Welcare treadmill review

Review Overview Overall Welcare Treadmill Review SUMMARY In this Welcare Treadmill Review I can say this company provides good treadmill for home use and also offers unique features as well. Please check latest reviews on online stores and service center locations before buying 🙂 Check other treadmill reviews here 4.8 In this Welcare treadmill review …

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Buy treadmill online India

If you want to buy a treadmill online in India then this is a good place to start. The top reason to buy a treadmill online is convenience. The online store delivers it to your doorstep and there is always a return period. But most of the time you have to assemble it yourself. Buy …

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Best treadmill under 25000

Since you are looking for the best treadmill under 25000, it means you are looking for treadmills that are reliable, durable and have great features required for home. I would not recommend these treadmills from this price range to be as commercial treadmills. But to be used at home by 2-3 people the treadmill under …

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Durafit treadmill reviews

In my Durafit treadmill reviews I will tell you about the pros and cons about these. My experience with them is limited between local gyms.  And you should also know that Durafit is a Indian company. Durafit is headed by two IIM-A Alumnus and mostly deals in domestic, semi commercial and commercial treadmill. If you …

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Best treadmill under 15000

If you are looking for the best treadmill under 15000 INR in India then you must know that you will never get a motorized treadmill in this price range. Also these will not be suitable for 150kg plus user weight.

Decathlon treadmill review – Do you need them?

This Decathlon treadmill review is mostly based on my experience with them in their showroom and that way I could compare these domyos treadmills to the other treadmill brands. I would also show you different alternatives to these decathlon treadmills. Decathlon treadmill service as per them is available in most of India. the list of …

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Best manual treadmill in India [Home Use]

Personally I would stay away from the best manual treadmill in India due to knee issues. Yes, if you put too much force into the Manual treadmill belt then it will not be good for your knees. But on the other hand for walking and light jogging manual treadmill with incline are okay! One key …

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