Best yoga mat for surya namaskar does not exist but here are these…

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Best yoga mat for surya namaskar exists or not?

The best yoga mat for Surya Namaskar could be the quatalyze yoga mat or cork yoga mat. These mats have a nice grip on the ground and feel good.

The cork yoga mat or cloth made yoga mats should feel more natural. But if you are going to do Surya Namaskar outdoors, then you should consider using TPE yoga mats instead.

For a variety of yoga mat buying options, you can check this article on the best yoga mats. This one discusses various styles of yoga and what to pick for your home yoga studio.

Best yoga mat for surya namaskar

Top yoga mats to buy in India

3 top yoga mat for Surya Namaskar

Best yoga mat for surya namaskar

Best yoga mat for Surya Namaskar

ASE YOGA INDIA Organic and Eco-Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat

Why Should You Buy this?

The cotton yoga mat will give you a very natural feeling. This is my top recommendation when it comes to doing Surya Namaskar. The width of 2 feet and 6 feet in length is also very good.

ASE YOGA mats are budget yoga mats that have decent thickness and are very gentle to touch.

Top Features:

  • 100% cotton yoga mat.
  • 6 mm thick.
  • Handloom materials.
  • 2 feet wide and 6 feet long.
  • Fully washable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • It may seem that it will slip, but it holds its ground on the floor.
  • Can be used outdoors and looks classy.
  • Has enough thickness to do Surya Namaskars.
  • Width and length are great for doing yoga for bodybuilders.

What is chair yoga?

  • Many do not like the thickness of the yoga mat. Not good for balancing on your knees or elbows.

SOLARA Premium Yoga Mats

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are planning to do Surya Namaskar on a marble or cement floor, then this TPE yoga mat might be suitable for you.

This has good anti-skid properties, so you can easily use them on slippery surfaces.

Solara yoga mat is a non-slip eco-friendly yoga mat that comes with ebook and 50 training videos.

Top Features:

  • TPE made an eco-friendly yoga mat.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Comes with a carrying bag, ebook, 50 yoga videos.
  • Both sides have anti-skid properties.
  • 2 feet 2 inches wide and 6 feet long.
  • 6 mm thickness.
  • Has some extra width which might be useful.
  • Has a 6 mm cushion, which is pretty decent.
  • Good for doing Surya Namaskar and seated yoga positions.
  • Added bonuses like ebooks, yoga videos are good.
  • Not sweat hugger and does not smell.
  • Similar TPE yoga mats are available at lower costs.

Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a low-cost yoga mat for Surya Namaskar then you should get this one. It has a very low price tag and can be used for Surya Namaskar easily.

Do not let yoga mat slip!

Boldfit Yoga mat is best for yogis who want to do Surya Namaskar.

Top Features:

  • Low-cost alternative.
  • 4 mm thick.
  • Anti-slip, Anti-tear material.
  • EVA foam material.
  • 2 feet wide and 6 feet long yoga mat.
  • Really low cost, so anyone can buy and use.
  • Has decent EVA foam softness.
  • Does not smell bad.
  • Has anti-slip properties, so safe for indoor usage.
  • Comes with a strap for carrying.
  • Washable and sweat resistance.
  • Mind the 4 mm thickness and do only stand and seated yoga poses. Do not do balance yoga where you need to balance on knees or elbows.

Can I do surya namaskar without yoga mat?

Surya Namaskar can be done without a yoga mat. Surya Namaskar does not have jumping movements, so there is no fear of slipping. And it is perfectly safe for doing outside on flat ground as well. Indoors, you should avoid marble or tiles floor since those can be slippery. But with a grippe yoga mat, that problem can be solved.

Is yoga mat necessary for surya namaskar?

If you are doing Surya Namaskar indoors then for marble floors, tiles floors etc you should consider rubber yoga mats. You can also use rubber and cloth made yoga mat as well. This will not make you slip on the floor.

Which type of yoga mat is best?

At least 8 mm yoga mats with one side made of rubber are best for Surya Namaskar. Alternatively, you can just use low-cost TPE made yoga mats as well, but those are good for doing Surya Namaskar outdoors.

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Can we do Surya Namaskar on the floor?

Yes, absolutely, you can do Surya Namaskar on the floor. But if the floor is slippery, then you have a high chance of falling over. Thus, it is advised to do Surya Namaskar on carpets, rubber yoga mats or on cloth-based yoga mats.

Can I do Surya Namaskar indoors?

Yes, you can do Surya Namaskar indoors, especially it is raining or too cold. I would always do workouts indoors so that people can not disturb me. You should do the same. You will need to focus on the time of your workouts all the time.

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