Best running shoes for women in India

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If you are looking for the best running shoes for women in India then here is some advice and info that you will need to make a choice.

Actually, running shoe does not know if you are a man or a woman and you as a woman can wear both types. But if the running shoes for women are from a reputed brand then their shoes might have some adjustments to the men’s shoes. 

Since women of the same height as a man tend to be lighter running shoes have a lighter midsole. But this mostly applies to the big brands like Puma, Nike etc. Since they research the stuff they improve their shoe and the prices are premium as well.

Best running shoes for women in India
But for all other brands the running shoes for both genders are similar except for some pink color 🙂

If you want to know then here are the Types of running shoes and a Buying Guide!

[LIST] best running shoes for women in India

  1. Bourge Women’s Micam-102 Running Shoes
  2. Asian Women’s Modern Shoes
  3. Sparx Women SL-88 Sports Shoes
  4. Nike Women’s WMNS Revolution 4 Running Shoes
  5. Reebok Women’s Fast Motion Run Lp Shoes
  6. Power Women’s Seattle Running Shoes
  7. ASICS Women’s Comutora Running Shoes
  8. Adidas Women’s Runfalcon Running Shoes
  9. Skechers Women’s Go Run 600-spectra Shoes

This is a list not meant for professional runners out there, this is more of a general recommendation to the gym goer, semi-pro women runners or the treadmill runner.

And if you are looking for these – 

best running shoes for women in Indiabest running shoes for women beginners
best running shoes for women with high arches
best running shoes for women with knee pain
best running shoes for women with wide feet
best running shoes for women over 50

Then No 4, No 5, No 8, No 9 may help. But for best get a professional opinion and then buy the shoes, do not believe in the general information available on serious illness online.

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[REVIEW] best running shoes for women in India

Bourge Women’s Micam-102 Running Shoes

Bourge Running Shoes

Why should You Buy this?

If you want a cool-looking cycle with thick tires then this is a budget option for those. This single speed bicycle in India fits well under 5000 INR budget easily!

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Do not let that pink color fool you. This is a good shoe for treadmill running, walking in the park, and casual walking/jogging.

There is no lace-up system which is good for tightening up the shoe for a better fit. But this is a slip-on system which is good for quick wear and off.

So if you plan on high-speed sprints then do not buy it.

The shoe top is mesh covered for good airflow and the sole is made from Ethylene Vinyl acetate. This makes this shoe very lightweight.

Can Running Shoes Be Used for Trekking

The inner sole also has some sort of foam for cushioning.

Top Features to Look for!

  • Mesh Upper
  • Slip on feature
  • Lightweight sole


  • Easy to wear thus good for a quick walk around the park.
  • Can jog sometimes with the lightweight sole but not for long.
  • Looks good for normal outings like movies also.

Does running make you skinnier?


Not good for daily runs or heavy sprints of jumps.

Asian Women’s Modern Shoes

Asian Women Running Shoes

Why should You Buy this?

Although the EVA sole might slip on titles if you try to run on them overall this is a great shoe to be used inside a gym and on roads.

I would say that you should not use it on roads that are mostly even and not slippery.

The cushion and support that this shoe provides are good for a daily commute and short runs or jogging with treadmill work.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Asian creates many budget-oriented shoes for the Indian market. They both make many styles of running shoes for women. 

This shoe can be used indoors or outdoors or for daily travel also.

This Asia running shoe has a soft inside with a mesh top. Mesh allows air to travel and makes the shoe breathable.

The shape of the shoe is the most trusted one with little extra heel for better support and cushion.

Unlike slip-on shoes, these shoes have a lace-up system so it can be tightened as you see fit.

This is a better system if you want to run or jog. This way the shoe will not fall off your leg.

Best running shoes in India under 1000

Top Features to Look for!

  • Air cushion technology
  • Lace-up closure
  • Soft foam inside
  • Lightweight EVA foam sole


  • Can be used outdoors
  • Can be used for short traveling
  • Good for usual gym workouts
  • Mesh on top allows for breathability
  • Good feature if compared with the price.


Not for heavy jumps, or sprints. There is not much cushion of sole grip to do those activities safely. And these are not anti-skid so using them on a slippery surface is not a good idea.

Can running shoes be used for gym

Sparx Women SL-88 Sports Shoes

Best running shoes for women in India 1

Why should You Buy this?

If you are a causal runner or use a treadmill for home then this is a good buy. If you use it for heavy use then the sole will burn out far quickly.

Otherwise this is a good shoe for a women for jogging, daily travels etc.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Sparx makes quality shoes for both men and women and within budget. Sparx women SL-88 shoe is focused on running. It has a good sole with grip and good inside.

The closure is lace up which is necessary for a better fit. It will not slip when you run or jump. 

But note with daily running the shoe will take a toll on its health. And this also not a waterproof shoe.

This one of the best running shoes for women in India have soft inside with medium width.

Skechers Gorun ride 9 Review

Top Features to Look for!

  • Lace up closure for better fit.
  • Good grip
  • Comfortable inside
  • Breathable mesh material


  • The breathable material on top allows enough airflow to cool down a foot.
  • Shoe is very comfortable to wear.
  • Can be used as a regular shoe as well.
  • Good for outdoor runs but not waterproof.


  • Not for weight lifting.
  • Not for rainy days and on slippery floors.
  • Have to buy one size larger.

Nike Women’s WMNS Revolution 4 Running Shoes

Nike Women Running Shoes in India

Why should You Buy this?

Unless you get a copy product this shoe is really good. This has a good cushion and soft inside to make your feet comfortable.

And you will get a good running experience with this one. This is one the best running shoes for women by Nike.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Here is a low profile minimal running shoe by Nike. This shoe has excellent breathability with a good sole that has good grip.

The closure system is lace up so you can safely do jumps and runs without having to think about the shoe flying off your feet.

The shoe width is medium which is suitable for most people.

This Nike womens shoe provides a good cushion and support but it is for the usual feet. Meaning not for flat feet or the feets with overarch.

Top Features to Look for!

  • Mesh upper material
  • Lightweight sole.
  • Comfortable inside material


  • Really comfortable shoes to wear.
  • The mesh upper makes this shoe breathable.
  • Good foam made sole with good grip.


  • Not waterproof
  • Not for marathons.

Reebok Women’s Fast Motion Run Lp Shoes

Reebok Women sports shoe

Why should You Buy this?

This shoe is great for usual runs and walks, it will be able to perform at these levels easily.

And it has good comfort and a sole to match. But rainy days and slippery tiles will be a downside but for most of the shoes those are a downside.

But for outside runs, this is a good shoe to have for women in India.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Having used one reebok LP shoes I can tell you these are good running shoes and good as casual wear also.

But for heavy weight lifting you should consider weight lifting shoes only.

This Reebok shoe has a semi high ankle for support and ease of wearing. The closure is lace up and it makes sure that your feet fits perfectly.

The upper material has a mesh for air flow since from running your feet will get sweaty. The sole is made from foam and has moderate to good grip on all type of floors.

Also the sole is thick enough to provide some support.

Top Features to look for!

  • Good sole with cushion
  • Soft inside
  • Synthetic Mesh upper


  • Very lightweight and upper material.
  • Good mesh upper material yet tough as normal usages.
  • Good shock absorption for novice user for short run and jogs.


None, unless you get a copy product.

Power Women’s Seattle Running Shoes

women running shoe bata

Why should You Buy this?

If you want reliable running shoes for women then this is a good choice if you are going to take these shoes for jogging, treadmills runs etc.

You can use this for office and college as well but not for running on rough terrain or marathon running.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

This is a bata shoe for womens which is one of the budget best running shoes for women in India. The Power brand of bata is a brand that target sporty people and helps them with good performing running shoes.

These shoes are basic and not for professional usages but for the rest of them these are long lasting shoes.

These Power Women’s Seattle running shoes are a good choice if you want something durable yet low in price.

These are slip on closure in nature thus not suitable for speedy runs and sprints or jumps. But for a lazy stroll around the neighbourhood or jogging.

And although it has a slip on closure still it fits quite okay.

The upper material looks like a mesh type material but is actually canvas type. This makes the shoe more durable but not breathable.

The sole is made from foam with some grips and the heel type is flat.

Top Features to look for!

  • Good insole and sole material.
  • Durable shoe body.
  • Slip on closure feature.


  • Easy to wear and go.
  • Good grip on floors and streets.
  • Durable material.


  • Not all models are made perfectly. Some shoes might have sole issues.
  • Not for sprints or marathon type of runners.

ASICS Women’s Comutora Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Comutora Running Shoes

Why should You Buy this?

If you are looking for stylish and usable running shoes for multiple purposes then get this.

This will not replace your powerlifting shoes or marathon shoes but for everything else this is a good choice..

Check the top reasons to buy below!

I like this shoe for the sole that it has and with the heel support this is a good shoe for women for running.

It has a lace up closure for a perfect fit.

Also the mesh type synthetica material allows some air flow into the shoe and gives relief from the heat.

And the inside of the shoe is also very comfortable to wear for long hours. The sole is also light so it is easy to move around while wearing ASICS running shoes for women.

Like many of the shoes on this list, this is also not for hardcore running but most suitable for jogging, treadmill workouts etc.

Top Features to Look for!

  • Good sole material.
  • Soft inside
  • Good heel support
  • Lace up closure


  • Comfortable enough to wear for long sessions.
  • Good upper material.
  • Thick sole.


None if used for jogging, treadmill, exercise cycle or or short sprints. Not good for marathons or running on uneven surfaces.

Adidas Women’s Runfalcon Running Shoes

Adidas Women running shoes

Why should You Buy this?

This adidas women’s running shoe is a good model with heel support and rubber outer sole.

Where the heel support and cushion will absorb the impact, the rubber sole will provide better grip on the running surface

Check the top reasons to buy below!

This is one of the best running shoes for women in India for a few reasons. For one is that it has some extended heel support.

Also the sole is made from rubber and has a good grip. This Adidas womens shoe also has a mesh upper. Mesh upper is not so thin and is durable for normal usages.

There is some arch support in the sole but nothing much for flat feets. For normal feets this would do just fine.

Top Features to Look for!

  • The shoe is lightweight 
  • Upper material is made from a combination of synthetic, leather and mesh like material.
  • Rubber outer sole with good grip.


  • Combination upper material of different materials makes the shoe durable and breathable so good for longer usages.
  • The sole is lightweight thus it does not weigh you down.
  • Rubber sole has a good grip


Some items are just copied otherwise there are no such cons as long as you use this shoe for the intended usages.

Skechers Women’s Go Run 600-spectra Shoes

Skechers Women runnign shoe

Why should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a well balanced shoe for running or jogging then this is a good shoe to buy. It has a good sole with support and grip. And the shoe inside is also very good.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Skechers is known for good quality sports usage shoes and this shoe is a good one for womens.

These running shoes for women have good grip on the ground with proper breathability.

The sole of the shoe is made from rubber and will help with absorbing the shocks from running. The closure is lace up, which will take some time to wear but it will be a great fit. With proper fit, running will be made easy.

The shoe also will feel comfortable when wearing for a long time. The inside of the shoe has some kind of foam in it.

Top Features to Look for!

  • Lightweight body
  • Rubber sole with good grip
  • Upper mesh body


  • Well balanced shoes with good build quality.
  • The shoe has a good rubber sole which is soft and provides a good grip.
  • Very comfortable to wear.


  • Pricier than other shoes.
  • If you get an original then there should be no cons at all.

Buying Guide for the best running shoes for women in India

Price: Indian market is price sensitive and for the best running shoes for women in India there is no change. The general purpose running shoes cost anywhere between 450- 1.5 k INR. But the most well made and durable running shoes are around 2.5k or more. These are made by well known sports brands like Puma, Adidas etc.

Comfort: The inside of the shoes should be soft and not hard. Otherwise it could result in blisters often, due to your running. And without a soft inner sole the shoe will be really uncomfortable.

Sole: Many shoes lose the sole due to bad glue and stitches. And if the sole is too hard or too soft then that would not work either. Too hard shoe soles will lose grip and too soft soles will be worn out quickly. Usually a rubber shoe is better due to its hard yet soft nature. And these soles will have maximum grip on the floor or streets as well.

Feet Support: These shoes will not have excellent arch support or heel support but these will do the job. If you need more support then you have to look for the specialized shoes by brands like adidas, reebok etc. Otherwise for a good feet these shoes should provide enough support so the feet stays healthy and gets less injuries

Research on running

Types of running Shoes

Neutral Shoes: These are the common shoes with basic cushion, arch support. This shoes are the common shoe type best for those who do not have any significant mobility issues with the ankle or feet.

Stability Shoe: The shoes are for those who need more arch support. Without these shoes running with flat feet could be dangerous. 

Motion Control Shoe: These shoes have thick foam cushion and sole to prevent injuries. And these shoes are for only those who have severe pronation of the feet.

Bare feet shoe: These are a very unique shoe design with places for toe and other fingers. These shoes bring you closer to the ground and are very natural like barefoot. And these have good cushioning to protect the feet as well.

Benefits of Running Shoes

Improve Performance: if someone is buying a running shoe then they are looking for improvement in their running, safety and comfort. And all these will improve the overall running performance of yours. A running shoe unlike other shoes have more cushioning, better air flow and feet design geared towards forward and backward movement. A good running shoe will improve your performance.

Run Safely: Since the design of the running shoes allows cushioning and shock absorbing materials, this makes the running experience more safer. Without the cushion your knee is subject to more danger. In the worst case scenario you might get knee pain and that will hurt you for a long time.

Comfortability: A soft shoe inside is always desirable for running. Soft foam insoles are best in this case but are costly. Some shoes are so good at using the mesh upper that sweat does not pile up in it and cause the smelling bacterias. More comfortable wearing the shoe, the more it will be beneficial for overall feet health and running.

Multi purpose: A running shoe for women can also be used for daily travel like to the college or office. But a running shoe is a bad choice in case of powerlifting. But for other outdoor works such as commuting, jog etc this type of shoe works perfectly.

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