7 Best home gym power tower


A power tower is a piece of exercise equipment which can be used in a small room to train your shoulder muscles, arm muscles,chest muscles, Abdominal Muscles and more.

Thus this best power tower list will help you pick up one for your home.

By doing enough body weight exercise with the power towers you will get tired, burn calories and will love the muscle fatigue.

However, just a thought, only go for power towers if you do not have the budget of space for gym equipment like a power rack.

BODYLEAN Power Squat Rack 2.5 Square Pipe PR-01

Power towers take similar space if you add a bench and you can train your legs with this power Tower Dip Station.

However a Multi-function Power Tower made with a Solid steel frame will help you generate upper body strength for sure.

But this Power Station or Multi-function Power Tower is not an alternative to a power rack or full cage squat rack.


Home gym without equipment?

7 Best home gym power tower

  1. DOLPHY Steel Multi Function Power Tower
  2. HASHTAG FITNESS Power Tower
  3. Dolphy Adjustable Power Tower
  4. RISE UP ™ Multi Function Power Dip Station With Folding Sit Bench
  5. Jio home gym Steel Power Tower
  6. DOLPHY Steel Dip Stands Adjustable Power Tower

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DOLPHY Steel Multi Function Power Tower

Why Should You Buy this?

If you have very little space, and you are not into lifting heavy bench press, squats.

And you are also into upgrading your home gym, then this power tower can be a good fit for you.

The Multi Function Power Towers from Dolphin Sports are the best multipurpose workout equipment that I’ve come across.

The price is reasonable and the performance is pretty decent. I think for these prices there is no shortage of options.

  • You can do a lot of exercises with this, but those will be bodyweight exercises. You can do pull ups, dips, leg raises, push ups etc.
  • You can get a bench with this 8 in 1 power tower which you can use with some weights.
  • The back cushion support is very soft and it will not hurt you when you are doing leg raises.
  • This Dolphy power tower has a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame so you will not lose your grip from it.
  • If you are a large man/woman of up to 200 kg weight then do not worry, it will work just fine.
  • Self installation.
  • Good for small spaces but with the bench it will take up some space anyway. But you can still fold the bench up.
  • Buyers say that this power tower is very sturdy and feels safe.
  • Has non-slip rubber feet.
  • None.


Why Should You Buy this?

If you have a shortage of space, and you are looking to do pull-ups and dips, then this power tower is a good fit.

I remember having a local power tower like this in the local gym.

HASHTAG FITNESS Power Tower is made from durable and wide steel materials.

It is made with 4*2 pipe and this works pretty well for a small home gym.

  • Made with 4/2 steel and supporting 200 kgs of weight so it should be very okay for home gym use.
  • Like all power towers you can do dips, chin ups, leg raises/knee raises etc.
  • The backside of this power tower has Jhooks so you can get a bench and try doing some bench press as well.
  • The chin up bar is situated at 7 feet so you can use a tool to get up.
  • The whole power tower weighs around 55 kg, it is heavy enough if you swing slightly during the pull ups.
  • The foam backrest and armrests are made good.
  • Has a push-up station.
  • None.

Dolphy Adjustable Power Tower

Why Should You Buy this?

This Dolphy adjustable dip stand workstation is one of the best dip stand workstation you can buy.

This is a great strength training workout station that gives you a complete body workout while you are sitting.

For a small home, you can use this power tower with a multi grip pull-up bar easily.

This dolphy adjustable dip stand workstation gives you a complete workout station which is not only functional but also gives you a good cardio workout with all the body parts being worked out.

It is a heavy-duty sturdy gym workstation.

  • This power tower has a multi grip pull up bar. You can do pull-ups, chin ups, neutral pull-ups etc. This is one of the special features that this one got.
  • This Dolphy power tower comes with an attached bench. You can fold it up when not using it.
  • It has small hooks to hold the barbell if you are trying to do bench presses. But I would not rely on those small arms.
  • You can use the dip area and the soft foam padded backrest and elbow rest will do just fine.
  • You can do all upper body exercises with this one.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 200 kgs.
  • None.

RISE UP ™ Multi Function Power Dip Station With Folding Sit Bench

Why Should You Buy this?

If you require a foldable gym bench along with a power tower to do the variety of workouts with bodyweight and some weight, then this RISE UP multi function power tower will help you.

Rise up Multi function power tower has a compact design and comes with pull up bar, push-up bars and a foldable bench.

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  • The height of the power tower is 84 inches, which will work for most of us doing pull-ups.
  • The foldable bench opens up easily and there are bar holders if you want to do bench press. I would not be too optimistic about it, though.¬†
  • The power tower can withstand 200 kgs of weight.
  • Can do a variety of exercises like tricep dips, chest dips, pull ups, push-ups etc.
  • Has rubber caps on the legs to make it anti-skid.
  • None.

Jio home gym Steel Power Tower

Why Should You Buy this?

If you only want to do pull-ups and dips and do not have long space to get those power towers with a bench, then you should get this simple power tower.

This is one of the simplest power towers to use at the home gym.

No bench, no Jhooks here, all you can do is upper body strength workouts.

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  • A never heard of 5 years warranty for joint failure.
  • 120 kgs of max capacity, since you are not going to do bench press, it is okay.
  • This durable power tower is made with 2/2 14 inch steel material.
  • 10 grip pull up bar.
  • The backrest for knee raises is soft and adjustable.
  • It has stairs or steps to reach the pull up bar so short people like me can do it as well.
  • Max weight capacity is lower, but you are not going to do a bench press anyway.

DOLPHY Steel Dip Stands Adjustable Power Tower

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are not into doing bench presses with a power tower and want to only use this for pull up, dips etc then go for it.

It will not take much space as well.

DOLPHY steel made adjustable power tower is one of the slimmest tower made for small spaces.

It has hooks which have 2 resistance bands hanging as well. You can use those to do back exercises.

But with this tower you can do pull ups so you might only use this bands for tricep workouts.

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  • Made with a heavy-duty steel frame which can hold upto 150 kgs of weight.
  • There are 6 levels of height adjustment levels so that your whole family can work out on this. You can adjust the size from 184 cm to 220 cm.
  • Has a good multi pull up bar attached.
  • The feet have rubber cups to make it anti-skid.
  • A little pricier.


Why Should You Buy this?

If you have a small bedroom to set up your home gym then you can get this power tower. You can not do any bench press here and neither do I recommend you.

Good Life power tower is a budget power tower for small home gyms.

You can do push ups, dips, knee raises easily on this.

  • Simple minimalistic design and comes with 4 grip positions and a pull up bar. You can do pull up, chin up and neutral pull-ups.
  • The foam on the arms and back are soft and good to do workouts.
  • 110 kg of weight support.
  • With legs with rubber caps it is very stable.
  • Few buyers complain that the dip station could be better.

If you are looking to train at home then a piece of equipment like a heavy-duty power tower is a good choice.

 However, do note that no multifunctional Power Tower can replace a power cage or power rack.

If money is not an issue, then get those.

Combining a weight bench with it you can do a range of exercises beyond gym equipment like a power tower.

For a full-body workout with almost 0 risk of injury you should get a power rack otherwise a high-quality steel made power tower should do.

Benefits of power towers are limited to what they can help you get with your own bodyweight and not with weight lifting to get a full body effective workout.

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