Best treadmill in India under 30000


Best treadmills in India under 30000 are mostly motorized treadmills with a motor range around 2 HP – 4 HP peak. This build quality is average compared to the commercial treadmill in India but most of them are foldable and suitable for home use treadmill.

This is what you should expect from the treadmills under 30000 INR in India – 

  • 2-4 HP motor
  • Upto 14 km of speed
  • Around 48 inches of workable running length
  • Foldable feature
  • Some may incline feature
  • Max user weight would be around 120kgs

These should be the most common features for the best treadmill under 30000 in india for home use.

Here is the top 5 best treadmill in India under 30000 INR

  1. Fitkit FT200 Series motorized treadmill (Best under 30k )
  2. Dolphy Folding Treadmill
  3. Lifelong FitPro LLTM27 treadmill
  4. Fitkit FT100 Plus Series treadmill
  5. Cockatoo CTM08 Series Motorized Treadmill

If you are curious then – 

Fitkit FT200 Series motorized treadmill (Best under 30k INR )

Fitkit FT200SX

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Final Verdict: It has multiple features that are rare at this price point. Features like alexa, big lcd screen, emergency stop button. Also in some areas Fitkit support is also very good.

Fitkit FT200 series has 4 variants in this price range and I would like to discuss them with you.

  • First is the M series, where M means that the treadmill has a massager. 15 level inclination.
  • Then there is MX series. (18 level Inclination with massager) 
  • Then S series (15 level inclination, no massager)
  • SX series (18 Inclination without massager)

This also has two light weight dumbbells at the front which you can use too. The massage vibrates and attaches a rope to it. This can be useful after running to relax the muscles. But there are better ways to do it anyway.

It has a 2.25 HP motor with peak 4.5 HP. It is an efficient DC motor. It also has 18 level incline features with auto lubrication. The top speed can be around 16 km per hour. 

The running track is 420 mm wide and 1240 mm long. The running board is anti-skid and this treadmill can be folded to save space. It has a hydraulic soft drop system.

There is an LCD display that shows the usual data of time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate etc. Fitkit comes with an app that you can use to keep tracking these metrics also.

There is a bottle holder, AUX and USB connectivity in SX variant. There are also some top firing speakers.

The max weight capacity is around 110 kgs and you may not cross it. There is also some shock absorption that is good for the knees.

There is a 1 year warranty on motor and 3 year on Frame.

The FT200SX has alexa inbuilt so you can use the treadmill with simple voice commands like start treadmill, increase speed, what is my pulse etc.

Dolphy Folding Treadmill

best treadmill in India under 30000

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Final Verdict: Another folding treadmill with hydraulics. I did not liked the running belt much otherwise it comes with good features in between 25 k to 30k.

Dolphy is another treadmill under 30k that provides some amazing features. The top most will be the quiet 2.5 HP motor. It is at the lower end of HP if compared to Fitkit but still it can reach upto 14 km per hour. This treadmill does have an emergency stop switch and 12 preset programs.

It has a hydraulic drop system so it can foldable easily so you can save a lot of space while not using this treadmill.

The front panel has various buttons to control the speed and preset of the treadmill. There are bottles or phone holders, USB ports and speakers. The console can show you speed, time, calorie, distance and pulse.

The max weight supported is 120kg and it has anti skid running belt. This belt can also absorb some shock as well. 

Lifelong FitPro LLTM27 treadmill

Lifelong FitPro LLTM27 treadmill

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Final Verdict: The feature I would get this treadmill for is that it does not need any installation. It is good for light usages for rehab and weight maintenance. Since it is 90 degree foldable you do not need any separate storage as well.

If you’re looking for space saving treadmill design then at this price range this LifeLong Fitpro is a perfect fit. It has a very minimal looking design and the whole treadmill can be folded up and you can then just push it under your bed.

And *** No installation is needed at all.

Even yet the runnin area is around 1200mm long (47 inches) and 420mm wide (16 inches). There are also 8 shock absorbers and the max user weight is around 100 kg.

Just under 30k you also get a 3 HP motor which is energy saving and produces low sound. 

With this treadmill you will get around 12km per hour speed, 12 preset programs, a mobile stand, emergency safety switch and bluetooth connectivity so you can play some music.

This treadmill has 90 degrees foldable feature with wheels so you can transport it around your house. 

You get 3 years warranty on frame and 1 year motor warranty.

Fitkit FT100 Plus Series treadmill

Fitkit FT100 review - Motorized Treadmill with Manual Inclination

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Final Verdict: Treadmill comes with alexa commands and have HSS soft drop folding feature. If you want slightly better motor capacity then take the FT200SX model otherwise this one may suit you also.

This is a 1.75 HP with 3.25 Peak motor capacity treadmill which is a good option. Ith as manual inclination and multi function control center. You get one massager belt with this model which you can use to relief from DOMS / Soreness and muscle tiredness after workouts.

You also get almost useless two tiny dumbbells.

He console has inbuilt alexa so smart home users can use simple commands like start treadmill, decrease speed etc. This console can also be used to track time, pulse, speed distance, calories. There are heart rate checker on the handle bars also and a safety emergency kill switch.

If you want you can also track your progress over the Fitplus app they provide. And note there are only 2 preset workouts on this model.

Cockatoo CTM08 Series Motorized Treadmill

Cockatoo CTM08

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Final Verdict: This is a foldable treadmill just under 25000 INR which has no incline but good motor and foldable body.

Cockatoo CTM08 has a 2 HP motor which can support upto 12km / hour speed and provides a 3 year motor warranty. The max user weight is 100 kg and there is no inclination. The running surface is moderately large at 43 inches long and width is round 14 inches.

This is a very compact treadmill and foldable.

The display is an 5 inch LCD where you can track speed, calorie, distance, pulse etc. You can also listen to mp3s on this treadmill.

The belt has a thickness of 1.2 mm so it can provide some cushion to your knees. There is also 12 preset programs so you will not get bored.

Buying guide for treadmill in India under 30000 INR

Build Quality: Most of the time you will get lifetime frame warranty and I would suggest that you opt for that only. Check the max user weight capacity, the more user weight a treadmill can handle, more durable it is.

Motor warranty: Usually motors come with 1 year warranty. And like AC or ceiling fan copper core motors are beneficial in the long run. You may even contact support to know about the motor.

Motor capacity: Usually for home general usages, 2-4 HP is enough. You are not preparing for a 100 meter dash with a 30k treadmill anyway. Lower than that you would not be able to run much but walk. 

Running Area: Usually running areas are well under 50 inches on these mid tier treadmills. If you want really larger running area like 60 inches + then you must go for commercial treadmills.

Service Centers: Hopefully you will never run into problems, but check if these treadmill manufacturer have a service center near you.

Why I believe this treadmill under 30000 INR is the sweet Spot

At this price range of above 2000 INR and upto 30000 INR is where a family of 2-3 people can use a treadmill at least 30 min each per day. What I mean is that at this price range the treadmills in India are capable enough for that feat. I do not recommend manual treadmills as they can harm your knees and for recreational purpose or general health purposes you would not need a commercial treadmill also.

Will treadmill build stamina?

Under 30000 INR you would get a decent motor with which you can go upto speed of 18 km per hour. Have decent running area for general usages. The build quality is something that you have to check for yourself but this is the most common category of quality checking of these treadmills under 30000 INR.

Also note the running area length, if you are tall then it might cause some problems if you really speed up and give it all. And Check if it has foldable feature, I believe this is a must since you are definitely not buying it for sports practice or opening up for a gym.

For a house treadmills (Wiki) foldable feature is great, especially for small Indian homes.

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