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Here are the best running shoes under 3000 in India that you should get for your daily runs. Under affordable prices, I would suggest you get lace-up shoes with mesh upper for a pleasant running experience.

Running is a sport all over the world, but the type of running and footwear you use can have a huge impact on your performance.

Some runners prefer to run barefoot, while others prefer to have a good pair of running shoes.

If you are looking for the best running shoes for men under 3,000 rupees, this article will help you to find out the best running shoes for men & women under 3,000 rupees in India.

[List] Best running shoes under 3000

  1. Adidas Men’s Beamers M Running Shoe
  2. Reebok Men’s Flex O Fusion LP Blk/Wild Orange Running Shoes
  3. Nike Women’s W Revolution 6 Nn Running Shoe
  4. Reebok Men’s Fair Weather Shoes
  5. Nike Mens Revolution 5 PRM Running Shoe
  6. Puma Erupter Men’s Running Shoes
  7. ASICS Men’s Road Jog Running Shoe
  8. Skechers Men’s Go Fast Running Shoes
  9. Adidas Men’s Glick M Running Shoes
  10. Campus Men’s Ree-FLECT (N) Running Shoes

[REVIEW] Best running shoes under 3000

Adidas Men’s Beamers M Running Shoe

Adidas Men's Beamers M Running Shoe
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Why Should You Buy this?

This is a great running shoe that is ideal for road running or jogging with a mesh fabric top. The lace-up closure is also good and overall this is one of the most comfortable shoes.

This is a great shoe for the casual runner who is looking for comfort and lightweight shoe.

This footwear is lightweight but provides you with the comfort as it’s a running shoe.

It is lightweight, and has a mesh upper with full-length EVA sock liner for comfort.

The midsole and outsole is flexible for better response and responsiveness.

  • Very lightweight pair of shoes at this affordable prices.
  • Comes with lace-up closure and fabric based mesh upper.
  • This gives this shoe a snug fit and comfort of the fabric while still being one of the stylish running shoes.
  • Comes with EVA insole for shock absorption. 
  • It has a soft foam midsole that keeps your feet comfortable.

  • Some buyers are not happy with the upper material.

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Reebok Men’s Flex O Fusion LP Blk/Wild Orange Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Flex O Fusion LP Blk/Wild Orange Running Shoes
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Why Should You Buy this?

Having personally used a similar show at these affordable prices, I can say this is one of the good quality running shoes that you can get.

This shoe is also good for casual occasions due to its colour and design.

And you can also use this for long-distance runs.

Either way, this shoe works as a comfortable pair for many tasks.

This Reebok runs are perfect for every runner, especially the ones who are looking for comfort while running.

The unique features of the Reebok running shoes is that they are made up of a combination of rubber with memory foam and a memory foam layer, all to provide an ideal cushioning experience on the foot.

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  • The heel counter is reinforced to provide more support.
  • This Men’s Running Shoes has a lacing system on the mid-foot region so that the shoe fits well.
  • The EVA outsole provides excellent traction when you are running and provides extra cushioning as well. 
  • The synthetic mesh material has a good breathability options and has structures in place to make the top durable.
  • Has good heel support in this price range, if you ask me. The heel height is around 2 inches.

  • Has a small toe box.

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Nike Women’s W Revolution 6 Nn Running Shoe

Why Should You Buy this?

The Nike Women’s W Revolution 6 Nn Running Shoe is a great shoe for women runners and comes with some premium looks.

This shoe is built for comfort and cushioning.

Buy the right size and it will be your perfect pair for running.

The New Nike running shoe is one of the most comfortable runners for women with extra length and cushioning for a plush ride.

The shoe is equipped with breathable mesh material for comfort and support.

A lightweight midsole provides a soft landing and plush cushioning while a full-length flex grove improves your form throughout your run.

A durable outsole is built for the way women run and a soft, flexible and removable sock liner conforms to your feet and provides comfort all day long.

  • This Nike shoe has a nice, sleek design.
  • The lightweight cushioning is thick and should absorb all the impacts.
  • The upper material is all mesh, and it will not let your beautiful feet sweat.
  • The lace up closure provides this pair of running shoes a good fit.

  • Many feel the insole is rather narrow.
  • Many feel they did not get the right size.

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Reebok Men’s Fair Weather Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a good running shoe with good comfort level and the strong material and the combination of mesh upper is also protective.

This is not an optimal if your feet sweats a lot.

However, as a casual shoe cum a running shoe under 3k INR this is a good running shoe to have.

Reebok Men’s fair weather shoes are not actually for all weather since they do not appear to be waterproof. But the shoe design is as such that it makes it a feature-packed running shoe.

  • Lightweight cushioning which does not weighs you down but provides good support and keeps feet dry.
  • The mesh upper layer makes the shoe breathable, but it could be better.
  • You can use this as a casual shoe as well. But do not wear on a rainy day.
  • It has good heel support, thus it makes a shoe that protects your feet / heel when you run.

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  • Might not be good for rain and also not for those who have sweaty feet due to the upper material.

Nike Mens Revolution 5 PRM Running Shoe

Why Should You Buy this?

These shoes provide light weight and comfortable cushioning to your feet to keep them protected from impact during your run.

This is an affordable, versatile shoe which rightfully fits this list of budget-friendly running shoes. 

You will feel the difference in your feet, and you will feel safe and comfortable while playing the sport.

The Nike Men’s Revolution PRM running shoe offers great stability, comfort and protection with enhanced lateral support.

These shoes also help provide a great fit as their last is specifically built for each runner.

The upper and collar are built for all-around comfort, and the midsole delivers the right amount of cushioning and support for this all-season shoe.

  • Durable and high-quality material for the shoe.
  • The EVA shoe is thick, thus it will provide you good support and protect you from the impact.
  • The EVA shoe sole has good grooves, so this athletic shoe will provide superb traction.
  • The Lace closure type is good for running shoes, so the shoe stays where it should be.
  • The mesh is a high-quality material, and it makes the shoe breathable.
  • The inner sole is very soft and is made with foam, so it is very comfortable for the long run.

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  • Beware of fake items.

Puma Erupter Men’s Running Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a nice looking men’s running shoes that will make your running experience comfortable and enjoyable. This PUMA Erupter running shoe is a versatile shoe made with high-quailty material.

This Men’s Puma Running Shoes are really comfortable and nice looking. Puma also claims the shoes to be comfortable for the wearer.

I think they are right and so, I’m sure you will too. This is the men’s version by the same company.

  • Has breathable material which is also a strong material for a running shoe.
  • This mesh upper will keep your feet dry if you have sweaty feet.
  • This pair of running shoes have a thick EVA sole which absorbs impact.
  • This EVA sole also protects your heel and all the feet from the running impact.
  • The heel stick outs a bit which supports your heel if you are a heel runner.
  • This is a slip-on closure which is easy to wear.

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  • Many complain that the shoe feels hard and a little more wide at the front.

ASICS Men’s Road Jog Running Shoe

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are a casual runner or a serious runner, then these ASICS Men’s Road Jog are the best running shoes for you.

The shoes are extremely comfortable to wear and gives you a great grip while running.

If you are looking for an all-round running shoe, then these are the best.

These jogging shoes are designed to give you better endurance while protecting your feet.

These shoes are ideal for casual runners like students and housewives, but for more serious runners, these shoes also perform well.

The shoes are designed with better support, the durability of the materials, and a great grip. It will even last longer than some running shoes too!

  • The ASICS men’s has a closure type of lace-up. This allows you to adjust the fit of the shoe.
  • This sports shoe has a synthetic upper material and a mesh layer to do cross ventilation.
  • Shoe has good reinforcing material or frame to support the top mesh.
  • There is a decent toe box and protector as well.
  • The EVA foam has good thickness, and it will protect your heel as well.
  • This ASICS shoe is lightweight, so you will not feel any strain as well.
  • Good for running outdoors.

  • There are no negative sides for this shoe at this budget.

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Skechers Men’s Go Fast Running Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a must-buy for any runner, and if you are looking for a good pair of running shoes then these Skechers Go Fast Running Shoes are for you.

They are very comfortable and very supportive of your feet. They are a must-buy for any runner.

Skechers Go-Fast has a great look and a sleek, streamlined design to make you fast on your feet.

These shoes are very comfortable and have great support to keep your feet in place.

Great for runners or just for some light cardio training.

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  • It is a slip-on design however this still manages to get a snug fit.
  • This Skechers shoe has a medium-width midsole so it fits all types of feet easily.
  • There is a good durable EVA sole in place which keeps the feet pain-free and provides good traction.
  • The innersole cushion is very soft and you will feel very comfortable in this.
  • The shoe upper material is seem to be made of high-quality material and is breathable.

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  • Few suspect that the quality has degraded and the shoe’s outer sole got damaged in 6 months.

Adidas Men’s Glick M Running Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a comfortable running shoe, then this Adidas Men’s Glick M is the one for you. It is a comfortable shoe and is lightweight and comes from a famous running shoe brand.

If you are looking for a good shoe, then this is it!

Adidas Men’s Glick M Running Shoes are comfortable and lightweight running shoe that combines both softness and responsiveness.

A mesh-type shoe for ventilation and optimal fit. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Best Running Shoes In India Under 2000

  • The upper textile material is made of mesh and this lets the air in and out keeping your feet sweat free.
  • This shoe comes in a very attractive design and has lace-up closure.
  • The sole is made from EVA foam which is thick and durable.
  • The outsole has many grooves to make the shoe stick to the ground with optimum traction.
  • You can use this as casual wear shoes as well.
  • The toe box is wide enough and has a cover to protect your delicate toes.

  • As per the description, the size of running shoes goes one size smaller so be careful while buying this one.

Campus Men’s Ree-FLECT (N) Running Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a shoe that is made by Indian brands then you can surely go for it. This shoe has those exciting reflectors on top material as well which you might find great.

Campus Men’s Ree-Flect is a very creative looking running shoe made with high-quality materials.

This pair of running shoes has a beautiful EVA sole and fabric based upper material.

  • People like the comfort that these shoes come with.
  • The inner sole is very soft and thus is very gentle to the feet.
  • Comes with reflectors on the upper materials. They brighten up at night.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers shoe sole is thick to absorb the impact and holds superb traction on roads.
  • Many people comment that this shoe is way better than known brands who make sports shoes.

Best running shoes in India under 1000

  • Many do not find this shoe special and do not feel the comfort.
  • Many do not like the textile material on top.


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