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The Kamachi and the Powermax fitness mft-410 are the best manual treadmills in India for home use. However, I would stay away from the best manual treadmill in India due to knee issues. Yes, if you put too much force into the Manual treadmill belt then it will not be good for your knees.

But on the other hand for walking and light jogging manual treadmill with an incline is okay! One key advantage of the manual treadmill for home is the cost. You can get a manual treadmill under 10,000 and will see a manual treadmill under 15000Also if you can get some deals then you will surely be able to get your hands on manual treadmills under 5000!

Before diving deep into the manual treadmills of India consider the differences between the manual and motorized treadmills here.

Best manual treadmill in India

And also the sole advantages of the manual treadmills here.

Our Best manual treadmill in India

Manual Treadmill in India for HomeWeight Capacity
Kamachi 6 in 1 Manual Multipurpose Treadmill with Electric Vibrator (Best Featured)105 kg
Powermax fitness mft-410 4in1 manual treadmill (My Recommendation)120 kg
Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe manual treadmill (Best Overall)105 kg
Kamachi 4 in 1 manual treadmill80- 100 kg
Cockatoo Imported 4 in 1 Manual Treadmill80- 100 kg
Cosco CTM 510 Manual Treadmill110 kg
Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill105 kg
Kobo MT-101 Steel Manual Treadmill110 kg
Progear 190 manual treadmill India120 kg

Maybe unlike me you will find the benefits of manual treadmills more appealing over the motorised treadmills. Also check out the list of the best treadmill in India.

Note: Unless you are young and have no knee pain or other problems then you can go for manual treadmills in India.

I personally would not recommend manual treadmills to elderly and to those who have some joint pain.

See our comparison of manual and motorised treadmills and manual treadmill buying guides.

By the way I do not consider most of the manual treadmills as the best manual treadmill for running in India. Too much risk, too little reward. But if you want to walk these are good. See the complete reviews below.

Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe best manual treadmill in India

Actually, if you look around then you may find the best treadmill under 15000 INR in India. Here are the best sites to buy gym equipment in India.

Kamachi 6 in 1 Manual Multipurpose Treadmill with Electric Vibrator (Best Featured)

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 19 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 2

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Final Verdict: Assembling is not easy and you have to do it yourself. But you can use 6 workouts in one machine and it also saves a lot of space.

Manufacturer Kamachi has some high end treadmills in their bad and this is one of them. And this is still a manual treadmill in India highly suitable for home for long time use.

This awesome treadmill is perfect for home users because it has 

  • Treadmill
  • Stepper
  • Twister
  • Push up bar
  • Toning Tube
  • Vibrator massager

And this treadmill is foldable so you can keep it at corner while not using and save a lot of space. This also have wheels for transportation.

Since this is a pricey manual treadmill it has some workout modes. The display can track distance covered, speed, time, calories burned.

This also have a hand pulse so you can track your heart rate.

Max user weight is 105 kg which is plenty and there is also a 3 level manual incline to make your workouts more effective. The manual treadmill belt is also comfortable.

Note that to run the vibrator massager you would need electricity and a stabiliser.

Powermax fitness mft-410 4in1 manual treadmill (My Recommendation)

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 39 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 4

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Final Verdict: The surface is wide enough to run but do not do it more often, after all it is still a manual treadmill. But a well built one. This is definitely one of the best manual treadmills in India to buy.

Popular treadmill maker brand powermax has an offering at manual treadmills and it is really a great one. This powermax MFT-410 model has treadmill, push up bar, stepper and twister as 4 in 1 feature.

They have good experience at making treadmills and this manual treadmill is one of the best manual treadmills in India. It has good material used all over and has 3 incline supports which are manual. MFT-410 also has 4 workout modes which may help you burn more calories and loose fat.

The tracking features of this treadmill is also good, you can track speed, time, calories, distance, pulse. There is heart rate sensor at the handlebars and the max user weight is 120 kgs.

The treadmill is foldable so at your home when you are not using it you can store it away, it also has transportation wheels so that is easier to do.

Maxuser weight is 120 kg here so it is good for those who are suffering from unnecessary body weight. Also the overall treadmill built is very sturdy.

Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe manual treadmill (Best Overall)

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 59 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 6

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Final Verdict: The belt and roller material could be better, overall it is one the best budget treadmill in India.

Lifeline 4 in 1 manual treadmill has similar features to the kamachi manual treadmill but priced lower. This is on third place because the material used is somewhat lower quality than kamachi. But at this price point this is gold.

This has a stepper, twister, push up bar, long handle bars to hold on. This manual treadmill in India also has one LCD display to track calorie, distance, pulse etc.

The stepper and twister can help with toning lower body muscles. The walking area width is quite sufficient too. The push up bars can be used to dips and overall this treadmill is good for a small home gym.

Lifeline 4 in 1 also comes with 3 level of manual incline for calorie burn. The size of this treadmill is compact and occupies very less space. Also it has wheels so you can move it around to make space when not in use. The treadmill is 68 inches long and wide by 26 inches.

At very affordable cost this is good for small homes that intend to use a treadmill occasionally for walking. Max user weight is 110 kg which is perfectly fine and comes with 5 months warranty.

There is a combo offer of this manual treadmill that comes with a cycle and another variant have some curved handles.

Kamachi 4 in 1 manual treadmill

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 79 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 8

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Final Verdict: A high end manual treadmill which can be used for 4 workouts and good for home. It can be folded and use wheels to transport from one room to another. It is a bit pricey

Another multipurpose treadmill from Kamachi. This is a 4 in 1 treadmill with features like stepper, twister, push up bars. This has a max user weight of 105kgs. The stepper is hydraulic feature. It also has manual incline feature to make your workout more strenuous. This also can be folded and be stored when not in use.

The stepper can be used to train calves and thighs.

This manual treadmill is a premium one like the other and the overall material used is good quality. You have a 1 year frame warranty. The max user weight is 105 kgs.

The LCD display can be used to track speed, heart pule, time, distance and calorie burned.

The color and built quality is great and may be worth the price if you are into manual treadmills.

Like the other kamachi manual treadmill it also has a long handlebar. Also have other handle options.

Cockatoo Imported 4 in 1 Manual Treadmill

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 99 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 10

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Final Verdict: This is a low to mid range treadmill with apt features, good for weight loss workout and rehab.

Like the lifeline model this Cockatoo also has one similar offering in a similar price range. Many do prefer this model as Cockatoo has many other fitness equipment in the market. 

This includes the Running Platform, Stepper, Twister, Pushup Bars.

With this 4 in 1 manual treadmills you can workout your lower body and upper body as well. Also the additional stepper is great to do some more cardio weight loss workouts.

The cockatoo 4 in 1 manual treadmill has a LCD with which you can track speed, distance, calorie and heart rate. There is a pulse tracking feature.

As this treadmill does not take much space and can be folded it is good for small apartments.

And since there is no electricity requirement you can use it anytime.

Max user weight should be around 80 kgs.

They provide lifetime warranty on the frame and 1 year parts and labour warranty.

Cosco CTM 510 Manual Treadmill

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 119 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 12

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Final Verdict: Overall material used is good, does not make much sound. Definitely not good for running.

Cosco CTM 510 manual treadmill is a great choice to workout at home without spending the gym cost. The running area has the average length of 47 inch and width of 15 inch, so I would not suggest that you try to run on this.

But speed walking should be fine.

The 4 in 1 features are stepper, jogger, twister, push up bar. Over all these attachments look good and sturdy and you can do full body workouts to a limit using these.

Speaking of workouts, it comes with 3 level manual incline to make your workout more tough so that you spend more calories. While using the stepper you may grab the long foam covered handles bar for balance. 

There are multiple handle positions that you can use even when on the twister.

There are wheels to transport the treadmill when not in use, and the whole thing is foldable so you can keep it away to make more space.

Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 139 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 14

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Final Verdict: One of the most budget buy treadmills in India.

Another manual treadmill by lifeline makes the way to this list. This does not have any attachment like twister, steppers etc. This is a very simple manual treadmill that does not take much space and is very simple to assemble and use.

If you are someone who does not need 4 in 1 manual treadmills and have shortage of space at home then this is for you.

The display at the front can track speed, distance, calorie but not hear rate.

It has 3 level of manual incline and the cost is low to get started with your first treadmill. Like the other model this also has a self locking main frame so it does not move while its on incline.

Kobo MT-101 Steel Manual Treadmill

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 159 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 16

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Final Verdict: A good 4 in 1 manual treadmill for the price, good quality built and does not makes sound much.

KOBO is another known brand of sports and fitness equipment in India. Their MT-101 model is a good 4 in 1 manual treadmill suitable for single person home use.

This model is also not that costly and have a twister, stepper and push up bars. The lcd tracker can help you track time, distance, calories, pulse and speed. 

The full dimension is – 196 x 64.5 x 148 cm.

Build quality is good and can be used by a single person at home.

Progear 190 manual treadmill India

9 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 179 Best Manual treadmill in India [Home Use] 18

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Final Verdict: Buy this if you really want to have a minimal treadmill to use.

This treadmill can withstand upto 120kgs of max user weight and have a very minimalistic design. This manual treadmill can be foldable and have wheels for transportation. Overall steel body is grey and sturdy.

Despite of the simple look there is 2 incline at 6 and 10 degrees. The handlebars are long and foam coated so it can withstand the sweat and provide you with support.

The form factor is very small and easy to move around and great for small places.

You can run but better hold onto the handlebars, and some also felt that the incline is too high or steep. 

There is a tiny LCD counter that can count time, distance, speed.

There are no stepper to tone legs more, or push up bars or a twister to do some hip workouts, just the basic manual treadmill like it was meant to be.

What is a Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmills are mostly home gym exercise equipment for walking.

While motorized treadmills have a motor and require electricity to run the belt where you would run, the manual treadmill is all done by you. There is no electricity needed, neither is there a motor. You would need to push on the manual treadmill belt and it will roll and you can then walk on it. If you want to run then you better get motorized treadmills.

The faster you walk on the manual treadmill, the faster the roller will go. But usually this is very tiring and hurts the knees.

Manual treadmills usually come with a display but those are not high end as most of them are very budget friendly. Like all other treadmills this has a belt, roller and a metal frame just not the motor. 

How manual treadmill works

Since manual treadmills do not have any motors, you do all the moving to get the rollers working. There are the usual steel frame and a group of rollers and a thick rubbery layer where you would walk.

And since you are the one who is doing all the pushing if you want to go fast then you put more pressure on the knee joint. But there is a high chance that these manual treadmills will cost you more energy meaning you may burn more calories.

Manual Treadmill Advantages

  1. Low cost: If you are lucky you can even get one manual treadmill for home in india under 5k INR. Otherwise the cost hovers around 10-15k only. And that price range you get a well built manual treadmill. Which is great if you only want to speed walk/ walk at home.
  2. Space: Manual treadmills in India are smaller in size compared to the motorized treadmills. Some are even foldable.
  3. No Power: You power the manual treadmill belt so there is no motor thus no requirement of electricity. But some treadmill come with display which may require separate batteries.
  4. Burn calories: Usually manual treadmills burn more calories due to the fact you have to push really hard to get the roller going.
  5. Good for walking: Manual treadmills are good for walking, you decide the pace and just walk.

Manual Treadmill Disadvantages

  1. Run?: Sorry no running or preferably do not run. If you want you can but that will be more unhealthy.
  2. Joint Pain: Running even Walking on a manual treadmill is quite hard and takes a toll on the joints. Do not hurry or rush to walk on these treadmills.
  3. No tracking: Most manual treadmills have very minimum display and tracking features, you would better use a separate fitness band for this.
  4. Incline: Many models of manual treadmills do have incline feature which I would say puts the pressure on the joints more. But there is no auto incline feature.
  5. Build Quality: These are not as good quality like the motorised treadmills and are very lightweight.

Maintenance of a manual treadmill

Manual treadmills have very low maintenance, get manual treadmill belt oil and clean the manual treadmill belt clean and it will work. And off course do not keep it outside and away from water.

Buying Guide for Best manual treadmill in India For Home

Manual Treadmills in India are generally two types, 

  • Curved manual treadmill india

It has a curved platform, and this platform mimics the forward leaning position of our body when we speed up walking or running. It makes it a little easier to push forward on the treadmill.

  • Flat Belt Manual Treadmill

As the name suggests the platform is flat and this design is very common.

You can use either of the two, it really does not matter.

  • Cost: Since manual treadmills are cost effective weight loss equipment you can get them at low prices. Still if you see the cost is very near to their motorized counterparts then chose the motorised treadmills always.
  • Max user weight: Check the max supported user weight of the treadmill, generally manual treadmills can have upto 100kgs of weight or less. 
  • Size: If you have a small apartment or small place to set up a home gym then always check the length and width of the treadmill before buying.
  • Additional Features: Many manual treadmills are 4 in 1, they include stepper, twister etc. If you are into these then surely go for them.
  • Incline setting: They do not have auto incline features. But if they have incline features then you can consider that model. That manual treadmill would burn more calories.
  • Platform Quality: The rubber top or the platform where your feet will be should have some thickness and consistency otherwise your feet will hurt. I have seen many manual treadmills with low thickness so this is something that you should check before buying.
  • Handlebar length: Since you are going to be walking, and if you ever needed any support then you can always grab the handlebars. Sturdy and long handlebars are always welcome.
  • Tracking: Generally non electric treadmills do not come with much tracking but some do have some lcd display which runs on batteries. I would consider fitness bands over these trackers.
  • Workout program: Some high end manual treadmills comes with pre built workout programs but then you would do them better on a motorized treadmill anyway.
  • Resistance type: Some newer models come with magnetic resistance, you can adjust the resistance and make the walking smoother.
  • Maintenance: These manual treadmills are low cost but you should know where you can find some manual treadmill belt oil for lubrication.

If you are looking into high end manual treadmills, then you might just consider motorized or automatic treadmills as well. Here is a difference chart between them.

Manual Treadmill Price In India

Manual treadmill price in India usually ranges around 10,000 INR. The curved manual treadmill India and the manual treadmill with incline are little costly. Also if you are into that then you can get those Manual treadmill 4 in 1 which comes with stepper, twisters etc.

Manual treadmill manufacturers in india

  • Manual treadmill by cockatoo are in the mid range around 10-14k INR.
  • Manual treadmill by cosco are in the mid range around 10-14k INR.
  • Manual treadmill kobo are in the mid range around 10-14k INR.
  • Manual treadmill kamachi are in the mid and high range around 12k-16k INR.
  • Manual treadmill leeway are in the low range around 9-11k INR.
  • Viva manual treadmill are in the mid range around 9-12k INR.
  • Afton manual treadmill are in the low range around 9-12k INR.
  • Fitkit manual treadmill are in the low range around 12k INR.
  • Lifeline manual treadmill are in the low range to mid range around 9-12k INR.

Manual Treadmill vs Automatic Treadmill

Manual Treadmill 

Automatic Treadmill

Low cost

Costlier than a manual treadmill.

Low max user weight limit

Higher max user weight limit than manual treadmill.

Low maintenance.

High maintenance.

No electricity cost.

Moderate electricity cost depending on the motor power.

Compact size.

Often bulky.

May create knee joint pain.

NO such issues.

Should not run.

Can run anytime.

No pre built programs.

Tons of pre built programs available depending on the model.

Recommended for short workouts.

Can workout longer.

Since you control the speed you are in control.

Need to be careful of the speed chosen and should be careful to not slip.


Are manual treadmills better?

Manual treadmills are better if you want get budget buys and want a treadmill that is really low on maintenance. Otherwise there are no advantages.

Which is best manual or automatic treadmill?

If you want to run then automatic treadmill is always better. If you just want to walk then manual is better. But overall automatic treadmills are always better.

Is a manual treadmill worth it?

Low cost, low maintenance, short time use makes the manual treadmill worth.

Can you lose weight on a manual treadmill?

If you are on a calorie deficit diet then you can always lose weight using a manual treadmill.

Can you actually run on a manual treadmill?

Very slow run is possible. I have tried it but definitely not good for the long run. It will hurt your knees and in rate cases your feet.

Are Manual Treadmills bad for knees?

If you speed up walking or try to run then it is bad for your knees.

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