10 Best Shoes for Walking in India – for Road and Treadmill

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If you are a casual walker and want to get the best shoes for walking and jogging in India then you should stick with the most popular ones with lace-up closures. Or if you just want the best shoes for walking in India then you can get away with the slip-on or velcro strap versions. 

The Adidas Men’s Easy Vulc 2.0 Walking Shoe is the best shoe for walking in Indoa on both road and treadmill. This Vulc 2.0 shoe aced all the tests and durability tests!

Note that walking is a lower-impact workout than jogging/running, so your choice of shoe will depend on your workout style.

best shoes for walking in India

Runners should get something more specific to running shoes. 

And running shoes can be used nicely for walking. You do not need 2 two different shoes for walking and running.

But a walking shoe is not recommended for heavy running or jogging.

[LIST] Best shoes for walking in India

Walking And Jogging Shoe in IndiaTop FeatureOur Rating
Adidas Men’s Easy Vulc 2.0 Walking ShoeRubber Outsole8/10
Skechers Women’s Nordic Walking ShoesThick midsole Support8/10
Reebok Men’s Tread Walk Lite Lp Walking ShoesGod Mesh Upper7/10
Nike Men’s Explore Strada Walking ShoesThick Heel Support8/10
Skechers Men’s Modern Cool IRRUPTIVE Black/White Walking ShoesAthletic Midsole with suparb protection8/10
Walking shoes men sparxThick Grooved Outsole for grip6/10
Sparx Women SL-123 Sports ShoesVery Lightweight and durable6/10
ASIAN Men’s Wonder-13 Mesh Sports Running ShoesBudget king walking shoe6/10
Campus Men’s Oxyfit Running ShoesRubber sole and mesh upper7/10
Power Men’s Smith Running ShoesDurable shoe from Bata7/10

[Reviews] best walking shoes in India

Top walking and jogging shoes in India

Adidas Men’s Easy Vulc 2.0 Walking Shoe

Adidas walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

Adidas vul 2 walking shoe is a very nice shoe with proper cushion and support for walking. Also it has a head turning sporty look with the Adidas logo.

Check the top Features below!

Adidas have quite a few shoes for walking and running and this vulc 2.0 is a really good one. It has a flat even sole which is very thick to protect your feet from impact injuries.

This is also one of the best walking shoes for men.

This shoe design is sporty with three stripes on the side and have a canvas upper. It is not breathable like mesh upper models.

The midsole is made from EVA which is soft and provides enough cushioning. The Outsole is made from rubber and offers great durability and traction.

Top Features:

  • Rubber Outsole.
  • EVA foam midsole.
  • Good design for walking
  • Durable built


  • Canvas upper and the tough rubber outsole makes it a very good choice for walking in India.
  • You can also do light jogging with it also.
  • EVA foam and the out sole is of good quality.


Beware of counterfeit products.

 “Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving.”

– Terri Guillemets

Skechers Women’s Nordic Walking Shoes

Skechers Women walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

Skechers is a good company when it comes to shoes. This women’s walking shoe is also very good at what it does.

But in my opinion at this price range you can easily also get one of the best shoes for walking and jogging in India. But if you like the brand and the style, then go for it.

Check the top Features below!

Skechers women’s noridc shoe has good traction. The grip on the outsole is very good. Apart from this, it has good heel and achilles tendon support making it a very good shoe for walking for women.

This shoe is slip on thus it is easy and quick to wear it. But for this same feature this skechers womens walking shoe in India is not a good fit for fast running. But for light jogging this is fine.

Also the shoe top is made from synthetic mesh like material for air flow.

Overall the shoe is lightweight and can be used by persons who has knee issues due to the heavy cushion it provides.

Are running shoes good for tennis

Top Features:

  • Good Grip
  • Good support with thick midsole.
  • Synthetic mesh like upper material


  • Good traction on any road for walking.
  • Ample support to lessen the impact.
  • Good breath ability


Costly for a walking shoe in my opinion.

Reebok Men’s Tread Walk Lite Lp Walking Shoes

Reebok wakling shoe India

Why should You Buy this?

If you are not going to do sprints wearing this Reebok walking shoe then go ahead and buy it. This is a comfortable walking shoe with all the required support.

Check the top Features below!

I like this Reebok shoe since it has a textile cover on top. This allows good breathability for your feet. The toe style is round and the closure is slip on style.

This shoe is comfortable to wear and have good cushion to lower the impact.

Another good point of this shoe is that it has a sporty look to go with. Also note that since it has a slip on feature, it cannot be used for jumping, running or jogging.

Skechers Gorun ride 9 Review

Top Features:

  • Fabric cover on top.
  • Good outsole.
  • Good innersole.


  • Good airflow due to the fabric cover on top which makes it easy for the user to wear the shoe for longer.
  • Out sole is durable and have good traction which is much needed for walking.
  • Innersole is soft and comfortable for longer duration walks.



“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.”

Abraham Lincoln

Nike Men’s Explore Strada Walking Shoes

best walking shoes in nike

Why should You Buy this?

You can buy this walking shoe in India for the good outsole for walking with good support to avoid any heel or knee pain.

Although the price is higher but apart from walking, you can use it for jogging and also for day to day travel.

Check the top Features below!

Nike Explore Strada walking shoes has a lace up closure system and can be used for jogging also. This is one of the best shoes for walking and jogging in India.

The shoe width is regular and outer material is made from synthetic type. This makes the air somewhat breathable.

The outer sole is thick and have good grip over any surface. This thick sole also helps in absorbing the shock from the walking or jogging.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic upper material.
    Lace up system.
  • Thick heel


  • Good Achilles tendon and ankle support.
  • Lace up system so it can be easily used for jogging.

Pricer than many shoes on this list.

Skechers Men’s Modern Cool IRRUPTIVE Shoes

best walking shoes in skechers

Why should You Buy this?

Many would regard this walking shoe as the best walking shoes for seniors.

And probably for general purpose, with all those great features this is.

Also this walking shoe in India is also very suitable for anyone who wants a good supportive midsole with great outsole.

Check the top Features below!

Skechers create quality shoes and this is another good shoe that I have added to this list of best walking shoes in india. The outsole is made from rubber and has good traction. Also this outsole is very thick, protecting your feet and knee from impacts.

This walking shoe has a slip on feature which is great when it comes to taking off and on the shoe. Also for walking shoes the lace up closure is not mandatory. But you can not run at full speed wearing this.

The top of the shoe has soft knit mesh like material which is lightweight and allows air to pass into it.

The midsole has athletic lightweight with impact cushioning protection. 

And apart from being a thick rubber sole, this outsole also has side elasticity for extra grip.

Top Feature:

  • Athletic midsole with extra protection
  • Thick and grippy outsole
  • Breathable top material


  • Provides a safe way of walking or jogging.
  • Good grip on all type of surfaces.
  • Good all round support for feet.


  • Could have come with lace up style.
  • Pricier.

Walking shoes men sparx

Walking shoes men sparx

Why should You Buy this?

A good budget running and walking shoes that does not have top class materials or finishing touch but works great.

Get these Sparx walking shoes if you are tight on budget yet want a good shoe.

Check the top Features below!

For the budget walker, the sparx walking shoe is the right choice. It has good grip with a very rugged sole.

Apart from walking this shoe can also be used for jogging. It has a good grip and lace up system so it will work perfectly.

The upper material has some type of mesh for breathability.

Top Features:

  • Good outsole with grooves.
  • Support for heel and tendons.
  • Average mid sole.


  • Great value for money.
  • Good grip on the floor.
  • Lace up closure for better fit.
  • Lightweight shoes.


Material and finishing are not premium.

Sparx Women SL-123 Sports Shoes

Sparx Women walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

One of the best budget walking shoes for women in India. This shoe is lightweight and have basic foot support for the price it is being offered.

Check the top Features below!

This is one of the best walking shoes for ladies in India. This Sparx walking shoe has slip on feature so it is good for general walking but not for jogging.

This is a good and budget walking shoes for ladies in India.

The sole is made from lightweight EVA foam. This out sole has medium grip on the ground.

These walking shoes for ladies in India have a cotton upper material which is comfortable and breathable.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight EVA foam sole.
  • Available in bright colors
  • Have basic cushioning
  • Soft midsole


  • EVA foam sole is durable and lightweight so it is easy to move around a whale wearing this shoe.
  • Quite comfortable to wear.
  • Upper material is fabric made so it is breathable and still that is durable.


At this price range there are no cons.

ASIAN Men’s Wonder-13 Mesh Shoes

ASIAN walking shoe for men in India

Why should You Buy this?

This is a lightweight shoe good for walking but the sole is hard thus does not have much grip. Better not use this shoe for running. But for walking this is a good one to use.

Check the top Features below!

Asia is a budget shoe brand in India which have many shoe models in various price ranges. Here is something that makes sense for the casual walker or jogger. This is a sporty looking shoe with good heel support and outsole.

The upper material is not made of complete mesh but it has some fabric material in it. This makes the shoe more durable with lesser air flow. The inside foam is comfortable to wear and the lace up system is perfect for jogging.

With lace up closure you can be sure that the shoe is not going anywhere without your feet in it.

The out sole has some grooves and has average thickness.

Many would use it in the gym also, but for weight lifting this is not a good choice. You can look into these best powerlifting shoes Instead.

Top Features:

  • Low budget walking shoes in India
  • Lace up system for better fit
  • Comfortable fit.


  • Not good finishing touches.
  • Outsole can be more durable but it is a hard sole.
  • Not for running.

Campus Men’s Oxyfit Running Shoes

best walking shoes in India

Why should You Buy this?

Good comfortable shoes in the budget category for walking. This sums up my review for this one. I personally like the outsole which has some arch support and good traction.

Also the mesh upper is a bonus for a hot and humid climate like India.

Check the top Features below!

Campus Oxyfit shoes are a slip-on type shoe best use would be walking. This shoe has some sort of midsole support for the arch but it is not a specialized shoe for that purpose.

This campus walking and jogging shoe has some heel support and the upper is made from mesh type material.

Mesh material on top allows good airflow which is needed for long time usages.

Since this is a slip on shoe, running or jogging is not doable on this but walking daily is fine.

The sole is made from rubber which is soft yet durable to have grip on any surfaces. This is beneficial for walkers as this reduces the chances of slipping.

Also the shoe has a soft midsole which makes it very comfortable.

Top Features:

  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh Upper material
  • Soft foam inside


  • This is an easy to wear shoe with slip on feature and is aimed at walkers. It has moderate arch support with cushions.
  • The mesh type upper material is soft, the midsole is also soft in nature thus makes it great to wear for a long time.
  • The shoe as a whole is very lightweight.


  • Not suitable for jogging.
  • Not for rainy seasons.

Power Men’s Smith Running Shoes

best shoes for walking and jogging in India

Why should You Buy this?

If you are looking to get a walking shoe from a known brand then get this durable shoe.

This shoe has all the basic features for walking and will also work great as an all-rounder shoe. But falls short when it comes to jogging.

Check the top Features below!

Here is a walking shoe from bata from their own brand named Power. This is a lace-up closure shoe that can be used for walking, jogging, and running. The top material of the shoe is made from canvas.

Canvas is a durable material that will last for years of constant use.

Canvas also makes the shoe less breathable. The outsole has nice grooves to get more traction, which this shoe does nicely.

The shoe has some cushion but this is not adept for running. For walking and light jogging this is adequate.

But mostly use this for walking since the shock absorption at the heel and toe are not that great.

The midsole is good to use and is comfortable.

Top Features:

  • Good design.
  • Durable material
  • Good outsole with grooves.


  • Can try the shoe in the local Bata store easily.
  • Durable enough lasts for a long time.
  • Good traction


Not very comfortable for a longer period of time.

benefits of walking

As per Harvard University, walking can reduce the risk of heart ailments, diabetes, BMI, High BP and stroke.

Tips on Choosing the Best shoes for walking and jogging in India

How To Buy The Best Shoes For Walking In IndiaOverall, shoes which have a thick outsole with some arch support are good for walking and jogging in India.

And also select the best shoes for walking and jogging in India as per the closure type.

Without a lace-up closure, the shoe will not remain stable when you jog.

Thus, if jogging is your main priority then get shoes that have lace up closure along with adequate support.

How to buy the best shoes for walking in India

Here are the key factors that you should consider when buying the best shoes for walking and jogging in India.

Price: As always, price is an important factor when choosing a walking shoe. With the costlier shoe you can afford, you can get the best feet to support and from the best walking shoe brands in India.

Heel Counter: The heel counter helps the heel to stabilize and this minimizes injury. This is present in all shoes, but premium shoe companies do it better.

Toe Box: A well-protected toe box is needed for a walking shoe. A toe box accommodates and protects the toes. A well-covered toe box should be on your checklist when buying a walking shoe in India.

Outer sole with Good traction: Rubber outsole is preferable for its soft yet durable composition. And these soles also have the most traction. If possible, check for rubber soles in your new walking shoes in India.

key factors that you should consider when buying the best shoes for walking and jogging in IndiaSoft Midsole: Walking and jogging require you to wear the shoe for some time and if the inside of the shoe is hard, and uneven then it will not be an enjoyable session.

A soft foam midsole is preferable when buying a walking shoe in India.

Mesh Upper: May be not required for all of us. But for some of us who have sweaty feet, this is a boon.

A mesh upper allows air to pass and keeps our feel cool and works against sweat.

Also, a fabric upper feels good on the feet.

Features of the best shoes for walking and jogging in India 

Heel Collar: This cushions the ankle amd mostly presented in any shoes.

Velcro Strap closure: Since most of the time walking would not require jumping, or running thus many walking shoes in India comes with a velcro strap or slip-on feature. But if you are going jogging or running, then this might not be suitable for you. But if you are going to mostly walk then slipping on velcro works perfectly.

Achilles Tendon Protector: It is the wrapped section above the heel collar that helps with reducing the stress on the Achilles tendon.

Foam Midsole: Most of the best shoes for walking and jogging in India would have some kind of foam midsole. These are comfortable and help with cushioning the feet to reduce the chances of injuries.

Grippy Out soleGrippy Outsole: Walking requires a good rubber-type sole that would not slip.

Although most of the walking shoes in India are not waterproof some will tolerate water better.

With a good outer sole, you will get a good grip regardless of the ground type.

Mesh Upper: Most of India has a hot climate with high humidity and a mesh or clothing-like upper material is common for all walking shoes in India.

If it is specifically for walking or jogging I would also prefer having a mesh material on top for airflow.

Ref: Research on Walking



Best walking shoe brands in India

Brands like Skechers, adidas, nike, reebok, Puma are the most well-established walking shoe brands in India. These are some of the best walking shoe brands in India for their quality products. They all have a good cushion, good upper material, and good outsole with great traction.

Apart from these, there are Bata, Asics, sparx who create budget walking and jogging shoes in India. Even though I mentioned budget, these walking shoe brands in India also make quality products.

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