5 Best Under Desk Treadmill India for Your Money!

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Looking for the best under-desk treadmill in India, then you have come to the right place. These under-desk treadmills are a marvel of modern technology. Now you do not need to repeatedly fold and unfold the treadmill for your workouts. Our top choice for the best under-desk treadmill is SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3050.

Buy a desk treadmill only if you have a very small space. These are not the greatest when it comes to treadmills. You might need to buy a stand-up desk as well. That’s a catch!

So if you have the space and you want to run then buy a foldable, high-power treadmill. Otherwise, the under-desk treadmill always stays folded. Thus saving you time and effort.

You can just get a standing-up work desk, adjust the height, and put the under-desk treadmill below the table. Now you can work and walk at the same time.

Best under desk treadmill India for your Money!

Top 5 under desk treadmills in India or walking pads in India for money

Under Desk Treadmill Performance Chart
Foldable Treadmill5-inch hight when foldedMax Weight SupportHorsepower
SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3050 5.5110High Motor Power, 100% installed treadmill.
Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 Series41105 inch hight when folded
WELCARE MAXPRO PTM-X1290Good for walking only.
Durafit Compact2.5100Wide LED Display
Cockatoo WP1004.5120High Motor Power, 100% installed a treadmill

Best under desk treadmill India

Reviews of the best 5 under desk treadmills in India or walking pads in India for money

Under desk treadmills are flat with no attachment that will block the height. This will help you do your workouts like you are just walking/running outdoors. Here are the top under desk treadmills that you can buy online.

For home use, if you are not a hardcore runner, these treadmills would work great for you.

Not into under desk treadmills? Rather want something more powerful but foldable?

Check these best folding treadmill for small space

SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3050 5.5 HP Peak Motorised Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill

SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3050 5.5 HP Peak Motorised Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill
FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
100% PRE-INSTALLED TREADMILLThe treadmill is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.Saves time and effort as there is no need for assembly. Users can start using the treadmill immediately, eliminating the hassle of complicated setup procedures.
WARRANTY1-year brand warranty against part failures and manufacturing defects.Provides peace of mind and assurance that the manufacturer stands behind the product. In case of any part failures or manufacturing defects, customers can avail of repairs or replacements within the warranty period.
Max User Weight: 110 KgSpecifies the maximum weight capacity that the treadmill can safely support.Ensures stability and durability of the treadmill while accommodating users of different body weights. It is important to choose a treadmill with a weight capacity that exceeds the user’s weight to prevent strain on the machine and ensure smooth operation.
RUNNING AREA – 120 cm x 44 cmIndicates the dimensions of the running surface on the treadmill.Provides a spacious and comfortable area for running or walking, allowing users to move freely without feeling restricted. A larger running area enhances safety and reduces the risk of accidents during workouts.
A Truly 180 Degree Foldable 2in1…A unique feature that allows the treadmill to be folded to a 180-degree angle, transforming it into an under desk/walking pad or a normal treadmill.Offers versatility and convenience, catering to different exercise preferences. Users can choose between walking or running modes, and the ability to fold the treadmill saves space when not in use, making it suitable for various living environments.
LED DISPLAYA hidden LED panel located at the front of the treadmill that provides information such as distance travelled, steps, speed, time, and calories burned.Enables users to track their workout progress and monitor key metrics in real-time. The LED display enhances the user experience by providing essential feedback and motivating individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. This walking pad treadmill in India works well for brisk walking.
  2. The treadmill is heavy and not easily foldable/unfoldable for everyday use.
  3. The treadmill takes up space comparable to a 2-seater sofa.
  4. Low noise levels during operation.
  5. Considered a good investment for those leading sedentary lifestyles.
Why Should You Buy this?

This is one of the top portable treadmills in India.

This is a true walking pad treadmill that you can easily use at home without sacrificing floor space..

treadmill in India under 1 lakh

This is a Sparnod STH-3050 treadmill with 5.5 HP motor and yet this is an under desk treadmill for small homes!

  • This is a 100% pre-installed treadmill, so you do not waste any time figuring out how to install it. Just buy, plug it in and start running.
  • The 5.5 HP peak motor is strong.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Max weight support is 110 kg, plenty for the usual people like us.
  • The running area has a decent length and 1.4 feet width, so you can run easily on it. But remember, you are on a treadmill.
  • But note, you can only walk/run at 6 km/hour when the treadmill is folded. And when the riser is up you can run at 10 km per hour of speed.
  • When the riser is up, there is a LED display with a phone holder.
  • Has a remote control mode which can be used if you are not into using manual modes.
  • The aluminium frame is durable, and it should last for a long time.
  • The EVA cushion is durable and will have some shock-absorbing properties.
  • The only con for this treadmill walking machine would be that you can not use it for more than 30 minutes. And probably will not be suitable for multiple members as well

Check the top treadmill 150 kg user weight in India

Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 Series

Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 Series
FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
100% Pre-Installed TreadmillThe treadmill is fully assembled and does not require any additional installation.Saves time and effort as there is no need to spend time on assembly. Users can start using the treadmill immediately after receiving it.
Video Call AssistanceCustomer care support available for video call assistance.Provides users with convenient access to customer support for addressing any queries or technical issues they may encounter during usage.
Max User Weight: 100 KgSpecifies the maximum weight capacity that the treadmill can safely support.Ensures stability and safety during workouts by accommodating users with different body weights. It is important to select a treadmill with a weight capacity higher than the user’s weight to prevent strain on the machine and ensure smooth operation.
SPEED RANGEFolded: 1-4 Km/h. Unfolded: 1-12 Km/h.Enables smooth and quiet operation regardless of the workout’s speed and intensity. The efficient motor ensures consistent and reliable performance, allowing users to focus on their workout without distractions. It also prevents the treadmill from producing excessive noise, ensuring a more enjoyable exercise experience for the user and minimizing disruptions to others.
RUNNING SURFACE44 inches x 16 inchesProvides the dimensions of the running surface, indicating the available space for running or walking. A larger running surface allows for more comfortable and unrestricted movement, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall workout experience.
MOTOREquipped with a powerful 2.25 HP (Continuous) and 4 HP (Peak) efficient DC MotorEnables smooth and quiet operation regardless of the workout’s speed and intensity. The efficient motor ensures a consistent and reliable performance, allowing users to focus on their workout without distractions. It also prevents the treadmill from producing excessive noise, ensuring a more enjoyable exercise experience for the user and minimizing disruptions to others.

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. One buyer complained about not having the specified 2.25 HP motor, instead he got only a .75 motor. If this is the case then it is cheating.
  2. The motor operates silently, with the only sound being that of your footsteps.
  3. The machine weighs about 35kg and can be wheeled around. It can be conveniently stored under a bed or standing against a wall.
  4. The running belt area is long enough for most users, unless they are taller than 6ft and plan to run at the maximum speed of 12km/hr. I really do feel that the track may be narrow for running purposes, making it more suitable for walking or mild jogging.
  5. The treadmill needs regular manual lubrication every 15-20 days, which may require additional maintenance.
Why Should You Buy this?

This is a good treadmill at a low cost for home usage. Since when folded, the height becomes just 5 inches, you can store it easily and save a lot of space.

STH 3000 series of treadmills by Sparnod has a 4 HP peak motor which is great for single or couple usages for walking at home.

  • 4 HP peak motor which should run for 30 minutes at least.
  • 100% preinstalled treadmill with 3 years of warranty. Since it is pre-installed, you do not need to pick your brain and waste time on setting it up.
  • Max weight support is 110 kg, if you want to run be sure to check if you have a weight around 75-80 kgs.
  • When folded, the height is just 5 inches, you can just store it under your bed.
  • The running area is 27 inch wide and 49 – 52 inches long. This is good for speed walking and controlled running.
  • When folded the speed is reduced to 4 km per hour and when unfolded the speed is 10 km per hour. This is decent if you want to walk mostly at home without going outside.
  • Comes with a remote control feature, which is great when the treadmill is folded up, and you are doing workouts.
  • The 7 levels anti-slip belt can reduce some impact and is less noisy.
  • Users report the treadmill is sturdy and seems durable for home use.
  • The motor and belt are less noisy and there is no heat generated.
  • Due to the track size, you can’t really run on this.
  • Speakers are negligible.

WELCARE MAXPRO PTM-X1 Under Desk Treadmill 2HP

FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
2 HP Quiet MotorA motor with 2 HP power that operates quietly regardless of the speed and intensity of the workout.Provides a quiet and peaceful workout environment. The quiet motor ensures that you can exercise without disturbing others or being disturbed by noise, allowing for a more focused and enjoyable workout experience.
Wide speed range optionOffers a wide speed range from 1 – 8 km/h, allowing users to adjust the speed according to their physical condition and exercise needs using the remote control.Provides versatility and flexibility in workout intensity. Users can tailor the speed to match their fitness level, gradually increasing or decreasing the speed as needed. The ability to adjust the speed helps users customize their workouts, making it suitable for users of different fitness levels and accommodating various exercise goals.
Spacious walking areaThe treadmill features a spacious walking area measuring 1125x425mm. It has a shock-absorbing structure and an anti-skid noise reduction running belt, providing cushioning and safety for the back, joints, knees, ankles, and muscles during workouts.Enhances user comfort and safety during exercise. The spacious walking area offers ample room for natural movement, while the shock-absorbing structure and anti-skid running belt help reduce the impact on joints and provide a secure and comfortable workout experience.
Walking & Running ModeOffers two exercise modes: a flat jogging machine and a regular treadmill with a raised safety handrail. Users can use it as a jogging machine or place it under a standing desk for walking. The safety handrail can be raised for running.Provides versatility in exercise options. Users can choose between walking and running modes based on their preferences and fitness goals. The foldable design and built-in wheels make it easy to switch between modes and conveniently store the treadmill when not in use, saving space in the home environment.
Maximum Weight SupportThe treadmill supports a maximum weight of up to 90 kg.Ensures stability and safety during workouts. The treadmill is designed to accommodate users within the specified weight range, preventing strain on the machine and ensuring smooth operation. Users can exercise with confidence, knowing that the treadmill can support their weight effectively.
Smart Treadmill WarrantyIncludes a 1-year motor warranty, 1-year part warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty.Offers assurance and protection for different components of the treadmill. The warranty coverage provides peace of mind and allows for repairs or replacement in case of any motor or part failures, ensuring long-term usage and customer satisfaction.
Suggested Stabilizer RecommendationIt is suggested to use a 4Kva stabilizer for motor safety.Ensures proper voltage regulation and protection for the treadmill’s motor. Using a stabilizer with the recommended specifications helps prevent damage to the motor and extends its lifespan, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The 2hp motor is less noisy, especially at speeds up to 2km/h. However, the noise increases beyond that but is still 75% less noisy than a water motor pump.
  2. After 6 months of use, the treadmill started getting heated up after 45 minutes of usage. The customer care advised using it for a maximum of 30-40 minutes to prevent overheating.

  3. The PTM-X1 treadmill is suitable for use with a standing desk, with speed levels appropriate for work and easy remote control.

  4. The treadmill lacks a safety mob and may not stop if someone skids accidentally.
Why Should You Buy this?

If you just want to walk and do not have a large space to accommodate a treadmill, then this folding treadmill should work for you.

WELCARE MAXPRO PTM-X1 is a walking pad with 2 HP motor. This is a desk treadmill that can be used for walking at home.

  • Pre-installed treadmill with 2 HP motor, you can simply unpack and start running.
  • The motor is quiet, so others in your home will not be disturbed.
  • Speed is from 1-8 km per hour.
  • The running area width is 1.25 feet, so it is best suited that your run.
  • The anti-skid running area is useful so that you do not slip.
  • Max user weight 90 kg.
  • This folding design has wheels, so you can move it around.
  • For senior citizens, you can raise up the handlebar easily.
  • They can also use the remote provided to control the treadmill.
  • This is strictly not for running. Thus, if you want to run, then you might want to increase your budget a bit and opt for other walking pad treadmills.
  • Few people complain about motor making noises.

Durafit Compact | 2.5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill

Durafit Compact 2.5 HP Peak DC Motor Treadmill
FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
Treadmill Installation100% pre-installedNo need for installation; the product is ready to use immediately after unboxing
Warranty1 year Door-Step Warranty on parts, 2 years Warranty on Motor, and Lifetime Frame WarrantyProvides peace of mind and assurance to the user regarding the durability and functionality of the product
Easy returnsEligible for replacement within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage, or features not matching the descriptionEnsures customer satisfaction and the ability to address any issues promptly
In-box Content1 Treadmill, 1 Toolkit, 1 User Manual, 1 Lubrication KitProvides essential accessories and instructions for easy setup and maintenance of the treadmill
Motor Power1.25 HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motorDelivers consistent and reliable power for smooth and efficient operation of the treadmill
Peak Output2.5 HPOffers additional power when needed, allowing the treadmill to handle more demanding workouts
Running Area1000*375 mmProvides a spacious and comfortable space for walking or running, enhancing the overall user experience
Speed Range1.0-8.0 km/hrAllows users to adjust the speed according to their preferred intensity level, catering to a variety of fitness needs
Run Belt Thickness1.8mm thicknessEnsures durability and longevity of the treadmill’s running belt, reducing the risk of wear and tear
Max. User Weight (walking)100 kgSupports users weighing up to 100 kg during walking exercises, ensuring stability and safety
Max. User Weight (running)70 kgSupports users weighing up to 70 kg during running exercises, ensuring stability and safety
Special FeaturesWide LED Display: Time, Speed, Distance, CaloriesProvides real-time feedback on important workout metrics, helping users track their progress
Target Mode: Set & Chase Targets in Speed, Distance, TimeOffers a goal-oriented approach to fitness, allowing users to set targets and strive for continuous improvement
Remote controlRemote control system for Start, Stop, Speed adjustmentEnables convenient control of the treadmill’s functions without needing to reach for the console
Tab/Mobile holderHolder for holding your gadgetAllows users to securely place their tablets or smartphones for entertainment or workout tracking purposes
Manual LubricationSilicone Oil is provided in the packageNo need to by silicone oil for few months.
PortabilityWheels for easy portabilityFacilitates easy movement and storage of the treadmill, enhancing convenience

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The received treadmill lacks essential features such as a safety clip and a stand. Durafit advises against running on the treadmill, stating that the board might break.
  2. The compact size of the Durafit treadmill is suitable for their limited space, and they appreciate the convenience it offers.

  3. Users weighing under 75 kg find it sufficient for their exercise needs.

Why Should You Buy this?

If you just want to walk from home, then this is a good walking treadmill to get.

This folding treadmill is small in size and is very compact.

Durafit Compact is probably the lowest cost walking pad treadmill out there.

This is a great under desk treadmill that can be used at home for walking.

  • 2.5 HP peak treadmill with a max 8 km per hour speed, this is great for walking.
  • No installation is needed with this one, just unpack and start using.
  • Max user weight supported is 100 kg, which is decent for a desk treadmill.
  • A 3-year warranty is given on this treadmill which is great.
  • This treadmill comes with a wide LED display which can help you set different modes, see time, speed, distance etc.
  • They provide you with a silicone oil bottle.
  • Nothing at this low price.

Cockatoo WP100 (4.5 HP Peak) Ultra Slim DC Motorised Treadmill

FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
Warranty Details1 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts Warranty & 3 Years Frame WarrantyProvides assurance and coverage against potential defects, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the product
Motor typeDC-MotorisedOffers a motorized operation for smooth and consistent performance
Motor horsepower4.5 HP PeakDelivers a powerful motor output, allowing the treadmill to handle demanding workouts and accommodate varying user needs
Incline LevelNo InclineProvides a flat running surface without incline adjustments
Speed range1-8 km/hourAllows users to adjust the speed according to their fitness level and workout preferences
Max user weight120 kgs (running), 90 kgs (walking), 120 kgs (walking)Supports users of different weights for running and walking exercises, ensuring stability and safety
Other FeaturesConnect with phone and listen to songsEnhances the user’s workout experience by allowing them to connect their phone and enjoy music or audio during their workout
Completely operated via Remote ControlProvides convenience and easy control of treadmill functions through a remote control
Voltage stabilizerAdvised to use a voltage stabilizer for motor safety and better treadmill performanceEnsures stable power supply, protecting the motor and optimizing the overall performance of the treadmill
Belt Running surface420 x 1120 mm (16.5-Inch x 44-Inch)Offers a spacious running surface, providing ample room for comfortable and unrestricted movement
P1 to P1212 pre-set workout programs for effective workout, changeable modes to help plan structured exerciseProvides a variety of pre-programmed workouts to cater to different fitness goals and preferences
Technical FeaturesTime, Speed, Distance, CalorieDisplays essential workout metrics in real-time, allowing users to track their progress and monitor their performance

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1.  The treadmill has a maximum speed of 8 km/h, which some users felt was not suitable for running, although it was considered acceptable given the price point.
  2. he treadmill allows for walking or running for 30 minutes at a stretch. It also offers the option to play music via Bluetooth, although the sound quality is described as average.
  3. The power cord could have been longer for more convenience.
  4. This Cokatoo treadmill does not come with handles, which may be a drawback for some users. But it can act as a relief as a small treadmill for office usages.
Why Should You Buy this?

If you have a wish for walking, speed walking and somewhat running then this WP100 treadmill is great for productivity.

It has a good max weight limit, good walking speed and compact size for a treadmill.

If you do a product comparison then you will see at a similar price this Cockatoo WP100 delivers a more powerful motor at a 4.5 HP peak.

  • 100% installed treadmill, so you do not spend time on installing it.
  • 4.5 HP motor which can help you run at decent speeds of 8 km per hour highest.
  • Max user weight is 120 kg, so it is great for tall people as well.
  • The running area is around 44 inches long and 16.5 inches wide. This is not enough for running, but for speed walking, this is enough.
  • Comes with wheels so you can move it around.
  • Many do not like the power cord length and speaker quality.
  • Many feel that the frame is weak.

A Brief Buying Guide: Underdesk Treadmill

  • Size and Dimensions:

    Consider the available space under your desk or workstation.
    Measure the dimensions to ensure the treadmill will fit comfortably.

  • Motor Power:

    Look for a treadmill with a motor power that suits your needs.
    Opt for a motor with at least 2.0 HP for smoother and quieter operation.

  • Speed Range

    Check the speed range of the treadmill.
    Choose a model that offers a wide range of speeds to accommodate different workout intensities.

  • Noise

    Pay attention to the noise level of the treadmill.
    Look for models with noise reduction features to minimize distractions in the workplace.

  • Weight Capacity

    Consider the weight capacity of the treadmill. Check for walking and running weight.
    Ensure that it can support your body weight and any additional equipment you might use.

  • Belt Size and Cushioning:

    Look for a treadmill with a wide and long enough belt to provide a comfortable walking or running space.
    Consider models with cushioning systems for reduced impact on joints.

  • Control Panel:

    Evaluate the control panel features and ease of use.
    Look for clear displays, intuitive controls, and convenient access to essential functions.

  • Safety Features

    Check for safety features like emergency stop buttons or safety key systems.
    Ensure the treadmill has stable and secure construction.

  • Portability and Storage:

    Consider the treadmill’s weight and portability if you plan to move or store it frequently.
    Look for models with folding capabilities for easier storage.

  • Budget:

    Set a budget for your underdesk treadmill purchase.
    Compare different models within your budget range to find the best value for money.

Estimated Cost: 25000 INR


  • A Computer to check all the data points


Are under desk treadmills worth it?

The idea is to do a workout even when you are working. In a sense, you can start walking while you are working on your standing desk. So yes, these treadmills do worth it, especially to all those people who are doing work from home.

Are desk treadmills healthy?

Yes, all types of treadmills are healthy. Under the desk, treadmills allow the busiest person the ability to work out at his/her own pace. While you are working on your computer and walking, it will boost your metabolism, help your joints and tone your full body.

Can a desk treadmill help you lose weight?

A test found that using desk treadmills, people have lost over 1 kg by using the treadmill for an hour a day. So a desk treadmill will help you lose weight and with a diet, you will lose weight quickly

Can you run on an under desk treadmill?

Under desk treadmills are not suitable for running. For running, you should rely on heavy-duty commercial treadmills or something similar.

Is it hard to type on a treadmill desk?

Yes, it will be harder to type and walk on a treadmill under your table. You probably will not be able to maintain your usual typing speed on an under desk treadmill.

How much weight can you lose on a treadmill in a week?

Researchers have found with a healthy diet you can lose up to 1-2 kgs with one hour of treadmill walks per day

Are under desk treadmills quiet?

Most of the under-desk treadmills in India are quiet. They have good quality and smaller sized motors, so they do not make much sound.


If you are working from home and also have a stand-up desk, then you can consider walking on a walking pad or under a desk treadmill for at least 30 minutes a day. You will be able to work and work out at the same time.

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