6 best Weight gain yoga poses

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In my weight gain journey, I discovered that yoga, combined with a balanced diet and consistent practice, can be valuable. Yoga tones muscles, boosts metabolism, and aids in weight gain. This article unveils six powerful yoga poses for weight gain, including Chair Pose, Surya Namaskar, Chaturanga, Warrior II Pose, and Warrior III Pose. Different yoga forms like Bikram, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga are discussed, emphasizing their synergy with a proper diet. 

I know you are looking for weight gain yoga poses, but let me be clear first. Yoga will not build a lot of muscle and turn you into a hulk. But with doing yoga regularly it will tone up your muscles, increase metabolism rate, and thus you will gain some weight.

But I am a skinny fellow, I do not depend on yoga to gain weight/muscle.

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To gain weight or muscle, you will need to push your muscles harder and go through what is called hypertrophy.

And that is best done with irons. Heavy lifting is the way to go for weight gain.

6 Effective Yoga Poses to Gain Weight Fast

Weight gain yoga poses

Chair Pose

Chair yoga poses are a great way to stretch out the body and relax. They can be done in a seated position with the help of an armless chair.

The benefits of chair yoga pose include:

-increased blood flow

-improved circulation

-increased flexibility and range of motion

-relief for low back pain, sciatica, and other back conditions

This is very similar to squat position, and this trains the thigh enough for some muscle gain. And if you like it, then you can hold some light weights onto your hands to make this more challenging.

Surya namaskar yoga for weight gain

Sura Namaskar contains almost 12 steps/Asanas and doing them slowly will tone your muscles.

And if you hold some of your poses for more than, you will feel the burn and stretch more. This will help you with weight gain since it helps train your muscles.

The postures in surya namaskar yoga are very easy to perform, and you can do it anywhere (even from your own home)

-It is a great way to improve your flexibility as well as strength

-It also improves your posture, joint mobility and mental health

I would suggest that you go through the surya namaskar poses slowly to feel through it. This will take some time but will tone you better.


Chaturanga is similar to a plank pose, but here you are stuck like you are in a push-up midway. This holding position will take a toll on your arms, abs and legs. This will tone up your body and might help you with muscle gain.

Chaturanga yoga is a yoga form that was developed to help the yoga practitioner develop upper body strength. It is a relatively gentle practice, but it can still provide benefits for those who are looking to improve their strength and flexibility.

It is also a good option for those who are recovering from an injury because of its low-impact nature.

Warrior II Pose

This is another yoga pose that you have to hold for a few moments. Here are required to stay in a lunges position and your arms stay parallel to the floor.

This tones and strengthens the shoulders, thighs and helps with toning the abs, back and neck muscles.

If you are into this then you can also hold some light weights to make this more tough

Common Benefit of warrior II pose

The healthy pose strengthens the stomach and thighs and develops an elongated spine in alignment to the newly joined practice.

Warrior III Pose

This yoga is like doing a body weight single leg deadlift. And that means it works your flute and hamstrings well.

You might need a long foam roller or yoga bricks to keep balance at first.

And if you want to make this more tough than you should hold some weights as well.

But be careful this is not pose for a newcomer, this will need balance and adequate strength to do properly.

These yoga poses will help you weight gain and will tone your muscles. With diet of protein surplus (1.6 gram per body weight) you will see some results.

But do not compare the results with weight training.

Weight training and diet is the way to go when it comes to weight gain.

Is Yoga for Weight Gain Effective?

Flow style yoga done fast acts as a cardio and is good when you seek yoga for weight loss. But few yoga poses for weight gain are also effective, which are mentioned above.

But do not expect any magic from yoga for weight gain. Yoga is best for improving mobility and heal one’s body. Yoga might help you gain weight but will not help you bulk up.

6 best Weight gain yoga poses 1

Bikram yoga for weight gain

This hot yoga is done in a hot room, which will make you sweat a lot. And if water leaves your body, you will lose weight. But the yoga style and water loss will make you look more toned.

And with proper diet, there are many people who have gained weight doing Bikram yoga. So you can try and see what results you get.

Vinyasa yoga for weight gain

Vinayasa yoga for weight gain works when you do them together. The poses when string together create a lengthy workout which is good to put stress on the muscle.

And stress makes them grow.

But with diet only, otherwise you might notice that you are not gaining weight. With diet and Vinyasa yoga, you will gain weight and tone your muscles easily.

Here are three Vinyasa yoga that are popular, often taught in yoga studios.

Upward facing dog

Upward facing dog is a great pose for weight gain because it forces your back to stay straight while you support your weight on your hands. This helps to engage the muscles of your back and shoulders, which then helps you to focus on building those areas.

The upward facing dog pose can help strengthen some key areas that are crucial to someone who wants to gain weight. The pose helps with good posture, balance, and aligning muscle groups, which are all key elements of gaining weight.

It is stretching the spine while also working out various muscle groups in the legs, arms, and abs. This means less pressure on the lower back as well as increased flexibility in these areas since it stretches them so much.

I often do it after my gym workouts for the extra stretch and benefits.

Downward facing dog with leg lift

Downward facing dog is the opposite of the upward facing dog yoga pose. This also puts pressure on your arms and back. And tones up your abs back, legs.

If you add a leg lift or kick with this position, you can strengthen your glutes and hamstring as well.


Plank or Chatruranga is a god yoga position for all. It is lower back friendly and overall safe to do workout. This will strengthen your core muscles, strengthen your arms and back as well.

Doing this in a flow with downward dog, Cobra position will leave you gasping for air. This might help you give you a tone look and with diet you might gain some muscles as well.

Asthanga yoga for weight gain

Asthanga yoga has 8 elements in it as the name suggests. But the yoga asanas are the one part that is directly related to weight gain.

Weight gain Yoga Poses Tips

I have only two tips for you if you want to gain weight with yoga, Here are they!

Eat more: Yoga alone will not cause you any weight gain unless you eat enough. The yoga will tone you up and if you feed your muscles with enough nutrients then you will grow.

Do yoga every day: Doing yoga every day will make your body grow faster. And yoga is a low impact workout, so it will not hurt your joints in the long run as well. But you do have to vary some workouts/Yoga asanas to add some variations. Otherwise, it will be boring, and you will lose muscle gain benefits as well.

Tips on how to do yoga asanas

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress. The following is a list of tips for how to do yoga asanas, making it more enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

– Yoga mats can be found for purchase at sporting goods stores, yoga studios, or even grocery stores

Yoga blocks and foam rollers are needed as well for beginners or even for experienced yogis to do tough poses.

– There are different levels of fitness needed for each pose, so beginners can start with easier poses that they can achieve being on their knees or sitting down

– Those who want to get more advanced should consult with an instructor about what poses are safe on the mat

Why Do Yoga?

Yoga is a great practice to use when you are feeling disconnected, anxious, or uninspired. Yoga helps with the mental and emotional health of an individual. Not only does yoga help with mental health, but it also helps people get in touch with their bodies.

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy because it helps build your balance and core strength. Yoga also helps people stay fit because it is a low intensity exercise that doesn’t give the heart rate much of a change. Yoga has been shown to improve moods and make people less reactive in stressful situations.

When should one do a Yoga workout?

One can do a Yoga workout anytime they feel stressed out or disconnected from the world around them. Ideally, yoga is done better in the mornings, especially yoga like Surya Namaskars.

The calm mornings also provide a good environment to practice yoga.

What are some benefits of doing yoga?

When you do yoga, you are building strength, increasing flexibility and improving your posture. Yoga allows your body to build muscle and tone while it stretches.

Yoga has many health benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help with cardiovascular diseases. It teaches us ways to deal with our emotions in a healthy way, which can help improve or preserve our mental health.

This activity also improves blood circulation and relieves stiffness in your joints.

You get all the benefits when you do them regularly and eat healthy.

At home or in studio, what’s better?

If you are a beginner in yoga and want to gain weight or want to learn yoga asanas for weight loss, then joining a yoga studio makes more sense. There you can get the necessary training and understand what other items that you might need to do yoga poses for weight loss or yoga for weight gain at home.

Once you are done with yoga studio, you should be easily able to start doing yoga at home easily. But still, while doing tough positions like warrior 3, you should take necessary precautions.


Yoga, while beneficial for overall well-being and muscle toning, does not lead to substantial muscle gain like weight training. It is not a path to becoming significantly bulkier. Weight gain through yoga requires a proper diet and consistent practice. While yoga is gentle on joints, it should be seen as a complementary approach, not a standalone solution for massive muscle gains. For significant muscle development, weight training is the preferred path. True gains await in the world of weight training.

Either way, without proper diet yoga will not help you gain muscles or weight. To gain weight or lean muscle you have to do weigh training which is the best way to do it. But yoga will tone your muscles and with diet you should see some visible result but not so much.

Research: yoga as alternate therapy

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