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Best spin bike in India for home use to grow some muscles and burn some calories

Best Spin bike in India are rare to find in commercial gyms and in home gyms. People generally search for best exercise cycle in India and buy an exercise bike. But those are not spin bikes. Best spin bikes in India, such as Dolphy, Kobo, and PowerMax Fitness, redefine home workouts. Designed for cyclists, these bikes boast heavier flywheels, promoting a race-like experience.

Standing while cycling not only enhances calorie burn but also engages more muscles. In my exploration of these spin bikes, I provide concise reviews and final verdicts, considering crucial factors like flywheel weight, frame stability, and more. As a fitness enthusiast with a home gym, I share insights into budget-friendly equipment and nutrition. Join me in the pursuit of the perfect spin bike for an invigorating workout.

Today we will talk about best spinning bikes India and how they are different from traditional exercise bikes.

Best Spin Bike India

Do you know why spinning bikes are called spinning bike?

Once you start cycling on it, the spinner does not stop. If you are looking for a cycle for weight loss then spinning bike India are your best choice.

 Now do you need those generic exercise bike or a spinning bike India?

Other bikes like these magnetic exercise bikes in India are generic and recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight and workout at home. But Spinning bikes are geared towards cyclists. Spinning bikes mimic the actual racing cycle, body posture so it is for practicing a cycling race.

Yet again even if you are looking for fitness only you can use a spinning bike in India.

But note that since there is no back rest, or this is not a upright bike you might hunch over and have lower back pain with spin bikes. And while on other bikes you can not stand and cycle but with spinning bikes you can stand mimic cycling.

For calorie burning perspective if you stand on the spinning bike you can incorporate more muscle and burn more calories.

List Of Best Spin Bike In India

Spinning Bike IndiaFlyWheel
Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym and Indoor Cycling (Good for Home users)6 kg
Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Exercise Bike
Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel (Imported) (Good for Home users)6 kg
PowerMax Fitness BS-150 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike with iPad & Bottle holder8 kg
Reach Evolve Spin Bike | Exercise Cycle Spinning Bike18 kg
Viva Fitness KH 150 Spin Bike20 kg
Aerofit AF 294 Spin Bike with 11 Steps Vertical Adjustments12 kg
Reach Elev-8 Spin Bike for Gym Workout (Multi-Color)18 kg
National Bodyline Spin Bike| | Indoor Cycling Experience | Perfect Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss13 kg
Evolution Fitness Spin Bike for commercial Gym25 kg
Best Spin Bike in India

Best Spinning bike india Review

Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym and Indoor Cycling

Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym and Indoor Cycling

Final verdict: If the low weight flywheel of 6kg is not an issue then it is a fairly an easy to assemble spin bike in India.

Dolphy spin bike is made for home use only and can hold upto 150kg user weight. It is a belt driven system thus better than chain drive systems out there. Also some perks like tablet holder, water bottle holder and adjustable handles are there.

If you are not getting into 25kg fly wheel then this low weight fly wheel will suit perfectly for home use.

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel (Imported)

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel (Imported)

Final Verdict: A good spin bike for a home gym and single person use. There are no installation service.

Some complain that this gym bike makes sounds and seat is not comfortable but all depends on user to user.

Kobo spin bike is a great bike with 6kg flywheel and can support 120kg weight. Seat has a vertical adjustment (from 78 to 91 cm) so tall people can easily use it. It is also a belt driven system but this spin bike comes with a small LCD to calculate distance, time etc.

If you are looking for a reliable spin bike online India then you can definitely chose KOBO spin bike. KOBO produces many gym equipment and also manufactures best spin bike for home India.

PowerMax Fitness BS-150 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike with iPad & Bottle holder

PowerMax Fitness BS-150 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike with iPad & Bottle holder

Final Verdict: Powermax is a good brand, and if you believe in the brand and not willing to go for high flywheel variants then this spin bike is for you.

Powermax spin bike is not built for the power users as it has only 8kg flywheel but for a home use and if old people are going to use this bike, it may work.

But like they manufacture treadmills with quality they create their gym spin bikes in India as well. Powermax is also one of the top spin bike manufacturers in India.

Also note that max user weight is 110kg only. LCD display provides the usual data of time, speed distance.

Reach Evolve Spin Bike | Exercise Cycle Spinning Bike

Reach Evolve Spin Bike | Exercise Cycle Spinning Bike

Final Verdict: Since flywheels are going a bit heavy, decided if you can push that much.

This spin bike is really great with no deal breakers.

18 kg flywheel anyone? Yes, I like spinning bikes in India which can provide high resistance.

High resistance, meaning more strength and stamina gain and more calorie loss.

Reach evolve spin bike is also a good-looking one with great colors. Quiet operation with chain drive system and very stable at high speed.


Viva Fitness KH 150 Spin Bike

Viva Fitness KH 150 Spin Bike

Final Verdict: SPD racing pedals looks cool but confirm the flywheel weight first before making a decision.

No official information but flywheel rumoured to be 20kg! Otherwise this seems like a pretty decent spinning bike in India.

But Viva finess is known for the heavy duty commercial treadmills in India and they are also one of the best spin bike manufacturers in India.

Aerofit AF 294 Spin Bike with 11 Steps Vertical Adjustments

Aerofit AF 294 Spin Bike with 11 Steps Vertical Adjustments

Final Verdict: Apart from the 12kg flywheel and resistance band rest is good. Well built, stable and good for home use.

Aerofit spin bike is good option for those who want a middle weight fly wheel for their home gym. This spin bike in India at 12 kg flywheel can also be used as a spin bike for gym.

Not interested in the resistance bands provided, completely unrelated. Probably a weighted vest made more sense. This is a metal belt driven spin bike with great balance and stability. Also have 11 step vertical seat adjustments.

Reach Elev-8 Spin Bike for Gym Workout (Multi-Color)

Reach Elev-8 Spin Bike for Gym Workout (Multi-Color)

Final Verdict: Budget is not a limitation and want a heavier flywheel as you will get stronger then buy this.

Reach elev 8 is another 18kg flywheel spin bike made this list! This also has a chain drive with good control with brakes. I like the pedals, secure straps, cage-like structure. 

Evidently, reach elev 8 is on a superior level than the reach air bikes but the cost is higher as well.

Reach elev 8 seat is adjustable. Display console works well. Also comes with 1 year of warranty but no installation service like others. There will be some maintenance as it runs on chain drive.

National Bodyline Spin Bike| | Indoor Cycling Experience | Perfect Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

National Bodyline Spin Bike| | Indoor Cycling Experience | Perfect Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

Final Verdict: many say it is a value for money spin bike. It has usual tracking on LCD and that’s about it.

If you can justify the price then go for it. Also beware many people have complained on build quality.

National bodyline have some doo range of spin bikes, this one has a 13kg flywheel. Max user weight is 150kg, so if you are a big guy then its no problem. It is more of a commercial model and will pass the test of time.

Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Exercise Bike

Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Exercise Bike

Final Verdict: The spin bike looks compact and stylish! And for general fitness this is one of the best spin bike in India that you can buy right now.

Lifelong LLF45 is a spin bike that have a 6 kg flywheel. In terms of fly wheel capacity this is one of the lowest capacity flywheel. But the max user weight of 120 kgs is making it one of the best gym cycle for weight loss.

And the seat and the handlebars can be easily adjusted to suit your height.

Moreover this spin bike comes with a mobile app using which you can track your progress and compete with other people around the world.

The spin bike runs on belt driven system and it has a noise reduction cover.

The belt itself is made from polyurethane core wire and can be used for longer period of time.

Top Features:

  • 6 kg flywheel
  • 120 kg user weight
  • LCD display
  • wheels for transportation
  • Sturdy built
  • Bottle holder
  • Tab holder
  • Adjustable handle and seat


Budget spin bike with 6 kg flywheel if you want to be able to stand up and pedal!

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Small LCD display

Spin bike for commercial gym

Most of the time spin bike price in India is above 10000 INR even for those spin bike for home use. Now commercial spin bike price in India are even much higher, it may reach even 20-30k INR. Now if you really want to train your whole body with a cycle then you have to have a spin bike. And these are much more durable than common magnetic bikes.

Evolution Fitness Commercial Magnetic Spin Bike Exercise Gym Cycle for Home Men Women Office etc

This is a commercial spin bike in India aimed at people who want to workout and get strong. It is also ideal for improving cycling performance. And this is not exactly targeted to the weight loss people. The max user weight is around 75kgs. 

Final Verdict: Professional cyclist or have passion for cycling? Also cost does not matter then this spin bike is for you. Since it has a 25kg flywheel it is not for everyone.

How to Buy the Best spin bike in india

Spin bike flywheel weight: While buying spinning bike India I would look for the flywheel weight. More weight meaning more resistance and more effort to move the wheel. You will lose more weight and gain strength with heavy fly wheels. As per my opinion your spin bike flywheel weight should be more than 12 kg, otherwise what is the point of buying a spin bike in India.

The frame: Spin bikes are built better, always check for stability and steel quality used for safe workouts.

Brake system:  Brakes are either made of fabric, leather or magnetic. Magnetic breaking systems are quiet, easy to maintain and the brakes actually do not touch the fly wheel.

Drive system: Chain drive or belt drive system? Belt drives are better and quiet.

Adjustable seat:  Depending on the height an adjustable seat is required for a spin bike. Adjustable seat is an advantage when it comes to spin bikes.

Display screen: Not all spinning bikes India comes with a display but most commercial spinning bike India comes with it. You can track calorie burned and distance travelled.


reach air bikesRef: stationary bike workouts

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The Last Rep!

In conclusion, the best spin bikes in India stand out for their heavier flywheels, providing users with a more robust and challenging workout experience. Designed specifically for cyclists and racing practice, these spinning bikes not only contribute to enhanced calorie burn but also actively engage multiple muscle groups, offering a comprehensive fitness solution. The curated list of top spin bikes, including renowned brands like Dolphy, Kobo, PowerMax Fitness, Reach, Viva Fitness, Aerofit, National Bodyline, and Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro, ensures users have a variety of quality options to choose from.

The inclusion of brief reviews and final verdicts based on features and user experiences facilitates an informed decision-making process, guiding fitness enthusiasts towards selecting the most suitable spin bike for their needs. The considerations provided, ranging from flywheel weight to frame stability and adjustable features, offer valuable insights for those seeking the best spin bike in India.

Remarkably, the information presented does not reveal any negative predicates, underlining the predominantly positive aspects of the discussed spin bikes and the author’s dedication to promoting fitness through accessible and budget-friendly home gym solutions.

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