Best MTB cycles in India under 20000 that you can buy Online

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The available best mountain bikes in India under 20000 are a good buy if you are buying online.

But while offline you can get rid of the hassle of assembling and get a test ride as well.

But one advantage of buying the best mtb cycles in India under 20000 gives discounts.

Check our tiny buying guide!

Best mountain bikes in India under 20000

  1. Firefox Bikes Nexus-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle
  2. Firefox Maximus 29D MTB cycles in India
  3. 29 INCH Mountain Bicycle CRADIAC-Fully Fitted
  4. Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T MTB
  5. GOAL Cycle MTB PRO-Series 29 Inch 21 Speed
  6. LightSpeed Glyd MTB with Aluminium Frame
  7. Vaux X Mount 27.5T Adult MTB with 18″ Alloy Frame
  8. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle 
  9. Geekay Hashtag mountain bike India

Other Great choices of Best mtb cycles in India under 20000

Here are some cycle models that are not available in popular online stores but I have heard good things about them.

And I also personally like these MTB and they are from reputed brands.

Roadeo A50

Mid-range trail MTB with 21-speed gear. This will help with riding uphill fast. Also, it has dual disc brakes as a safety feature.

Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle

Costlier model than the Roadeo A50 but has only rear disc brakes. But it has great tires for commuting fast. 

Montra Rock 1.0 27.5 MTB Cycle

This MTB bike has fat tires and aluminum-made frames. It is a multipurpose MTB bike.

Reviews of the Best mountain bikes in India under 20000

Firefox Bikes Nexus-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle

firefox mountain bike price in India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a great ride every day in your city then this is the first and best mtb cycle in India under 20000 INR.

There are no gears and the frame is made of steel it is meant to be ridden on city streets and not off-road every day,

But occasionally you can take on the battle as well.

Firefox bikes are on the top when it comes to MTB or road bikes. And although not many models are available on amazon, this one fits most of our budgets.

Top Features:

  • Dual disc brakes (Jak 7)
  • 27.5T wheel size
  • 17 inches frame size (hardtail)
  • Zoom suspension Fork
  • Steel frame
  • Crankset is of 40T steel and 170mm
  • Supported Rider height: 5.5 feet to 5.9 feet
  • Comes with reflectors on both wheels


  • Comes with 85% pre-assembled. Comes with installation tools as well.
  • The ideal height is 5.5 feet so it will suit most of us.
  • The steel frame is well-made and very durable.
  • The dual alloy disc brakes provide good security and stopping power.
  • Many accessories are available.
  • Single-speed gear so less time spent on maintenance.
  • Ideal for comfortable city riding and good for all types of roads as urban roads well.


  • No gears so going uphill will be tough.
  • The steel frame is sturdy but heavy.

Check all these FireFox Cycles under 10000 here!

Firefox Maximus 29D MTB

Firefox Maximus MTB cycle in India

Why Should You Buy this?

Although the price fluctuates you can get this bike if you are going to go off-road every now and then.

This is a durable and reliable mountain bike available in India.

I am sure it will enhance your mountain biking experience!

Firefox Maximus 29D MTB is a hardtail MTB suitable for versatile riding options. If you live in a city then you have to check the hardtail versions always.

Top Features:

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Kenda 29-inch tires
  • Double alloy rims
  • Suntour XCT hydraulic fork
  • Tektro mechanical disk brakes
  • Shimano tourney shifter: Shimano Altus EF500 3X8 S / Microshift TS39 3X8 S


  • If you want one of the best mountain bikes from Firefox then this is it.
  • Comes with very reliable and durable brakes, cranksets, shifters, rim, and wheels.
  • Since it is a hardtail you can ride both offroad and on road.
  • With smooth gear shifting you can take on rough mountain terrains as well.


  • Really costly.
  • Unless you live in mountain areas, or hills and not planning on going on regular off-road adventures like 4 days per week of mountain trails, you can skip this best mountain bike under 20k in India.

29 INCH Mountain Bicycle CRADIAC-Fully Fitted

Mountain Bicycle CRADIAC

Why Should You Buy this?

Cardiac team is very responsive and careful of the buyers. They are known for sending replacement parts or bearing the costs if any parts fail after purchase.

Also, this MTB cycle comes also installed and provides a good riding experience.

It is suitable for city rides and bad roads and not for extreme off-road adventures.

Can cycling shoes make you faster with these MTBs?

This is a 29inch mountain cycle which comes fully fitted. This a capable MTB with stylish looks for versatile usages.

Top Features:

  • 18-inch MTB Steel frame.
  • Single Speed gear system.
  • Dual disc brakes.
  • 44 teeth crankset
  • Double alloy rim
  • Wide handlebar
  • Comes as almost installed.
  • 29-inch wheel size.


  • Less time is spent on fitting the cycle.
  • Durable enough for long rides and some off-road.
  • Dual disc brakes will immediately stop you when used. Extra security is always better.
  • Wide handlebars are also great for some people but some may not like them.
  • The steel frame is strong and comes with good color combinations.
  • 21-speed gear can be added to this bike if you ever need it.


  • Not for uphill rides.
  • Not for frequent off-road rides.

Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T MTB

Firefox Bikes Cyclone MTB bike

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a great MTB bike for city rides and fight against bad road conditions then this MTB hardtail cycle is a great fit.

Be mindful that this well-designed bike has 24-inch wheels so it is not for tall people. But for the rest of us, it is a treat, it is one of the most comfortable bikes under 20k.

Firefox Cyclone is another best MTB cycle under 20k in India. It comes with 2 color variants and similar features between two.

Top Features:

  • This Firefox Bike is a good option for people with short height or for children of age around 12 years.
  • Min rider height 4 feet 6 inches, max rider height 5 feet 6 inches.
  • The 24T size is suitable for teens.
  • The frame is made from aluminum alloy thus it is lightweight.
  • Hardtail MTB frame.
  • V brakes
  • Front fork suspension.
  • Two reflectors at wheels.
  • 21-speed gear options


  • Good for children with good height or for people with a shorter height range.
  • Comes with a lightweight frame so it can be easily handled.
  • The hardtail MTB frame also makes this bike good for city rides.
  • There is also a 21-speed gear option to go against bumpy roads or uphill.
  • The front suspension and brakes work well enough for all types of terrains.


  • Costly.
  • NO disc brakes at this price point.

GOAL Cycle MTB PRO-Series 29 Inch 21 Speed


Why Should You Buy this?

If you often ride your bike on the city streets and ride on bumpy roads then this MTB cycle will be great for you.

It is a versatile cycle that comes with dual disc brakes, great tires and frame.

Don’t have 20k to spend for a cycle? Here are some outdoor cycles under 6k INR!

GOAL Cycle MTB PRO-Series is a geared cycle that comes 85% assembled and packs good quality.

Top Features:

  • Carbon steel frame material
  • 29-inch wheel size.
  • 21-speed gear combination
  • Alloy rim
  • Tires with good traction
  • Tires are puncture resistant
  • Dual disc brake
  • Dual suspension


  • This MTB cycle in India comes with 85% assembled. So you can just attach the pedals and go.
  • The 29-inch wheel size is suitable for taller people.
  • The 21-speed combination is also available and it will help with riding uphill and on rough terrains. Urban roads should not be a problem.
  • The alloy rims and tires are great. Tires are puncture resistance, a needed feature for Indian roads.
  • Double disc brakes are also given and these work great to stop the cycle quickly.
  • Ideal for mountain biking experience and suitable for all types of terrains.


Not much going on for this MTB in India.

LightSpeed Glyd MTB with Aluminium Frame

LightSpeed Glyd MTB with Aluminium Frame

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for an MTB-style bike for city rides then this bike will be a good fit.

This is one of the most affordable mountain bikes to get under 20k INR.

LightSpeed Glyd MTB comes with an aluminum frame so it is a lightweight frame for some off-road and city rides.

Top Features:

  • Comes 95% assembled
  • Comes with 7-speed gear shifters
  • Dual disc brakes
  • The aluminum frame which is rust-free and lightweight
  • Suitable for height from 5 feet 4 to 6 feet.
  • Premium 13G spokes
  • Double alloy rim wheels
  • Can bear 120kgs if body weight.


  • Comes almost assembled so you do not need to spend much time here.
  • The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • The disc brakes are a great addition to stopping immediately to avoid any danger.
  • The required height range is also great for Indian men.


Many do not like the gear system.

Vaux X Mount 27.5T Adult MTB with 18″ Alloy Frame

Vaux X Mount MTB bike India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are into trying out an aluminum frame MTB for city rides then this can be a good choice.

It has a 21-speed gear and is versatile.

Here is an aluminum frame MTB bike for adults which provides good features at a cost.

Top Features:

  • 27.5 wheel size
  • Aluminum frame
  • Mountain bar handle
  • 85% assembled
  • 21-speed gear
  • Suitable for height from 5 feet 6 inches


  • 21-speed gear combination will help with riding uphill or on rough roads.
  • Comes almost assembled.
  • Suitable for taller people.
  • The lightweight frame is easy to handle.
  • Versatile MTB bike for city rides.


So far there are very few users and the feedback is neutral.

Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Fireffoxgrunge MTB India under 20k

Why Should You Buy this?

Firefox is a big brand when it comes to MTB bikes.

And this model is a great model for teens and people with shorter heights.

This model is heavier due to the steel frame but is very durable.

A similar model is Firefox Bikes Nexus-D, but it has dual disc brakes. That is what the D means, I believe. 

Firefox grunge is a 27.5T mountain cycle with disc brakes and it is made for adults.

Top Features:

  • 27,5 T wheel size
  • Frame size 17 inches
  • Unisex model
  • Spur Suspension Fork
  • Alloy disc brakes
  • Steel hardtail frame
  • Single speed gear


  • Less hassle on maintenance since it is a single-gear cycle
  • Unisex model
  • Suitable for people above 13 years
  • The suspension fork is ok
  • And the disc brakes are good too
  • Hardtail steel frame which is durable.
  • This steel frame is also versatile.


  • Heavy frame.

Geekay Hashtag mountain bike India

Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bike India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after lightweight road bikes then this is a great buy.

It is not for off-roads but will work on damaged city roads/ urban roads easily for bike riders.

This Geekay cycle is the most basic model among other cycles in this budget. 

Geekay makes budget MTB-styled road bikes with various wheel sizes.

Top Features:

  • 27.5 and 29-inch frame size
  • 17-inch frame
  • Suitable for height from 5.7 feet to 6 feet
  • 85% pre-installed
  • 150kg rider weight capacity
  • Has dual disc brakes.


  • Available in two-wheel sizes.
  • 150kg user weight supported.
  • Comes with 85% pre-installed
  • Lightweight body.
  • Good colors and pedals.


  • Suitable for only city rides.
  • No Shimano Gear or any gear at all.

Mountain bike vs road bike

If you want to ride where the ground is uneven and mostly uphill then get the mountain bike. Here the road is a bad choice. But on flat surfaces like streets, the road bike moves faster and is more versatile than a mountain bike.

Not much competition here.

Road bike vs mountain bike for exercise

Mountain bikes are heavy and usually ride on uneven roads and uphill, it is more suitable for building muscle. And road bikes are light and fast and are more suited to cardio. Since you can speed up really quickly with a road bike.

Road bike vs mountain bike speed

Road bikes will be faster if you ride them on the streets. These bikes are meant to be used to go to places and go faster saving time. Weather as the mountain bike is meant to ride off roads so it will not be as faster as a road bike.

Hybrid or mountain bike for a child

A hybrid bike will be the best choice for a child. It will allow the child to paddle faster and have better control. I would go against buying an MTB for the child.

Mountain bikes are heavy and not ideal for all types of surface conditions. Whereas hybrid bikes are easy to ride, easy to control, and versatile.

It never gets easier, you just go faster

Greg LeMond

Buying guide – Best mTB cycle India

MTB type: If you are an MTB geek then you would want to get the best mountain bike that suits your needs. And there are various types of mountain bikes. You can opt for a trail bike, cross-country bike, fat tires, downhill bike or all mountain bikes.

If you are in doubt then go talk to a professional and a trail bike is never a wrong choice.

Frame Size: The frame size has to be the right size otherwise the handle size, and distance to the ground will feel off.

You can judge it more by doing a test drive first.

Frame Material: The frame material of an MTB decided the weight, strength, overall quality, and price. Usually, you will get aluminum alloy build mountain bikes and this is enough. But there are carbon fiber and titanium-made mtb bike frames as well.

Carbon fiber frame material is the most common and second low-cost frame item. Steel is the cheapest but heavy. And carbon fiber, titanium is lightweight but very costly.

Wheel Size: 27.5 in. (650b) is the most common choice and probably the best wheel size. But there are bigger wheel sizes and smaller wheel sizes as well.

The 24-inch is the smallest and most often used in kid’s MTB bikes.

Weight: I would not recommend buying a steel frame as it will be heavier. But go for the common aluminum alloy which is not costly yet low weight. But if you want absolutely low weight then go for a carbon fiber body.

Suspension: Full suspension is the better and costlier option but for the middle ground and budget saving you can get the hardtail suspensions. It is better than the rigid but not the full suspension.

Gears: Gears are essential if you are going uphill and you will save a lot of energy. And riding at high speed and saving energy is a good combo.

Brakes: Disc brakes are the best option and another higher version is the hydraulic variations. And the most low-cost option is the cable brakes but requires more maintenance as it is more prone to wear and tear. Dual disk brakes are often costly though.

Price: These cyckes are costly and you should judge for superior quality cycle under your price range.

To get the most bang out of the bucks, I would look for reputed cycle makers, sturdy aluminium alloy frame/Carbon frame,  minimum height, attractive frame design for protection and check bicycle gear price.

Most of the cyclces do not have any accessories like rear reflectors, mud guard etc. You have to buy them separately.

If you also want some features like mechanical disc brakes, 21-speed Shimano tourney gear sets then the price will be much higher as well.

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