide you with 27 gram protein, 113 gram carbs, 5 gram glutamine and 5 gram BCAA and 576 calories. This also has digestive enzymes so it does not hurt your stomach.

But you get all of this if you get their serving which is 150 grams. 

You can have it after a workout or as breakfast.

With 150 grams per serving this 1kg will be emptied under 7 days.

Many people have amazing results with this but like most of the mass gainers it will not last long. 

MyShake Mass Gainer 800

Cheapest mass gainer in India - Do they work? 3

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Final Verdict: It tastes good and if you go by their dosage then you will get a huge calorie boost and protein intake daily. With compound workouts you will get bigger with this mass gainer.

Myshake mass gainer 800 boasts about 800kcal per serving but wait, the serving size is 200 grams so their 1 kg pack will last you only 5 days.

In that 200 grams of serving you get 34 gram protein, 136 gram carbohydrates, sugar of 8 gram and fiber of 13.20. There is off course all types of vitamins and minerals.

The carb:protein ratio is 4:1 which can cover all carb, protein and macro nutrients gap.

The thing that puts me off is although the cost 1 kg is low but 200 grams of servings will make a hole in your pocket. Beginners may buy it and spend more than they are supposed to do anyway.

But if you are willing to then there is a high chance that with workout you can gain some mass.

They recommend that you mix 2 scoops with 300 ml water or milk. I would say you may eat this as breakfast and after workout.

Powerus Mass Gainer Powder

Cheapest mass gainer in India - Do they work? 4

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Final Verdict: Overall it tastes good and have creatine. Creatine is so far the proven supplement for muscle growth.

Protein to carb ratio 1:5. Carb content is higher than other blends since the ration is different. Also they have 1 gram of creatine per serving. Creatine will help with better performance, if you can lift more than that it surely will help with mass gain. 

Along with protein, creatine and carbohydrate it has 23 vitamins and a digezyme. May be that can help with better digestion of this blend.

Per 100 gram you will get 15 gram of protein, 75 grams of carbohydrates. Of which 9.90 gram is from sugar, that is a no though.

But again working out is a must, whether you join a gym or not.

Oats + Whey + Milk + Fruits

  • Oats = Good healthy source of carbohydrates.
  • Whey = One of the best protein source for muscle growth
  • Milk = All round healthy food.
  • Fruits = Add for taste and minerals.

This combo is almost natural and vegan (if you care) and provides carbs, calories, minerals, vitamins. This could be the best breakfast for weight gain in India.

Why is Endura mass not on the list?

Endura mass is a very ineffective supplement as per my opinion. Neither it has a good amount of protein nor good carbohydrates. You would do much better with other supplements. You should not also not get horlicks protein plus or protinex for weight gain. These are good as general supplements but not for weight gain or body building.

Why not use mass gainers?

All mass gainers are loaded with sugar, carbohydrates and those most of the time are not of good quality. That generally ends up in bloating, digestion issues and more.

Why would you need Mass gainers?

Mass gainer works if you are working out, if you sit on a chair for hours and do not lift heavy then no mass gainer can help you gain weight. If you are really skinny like 10kg under your normal weight range then I would suggest that you do the following –

Eat a heavy breakfast (oats, dry fruits, seasonal fruits, honey etc)
Mid Break fast (Rooti, rice etc)
Afternoon snack (Milk, Curd etc)

And before workout if your budget permits then get creatine. Or get a mass gainer from this list. You probably would not need any pre or post workout. No one really needs them. As I assume as you are on hunt for the cheapest mass gainer you are not probably a pro body builder.

How to gain weight if you are in a hostel?

If you are non vegetarian and have no allergic reaction to eggs. Then the egg is your best friend.

How to gain weight in India?

If you really want you can actually buy oats and whey protein separately and mix with milk. I used to do that as my breakfast.

Or just as I said earlier home made food. Eat frequently, increase the portion size gradually and it will help if you workout.

Mass gainer price range

Mass gainer price 5kg: Prices for these big bucket mass gainers are not cheap, these will be around 3.5k at least. May be skip this and switch oats like this on amazon.

Mass gainer price 3kg : Prices for 3 kg packs hovers around 2k and stays under 3k. Still since the dosages are higher you will eat up the packet very quickly.

Weight gainer 1kg price: Prices for 1kg mass gainers are very cheap just around 800 INR. But since the dosages are high you will run out of the 1kg pack in 10-15 days.

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