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I believe it is perfectly fine to assume that you are not looking for something of premium quality or for some shoes that is going to last for a long time. Otherwise, you will not be looking for the best sports shoes under 500 rs in India.

Sports shoes take a lot of work and research, otherwise every shoe company would become Nike, Puma or Reebok. And due to their brand value and making cost, you will not see Nike shoes under 500, Adidas shoes under 500, and so on.

Sports shoes for men under 500

Sports shoes for women under 500

But for budget shoes, this is a gold mine. Many companies, mostly Indian do try to put their best effort in creating best sports shoes under 500 rs.

I usually use a Reebok LP running shoe which is around 2k but I have checked some 500 INR sports shoe and these are decent.

The main comparison between my 2k Reebok shoe and any of the 500 IRN shoes will be the – 

  • Top mesh quality.
  • Stitches
  • Outer sole.

My Reebok shoe was always better in these areas than any 500 INR shoes.

Let’s check them out.

List of best Sports shoes under 500 and more

Best sports shoes under 500

Top cons of the majority of the shoes under 500 + are –

  • No cushion.
  • No good grippy sole.
  • No Rubber outsole.
  • Not durable for daily running or sports.
  • Not really lightweight walking shoes.

The most common feature of the best sports shoes under 500 + in India –

  • EVA foam sole.
  • Mesh material on top for breathability.

Reviews of the best Sports shoes Under 500 +

ASIAN Men’s Mesh Sports Running Shoes

ASIAN Men’s Mesh Sports Running Shoes

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Though not specified, the ASIAN shoes have been tested and found to be water-resistant, making them suitable for unavoidable circumstances.
  2. The length of the shoelace provided is sufficient, unlike other shoes that don’t have the proper length of lace. My 10k INR Skechers have short shoelaces. :/
  3. The ASIAN men’s shoes are extremely lightweight, which provides ample comfort and doesn’t weigh you down, even during long walks or runs.
  4. The materials used are extremely comfortable, with sufficient padding to keep your feet comfortable even during long walks and runs.
Asian Sports Shoe

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Final Verdict: ASIAN shoes under 500 INR are quite durable shoe if you are buying this for a daily commute to work. Or for some walking or light run around the par.

This is not for practicing running or for doing sprints. Apart from these two, these shoes hold up well for long-term use.

Best sports shoes under 500 - Worth it? 1
Bad stitching in ASIAN running shoes – is it common for everyone?

Asian wonder action sports shoe or running shoe is well under 500 INR for most of the time, and it comes with some must-have features. Always check the latest price online.

These shoes have some attractive colors and design which are sporty. I liked the grip which is rubberized or made from a similar material. This will be good for walking on a rainy day. But this is not a waterproof shoe. So be careful, the stitches may go off.

Although This is one of the most durable yet low cost shoe in India under 500 rs.

Top Features:

  • Mesh upper layer for airflow.
  • The shoe is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for running and casual gym training.
  • Lace-up feature.
  • Buyers often consider this shoe as a value-for-money shoe for the price point and feature it provides.
  • Soft inside sole.
  • Thick grip so it can provide you some cushions with.
  • The shoe has a good finishing, fabric, and lace, providing a stylish look with many colors.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not for heavy running.
  • The sole of the ASIAN shoe wears out very quickly, making the shoes less durable.
  • The front part of the shoe/ toebox is slightly tight, causing discomfort during wear.
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Bourge Men’s Sports Shoes under 500

Bourge Men’s Sports Shoes Under 500

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The foam inside the Bourge shoes detaches from the inside and clumps at the bottom, making them uncomfortable.
  2. The Bourge shoe is lightweight, making it an added advantage for walking.
  3. Bourge shoe is not for running – you can use them for some casual gym workouts and walking.
Bourge shoe India

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Final Verdict: A good slip on shoe meaning you can wear it quickly and go off walking.

The grip or the fit of the shoe is not perfect and not for daily running. Best suitable for walks or light jogging.

Another case of shoe tear - Bourge shoes under 500 INR

Bourge has a good shoe that has the slip-on feature. Slip on feature is good for everyday walking or for light jogging.

I like to to slip on shoes for simple walking since I can wear the Bourge shoe pretty quickly!

Since it will not get tightened much thus better not to take this shoe for sprints or heavy running sessions.

But for speed walking or jogging this might work. And it has a mesh material.

Top Feature:

  • Slip-on shoe
  • EVA sole which is thick enough for everyday walks.
  • The upper material is mesh to let the air in.
  • Lightweight and soft suitable for minimal usage makes it ideal for office goers who sit most of the time.


  • Not for heavy running or sprinting.
  • Not waterproof.

TRASE Running Shoes India – best casual shoes under 500

TRASE Running Shoes India

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. TRASE shoe is good for its price, but some more quality is needed.
  2. The TRASE shoes are not suitable for hiking or rainy days because the fabric absorbs water.
  3. The bottom grip of the TRASE shoe is gone after two years, and it may cause slipping on wet floors.
TRASE sports shoe under 500

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Final Verdict: A good breathable and stylish sporty shoe for moderate running and walking.

In my experience, it is not good for sports or daily sprints. But good for daily commuting or for short runs.

TRASE Running Shoes outer sole
Damaged outer shoe sole after using for few months…

This is a shoe for moderate running in India which comes with a breathable mesh upper layer. And the sole is lightweight as well and is made from EVA foam. The looks of the TRASE shoe under 500 is fashionable and sporty.

And this has laces so fitting it tightly will not be an issue for us.

Top Features:

  • Stylish sporty look.
  • Lightweight sole.
  • The inside of the shoe is comfortable and soft.
  • These shoes are highly recommended for general wear, so buyers can use them for any casual or formal occasion.


  • TRASE shoe is not for heavy or daily running.
  • Can slip on rainy days and not waterproof.
  • These shoes do not provide adequate support for my feet, causing discomfort and pain.

BUCADIA Men’ S Multicolor Running Sports India

BUCADIA Men' S Multicolor-003 Running Sports

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Users have reported the BUCADIA shoe sole coming out, tearing up, or getting destroyed within a short period of use.
  2. The BUCADIA shoe is not suitable for sports such as football and badminton, which may be a factor for users looking for sports shoes.
BUCADIA sports shoe India under 500

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Final Verdict: A waterproof shoe that has an environmentally-friendly sole. Buy this if you like the colors.

Definitely don’t to play sports like football or running!

This is the most unique-looking sports shoe in this price range. The colors just pop out of these shoes and the design is very sporty too.

The sole is made from Polyurethane or PU. This is a good durable sole material that is also lightweight and also cheap.

The closure is laced up so fits well. And grip on floor/street is average.

Top Feature:

  • Stylish looks, design, and colors.
  • PU sole which is also environmentally friendly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Waterproof.


  • Not for daily sprinting or running.
  • Good for casual walks or jogging.

Flavia Women’s D.Grey/Pink Running Shoes

Flavia Women's D.Grey/Pink Running Shoes

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Flavia’s shoe is comfortable and soft to wear throughout the day.
  2. The Flavia shoe offers good value for money.
  3. Shoe has a lightweight mesh cover on top.
Flavia Women shoe under 500

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Final Verdict: Flavia shoe is not a very durable product but is very comfortable. And it is very good for people who want max comfort and breathability, as most of the material is made from cotton.

Flavia women’s shoes are almost perfect for women who are in love with running. It has a cotton outer material which is of course softer than other materials that are commonly used in shoes.

It has some laces on top but it is actually a slip-on shoe. 🙁

Slip-on shoes are easy to wear but do not give a perfect fit.

Top feature:

  • Slip-on.
  • Cotton material.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not so grippy.
  • Thin material.

Asian Women’s Shoes India

Asian Women's Shoes India

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Some users reported issues with sizing, advising buyers to purchase well in advance, as the sizes may not be accurate. One user had to choose a larger size to wear with socks, while another had to choose a smaller size Asian women shoe.
  2. The shoes were found to have good grip, making them suitable for many activities.
  3. Some users found the shoes to be durable, while others expressed concern about their durability.
  4. Some users reported issues with the shoes being damaged quickly.
Asian women shoe India

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Final Verdict: This women’s shoe under 500 is good for casual jogging, and daily walks to the park but not exactly for hardcore sports.

If you use it for sports then it might not be much durable.

This is a good EVA foam sole shoe for women with sporty looks and breathable mesh upper.

The sole has grooves for grip but does not have cushion-like all other shoes in this price range.

This is good for light jogging, long walks and not for running at your full speed.

You can try this for gym but better have a flat sole design.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight.
  • Good for walks.
  • Breathable mesh material on top.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not anti skid.
  • Not having a good grip for running.

Denill Women’s Sports Shoes

Denill Women's Sports Shoes

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The Denill shoe seems sturdy and comfortable, but the customer recommends buying one size up.
  2. The women’s shoe is pretty and has a soothing color, but it is a little rough, and it is a little loose near the ankle.
  3. The shoe was good, but the sole broke into two after using it for a week.
Denill women shoe India

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Final Verdict: Good for light workout sessions and casual walks. Better not take this to long runs, rough terrain or rainy days.

Denill shoe under 500 Indian rupees is an EVA sole shoe with a slip-on feature.

This Denill shoe is lightweight and the upper soft material feels good too. The EVA foam sole has some grip but not for rainy days.

It might slip but works well for long walks or short runs.

Denil shoe for women has a Cushion but is not good for long running.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • EVA sole is lightweight.


  • Shoe is made of soft material which is not durable for rough use.
  • Not waterproof.

Buying Guide for the best sports shoes under 500

Firstly I would like to say that these shoes which are under 500 INR are not exactly fit for sports. They will work fine as casual shoes or for casual jogging or walking shoes. If you try to push these shoes to the extreme then they will not last long.

Price: Since this is a budget-sensitive segment, price is the first factor when you are going to choose the best sports shoes under 500 INR.

If you are careful you might be able to buy sub 600-700 INR shoes under 500 in deals.

Are running shoes supposed to be tight

Sole: most of the soles of shoes in this price range will be from EVA. EVA foam is a soft material that gives some cushion to your feet but the grooves below vanish after some usage. There are also PU soles which are somewhat stronger and eco-friendly.

Grip: Check for the best grip possible. The more the grooves more it has chances to stay for longer. If you are planning on using these shoes outside then this should be a priority.

Feet with running shoe

Upper Material: There are full plastic-type upper materials, some shoes might have partial mesh-type material and some have full cotton or full mesh-like material as upper. All have some advantages and disadvantages.

The full cotton, full mesh upper will be more comfortable and breathable than the but will not be very durable. Fully covered with plastic or similar will be very durable but will not be breathable.

Breathability: for long usages or to be used in the summertime this should be a priority. Also, it is required for those who have sweaty feet. Full mesh or cotton shoes are best for durability but these do not do well in harsh weather or rough handling.

Best sports shoes under 500 - Worth it? 2

Durability: Fully covered foam-made shoes are the most durable of the bunch. If you have plans to use these 500 INR shoes to the max then maybe you should get the fully covered ones. These will not be breathable but will be more durable.

Comfortable: Soft inside is needed if you are wearing the shoes for longer periods of time. Some sports shoes have no cover to the side or the heel side and that might get scratches or blisters.

Taking care of your sports shoe under 500

You have to clean and maintain these shoes properly so that you can use it for years. To clean use normal cloth washing powder and rinse. And you can also use sun rays to dry the shoe.
If the shoe smells then a tablespoon of boric acid works.

Other than this, do not push these shoes to the limit otherwise they will break down. By this I mean that you do not do regular jumps, long runs, or walk on mountains. These are budget sports shoes under 500 which are best as casual walking or light jogging shoes only.

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Sports shoes under 500 rupees are good for casual usage, but if you are planning to do something specific and serious then you should upgrade.

But if there is no option, then you may start here – we all start somewhere.


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