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With running I realized I need three things, three best supplements for runners. One is whey protein powder for runners, second is post workout recovery drink and thirdly you need high calorie drinks. I was skinny and very quickly I understood that long distance is a big NO. But short dashes on the fields were good.

I know you are looking for the best protein powder for runners but you can also consider these best weight gainers for skinny guys here. Why I am saying this, as running is a very calorie demanding task and you will need something to get you going. Weight gainers can act as post workout shakes also.

Best Protein Powder For Runners In India

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List of the best protein powder for runners in India

  1. Advance MuscleMass Raw Whey Protein Isolate 90%
  2. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Isolate Whey
  3. Dymatize Elite Casein


But note that I am not a pro runner or anything but as per me best protein powder for runners in India should be whey isolate. If you are running either you are looking to enhance your stamina or trying to lose weight. Whey isolate blends are of low calorie and generally costly.

If you are not that calorie conscious then you can chose a whey concentrate. 

If your budget does not permit then you can drink creatine and caffeine as supplement and eat natural protein rich food like egg, fish, chicken etc. Vegans can try soybean, daal, cheese.

There are soya protein powder and pea and rice protein powder, these are somewhat similarly priced like whey protein but not that good as whey. So you can always chose whey isolate as best protein powder for runners in India.

Best supplements for runners were divided by FOUR clear categories. 

Here are some more relevant supplements and equipment that might help you running faster and safer!

Like any other sports, running is a demanding sport. For recovery you must have a protein source, preferably that would be a whey protein. You can pick the one above or if you are on a budget then you can pick from the list of best whey under 1000 INR.

You can also go for mass gainers but if you can create a shake with protein, milk, fruits then stick to whey.

Another best supplements for runners is casein, you can take casein anytime of the day but if you are running regularly then take casein at bedtime. Casein is slow releasing and will heal your muscles while you sleep.

Here are the best protein powders for runners in India –

Advance MuscleMass Raw Whey Protein Isolate 90%

Best protein powder for runners in India 1Best protein powder for runners in India 2

This a very value for money whey protein isolate which can give you 29.3 gram of whey protein protein before running or you can also use for protein for runners recovery. Either way it can be a great source of protein to keep your muscles from breaking up.

Since it is an isolate, it is a great choice for those runners who have milk allergies. 

There also no added sugar to the blend.

Also it has all the essential amino acids and BCAA to support recovery. I would suggest you take the unflavoured version and make the type of protein shake that you would like.

All in all it is one of the best protein powders for runners in India.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Isolate Whey

Best protein powder for runners in India 3Best protein powder for runners in India 4

ON whey Isolates are costly and really of great quality. There are some issues with forging but the protein tastes good, mixes well and gives results.

This is also an isolated so that you can drink protein without much calories and allergens. 

And on is one of the companies, that many sports athletes use.

Per serving you get 24 gram of whey isolate, 5 grams of BCAA, 4 grams of glutamine. All these are geared towards muscle building and recovery.

Here are some top features of ON isolate – 

  • Hydrolysed & ultra-filtered whey protein isolate
  • 0 gram of sugar (Vanilla 1 gram)
  • At least 80% protein per serving
  • Delicious taste in 180 to 240 ml of cold water
  • 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs
  • 4.3 grams of naturally occurring glutamine & glutamic acid
  • 11.4 grams of naturally occurring essential amino acids


Dymatize Elite Casein

Best protein powder for runners in India 5Best protein powder for runners in India 6

This a casein protein from a reputed brand Dymatize, casein is best use for in between meals and at bed time. Casein is slow releasing protein so it can feed your tired leg muscles with protein for a long time.

Also if you are into running long distance or even run at treadmill for a longer period of time then casein protein can help.

With each serving you get 25 gram of protein, 5.5 gram BCAA, 2.3 gram Leucine, 130 calories and it is gluten free.

Best supplements for runners in India

Fast&Up Pre Workout Supplement – Sports training

Best protein powder for runners in India 7Best protein powder for runners in India 8

Fast&UP have some great pre workout blends, and this one has many nutrients besides the caffeine boost that you need before running. With each serving of 10 gram you get Beaine, Caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, taurine, vitamin C, B6, B12 and also Niacin, Folic Acid.

If you are not into caffeine then you can check something like –

Advance Nutratech Pre Workout Energy Drink Caffeine Free

Best protein powder for runners in India 9Best protein powder for runners in India 10

This has no caffeine but has enough glutamine, L-cantine, Arginine, Citrulline.

And if you really need caffeine and you run in the mornings then just drink a good cup of coffee!


Plix Strength Vegan Post Workout Plant Protein

Best protein powder for runners in India 9Best protein powder for runners in India 10

This is vegan protein blend with no whey or casein. I like to think after workout or running a great meal or a great protein shake is needed. You can easily create something different tasting protein shake which is all vegan.

Or you can just whey, whey protein goes with any shake but if you have choice whey + pre workout drinks before running then you can look for another source of protein.

Note, this has tomato seeds, if you are allergic to tomato like me then avoid this. 

I would add this to some fruits, throw in some oats and blend in for great post workout shake after running.

Doctor’s Choice EAA

Best protein powder for runners in India 9Best protein powder for runners in India 10

If you are carrying water that is not muscleblaze protein water, then you can mix this type of amino acid into the water you carry on yoru run. It will keep you replenished with those EAAs while you are working hard.

Ritebite Max Protein Daily Choco Almond Bars

Protein bars are good for runners, as they are lightweight, easy to carry healthy food. Just in mid run or immediately after your lap you can take a bite and get some healthy protein and carbs into your system.

Rite bite has good taste you can pick other protein bars also.

Post workout Recovery Supplements for runners

Any general post workout recovery would do, you will need the Essential amino acids, BCAA, Electrolytes. You can also look for something extra like glutamine, creatine, L-carnitine in it.

Pre Workout Supplement for Runners

Almost all Fast&UP supplement would work, they have good formula of caffeine and electrolytes and other minerals to get you going for the mile run or more. If you are not into caffeine then you might want to look for caffeine free.

And as usual try to drink sugar free drinks.

Supplements for running faster

Caffeine and nitrate. You can simply drink coffee or take a pre workout supplement that has caffeine. And creatine is also know to increase performance so you can take that also. 

How much protein do you need for running?

Whey protein is one of the best supplements for runners, and like any other athletes you will need around 1.5 gram to 1.8 gram of protein per kg.

Whey protein before running works better?

Well, if you are not full and have no issues with running then you can car drink whey before running. Whet absorbs in your body faster thus it might help in faster recovery. But you should aim to get required amount of protein throughout the day.

And at bed time you can also eat casein to repair your muscles while you rest.

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