Fitkit fk600 review

Fitkit fk 600 the big brother of fk500. The main difference between the two is that fitkit fk600 has movable handles. Meaning while paddling the steel air bike you can work out your arms too. The handles move smoothly enabling you to workout your whole body. There is a 3 kg flywheel which is expected …

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fitkit fk500 steel airbike

Fitkit fk500 is a low cost, light weight piece of home gym equipment for weight loss. It is for domestic workout session so it suits a couple of people at home for moderate workout.

One highlighted feature of the fitkit 500 steel air bike is the back rest. With the back rest aged people or persons with back pain can workout longer on this. Workouts are also pain free.

Low impact cardio helps people of any age and health with weight loss benefits.

The seat is adjustable thus your height doesn’t gets in a way of working out. Also handles are adjustable.

Sometimes while speeding up on the cycle, and the foot slips and the peddle hits your shin bone. To avoid that most of the best exercises cycles for home comes with a strap, this too have this feature.

It has a small screen operated by battery which shows distance traveled, calorie burned etc.

The resistance comes from air, more you pedal the more air will come out of the fan. The resistance is controlled by a nob.

Resistance comes from a 3kg fly wheel, this much resistance is enough for weight loss and for elder people.

They provide 6 months warranty which is limited. They also claim to offer service and installation all over India but call them first.

If there is no free installation service then you have to do it yourself. Installation should take around 2 hours.

People have complained regarding installation and malfunction of the digital meter. Better you should get a fitness tracker instead.

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Fitkit fk 500 at a glance


Low Price
Back Rest


No Installation
Faulty Digital Meter

Who should buy fitkit 500 airbike?

If you are looking for weight loss equipment, under doctor’s advice for rehab then get this.

If you are okay with not having a premium product, can adjust with the whims and bells then buy this.

Gym cycle with moving handles benefit