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Written By Samarjit Sinha

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Since you are looking for the best treadmill under 25000, it means you are looking for treadmills that are reliable, durable, and have great features required for the home.

I would not recommend these treadmills from this price range to be as commercial treadmills.

But to be used at home by 2-3 people the treadmill under 25000 is great to buy.

Best Treadmill Under 25000

[LIST] best treadmill under 25000

[Reviews] best treadmill under 25000

KAMACHI KTM-05 Steel 2 HP Motorised Treadmill

KTM treadmill under 2500

Why Should You Buy this Treadmill under 25000?
If you are looking for a basic reliable folding treadmill then this is a good treadmill under 25000 INR. Although this treadmill is more geared towards walkers, you can try running on it at lower speed.

KAMACHI makes quality treadmills both motorized and manual. In the price range of under 25000 this KTM -05 is one of the best treadmill under 25000 INR.

This treadmill has a 2 HP motor and top speed is around 10km per hour. At this speed you can easily run and work towards your cardio and weight loss goals. The area is 48 inch long and 16 inch wide and supports 100kg.

And this treadmill is foldable thus once you are done then you can fold it up and save the space.

The digital display of this treadmill can show you time, pulse, distance, calories and speed. It has few workout programs as well.

You can change the mode using the buttons on this console.

In the middle there is a safety key to kill the motor immediately incase of emergency.

Does running strengthen your core?

It also has two bottle holders, two small speakers which you can use via usb,aux port.

Top Features:

  • 2 HP motor
  • Good console set up
  • Pulse, calorie,speed, distance checker
  • 0.9-10km/hour speed
  • 100kg max support
  • Moderately large running surface
  • 12 preset programs


  • 2 HP power motor, powerful enough for short runs, daily jogs and more.
  • 3 years warranty surely gives a peace of mind. We are always afraid of motor getting burned.
  • Belt has a thickness of 1.4mm – good for speed walking with some protection.


  • No incline
  • Running area not wide or long enough for tall people or people with long strides
  • Not good for speedy or long running sessions due to low cushion and motor limitations.

Stunner Fitness STX-222 2.0 HP motorised treadmill

Stunner treadmill

Why Should You Buy this Treadmill under 25000?
I like the top speed of this treadmill, 3 level manual incline and the foldable feature. This treadmill is also reliable and has a good console to use. Overall a best treadmill under 25000 for a small family.

Stunner Fitness is the best treadmill under 25000 INR in India as per my preference. With the 2 HP motor, it can speed upto 14km per hour which is good for some running at home.

This also has a 3 level manual incline to make the workout more intense. And if you want you can use 12 training programs.

The console looks big but the LCD display is very small and it has all other buttons to control the treadmill. Here you can check calorie, speed, heart rate, speakers, bottle holders.

The running area is 16 inches wide and 45 inches long. For short running sessions or speed walks this running board is good.

And this treadmill is great for small homes also since it can be foldable.

Top Features:

  • 1-14km/hour speed
  • Max weight -100kg
  • 3 level manual incline
  • 12 preset programs
  • Lifetime warranty on frame


  • From a 2 HP motor you are getting good speed for home use. And can be used for jogging also.
  • The manual incline is a great feature also, it makes your workout more intense.
  • Max weight support is 100kg which is good enough for home use.
  • The auto stop safety key is a good feature to prevent any accident.


If Running area was much larger than the full utilisation of the top speed.

Treadmill in India under 100,000

Fitkit FT100S Series 1.75HP (3.25HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit FT100 review - Motorized Treadmill with Manual Inclination

Why Should You Buy this Treadmill under 25000?
This Fitkit treadmill is a feature rich and overall the best treadmill under 25000. It has excellent motor, speed and build.

Also has foldable features. And if you have alexa device or Google home then you can use voice commands as well.

Apart from this there are several apps by Fitkit that you can use for information, competition and tracking your progress.

Fitkit Ft100s is one treadmill from the few of the treadmill under 25000 INR which have Google home and Alexa feature. Using this you can use your voice to control the treadmill. For example changing speed to asking for distance covered etc.

This treadmill has a 1.75 HP motor with peak power of 2.35 HP. This allows the treadmill to go from 0.8 km/hr to 14km/hr.

The running belt is 45 inches long and 16 inches wide. For full fledged running I would need more space but for home use, this is okay.

The display and console are big enough in size. It has speakers with usb, aux input. Along with that it has a LCD screen where you can see distance, time, calories etc. There are two bottle holders, speed, mode buttons as well.

At the center there is an emergency stop button and at the handrail is the pulse sensor.

Top Features:

  • 1.75HP (Continuous) and 3.25HP (Peak) motor
  • 3 level manual incline
  • Speed: 0.8-14km/hr
  • Max weight – 110 kg
  • Competitive Fitwarz app
  • Fitplus App
  • Diet Plan and Tracking
  • One free Doctor consultation
  • Fitness training plan
  • Hydraulic Soft Drop system


  • Comes with lots of app based feature and connectivity. it will help you stay motivated and on track,
  • Can get a free fitness plan, diet plan and doctor consultation after purchasing the treadmill.
  • Foldable treadmill with Soft Drop system which makes it easy to fold up with no effort.
  • 110 kg max user weight
  • Top speed of 14km/hr which is suitable for speed walking and light jogging.


  • If the running area was a little larger, then you could run. Also you will need some more cushion in the running belt.
  • Voice control is not exactly required for a treadmill as per my opinion.

Cockatoo CTM-04 Steel 2 HP Peak Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill

Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 2 HP Peak Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill

Why Should You Buy this Treadmill under 25000?
This treadmill has a durable steel frame, foldable and has wheels for transportation.

For a small apartment where you would only want a treadmill for walks, this fits perfectly. But for serious weight loss and running this treadmill lacks a lot of features.

Get this treadmill if you mostly will walk and this treadmill will be used by 2-3 people per day only.

Cockatoo is a good sports equipment manufacturer brand and they have several good items for different sports.

Here is the CTM-04 treadmill under 25000 which comes with 3 years of motor warranty.

One unique feature that this treadmill has a massager, personally i do not think that would be much of use but you can try.

This treadmill has a large console area with water bottle or phone holders. Hand pulse on the rails, several buttons to control the speed and modes of the treadmill. And at the center there is the LCD and emergency button.

It also has small speakers which you can connect with AUX cable.

This treadmill is also foldable and thus when not in use you can save a lot of space.

The running board is around 15 inches wide and 43 inches long, this is not good for running but for walking this is more than enough. The running belt has a thickness of 1.4mm which is good for walking.

Top Features:

  • 90 kg max user weight
  • 0.8-10km/hr speed range
  • 2 HP motor
  • Hand pulse checker
  • 12 preset programs
  • 15.3″ x 43.3″ walking area
  • Foldable


  • Good walking area with some cushion.
  • This treadmill can be foldable so you can save some floor space when not using it.
  • 12 preset programs in this range is a lot to have.
  • Good speed ranges from .8km per hour to 10km per hour.


  • No incline feature.
  • Running area could have been a little longer and wider.
  • Max user weight could be at least 100-110 kg.

Hercules Fitness TMN-10 4 Function Manual Treadmill

Hercules manual treadmill

Why Should You Buy this Treadmill under 25000?

If you are not fond of manual treadmills which are not great for running then you should avoid this.

But if you want some multifunction features in a manual treadmill then you may look into it.

But motorized treadmills are always better. And this treadmill is costly if compared with other manual treadmills.

This Hercules treadmill is a manual treadmill with lots of things going on. It aims to be a complete home gym equipment.

This manual treadmill has stepper, push up bar, multiple handles for support, twister, 3 level manual incline.

And surprisingly to me this treadmill is foldable as well. But if the handles were foldable then we could have saved a lot of space.

The running area is 14 inch wide and 47 inch long. Since this is a manual treadmill I would not run on it, it is bad on the knees. But otherwise for slow walking, this treadmill world work.

Top Features:

  • Manual treadmill
  • 4 feature multifunction treadmill
  • LCD display with heart, distance, calorie view
  • Manual incline
  • Foldable


  • Takes smaller space and can be foldable to save space.
  • Multifunction treadmill for various weight loss workouts.
  • Have manual incline so walking sessions can be made more tense.


  • Manual treadmills are hard on knees.
  • Incline should be set manually only. 

Healthgenie 4012M, Motorized Treadmill

best treadmill under 25000

Why Should You Buy this Treadmill under 25000?
Although looks much simpler and less bulky than all other treadmills in this list, this treadmill is sturdy.

Also the fact that it is 95% pre assembled takes a lot of work away from the user for installation.

If you are looking for a well made frame in a treadmill and want to use it for walking, then this is a good choice.

Helathgenie treadmill comes 95% assembled, all you need to do is use three screws. He provides a 1 year warranty on the motor and 3 year warranty on the frame. Which I believe could be longer.

The 2 HP motor has a peak of 4 HP and can be used to reach speeds up to 14 km per hour. The running area has a width of 16 inch and length of 48 inches.

There is a heart rate sensor and the LED Display shows distance, speed, time, calories etc. The treadmill can also be foldable to save space. 

Around the main console there are holders for bottles and phones as well. It has some speakers but I never use treadmill speakers anyway.

Top Features:

  • 2 HP motor with 4 HP peak
  • 14 km/ hour top speed
  • 110 kg max user weight
  • 12 preset programs
  • 3 year warranty on frame
  • Foldable treadmill
  • Safety key in the center of the console
  • Manual incline


  • A minimal designed treadmill which is foldable and takes less space.
  • Got 12 preset programs that you can take advantage of.
  • 2 level of manual incline is great for increasing resistance in workout.
  • 110kg max user weight suitable for general usages.


Although the motor can reach 14km/hr speed the running area could be more larger for running.

[Buying Guide] best treadmill under 25000

Motor: A good treadmill motor should be around at least 2 HP. This much horsepower is essential for speed walking and some mild running.

Running Area: Generally at this price range of 25000 INR the running area would be around 16 inches wide and length could be around 48 inches. Which is large enough for walking but not for long strides and speedy runs.

Display: Since you are getting a mid range treadmill under 25K, you will get good quality display and might also get LED displays as well. Display is required to check your progress and control the treadmill.

Warranty: If you get a treadmill that offers lifetime or at least 3 years of warranty on the frame then go for it. But you will be hard pressed to find any treadmill manufacturer providing warranty longer than 1 year on the motor.

Features: Do you love cutting edge technology? Like Google or alexa voice controls? Performafe tracking apps then you would be disappointed as not many treadmills provide these features. But there are some treadmills which do. In my preferance this should not be a critical buying factor when selecting a treadmill.

Belt thickness: The usual belt thickness is 1.4mm in this price range, which is good for walking but not for running. Running belts with this thickness will not provide enough cushion to the knee.

Incline: Manual or auto inline, both are great features that will help you increase the intensity of the workout that you are doing with your treadmill. This will help you get closer to your weight loss or endurance increasing goals.

0-15 degree of incline is a good option to choose.

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