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Torn between pull up rings vs bar? Well, I was too and I have a pull up bar at my home and I use pull up rings or gymnastic rings at my local gym. The main difference I found while I was working our was – When doing pull ups, you can literally forget about your abs and use all the force in your hands. Push against the wall and pull yourself up. Nothing bad though, this is how it is done.

But while working out with gymnastic rings at home you will see it will engage your core muscles way more than while using pull up bars. You will need to engage your ab muscles, all core muscles to keep your body from swinging. 

Does pull up rings have some advantages?

Yes, firstly they get your core acting so much better!

Secondly they are so versatile!!! Adjust the height and you can do push ups! Ring rows, Dips, Front lever, Muscle ups. Possibilities are endless.

There is one issue though, you will still need to drill your walls to get it hung. Otherwise pull up rings won’t work.

Price Comparison of Gymnastic Rings India

Best Gymnastic Ring India Price comparison as on 26th May, 2020
Price comparison as on 26th May, 2020, 6:00 PM – data from online stores in India

List of Best Gymnastic Rings in India

Rank Best gymnastic Rings India Price Range Check Reviews

Nayoya Wellness Gymnastic Rings




Kobo Fitness Wooden Gymnastics Rings India




Kobo Gymnastics Rings India ABS








IRIS Fitness Gymnastic Rings India

₹₹₹₹ Review

E RELAX Nylon Gymnastics Rings




Best Choice in pull up rings India

Kobo Fitness Gymnastics Rings (Wooden)

This is one of the best wooden gymnastic rings India and it is very competitively priced, there are other variants which are nylon made but costlier. This KOBO roman rings checks all the correct tick marks in terms of quality, strap length, gymnastic ring manufacturer pedigree and all.

If you want the best wooden gymnastic rings in India then you should consider this hanging ring!

Best Budget pull up rings

E RELAX Nylon Gymnastics Rings

Well cross training rings or pull up rings were never cheap but still these gymnastic rings in India are priced fairly lower than some other hanging rings online. This is of course made of ABS plastic and nylon. Certainly not a cheap gymnastics ring which may break after some moderate use.  I would say choose this roman ring as the best gymnastic rings for calisthenics.

Editors Pick (I would buy this Pull up Ring)

USI Universal Roman Ring

Well, as I have admitted earlier, I like USI products. And I would get this USI pull up ring for myself. This is made of BAS and nylon, perhaps a budget option than using birchwood material.

Reviews of 6 Best Gymnastic Rings in India

Nayoya Wellness Gymnastic Rings

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 29Best Gymnastic Rings in India 30

Final Verdict: If you are into imported roman rings gymnastics rings then you can try this. Since it is imported, it is very costly. You can get two wooden gymnastic rings at home for this price. If you have a strong base to attach to then you can wear a 20-30 kg weight vest while doing pull ups or other exercises.

They claim that their ABS plastic rings can support upto 1000 kgs of weight, well I am sure no one ever tried that. Nayoya has good customer service in US but in India, not so much. Although if you get a faulty product you can always return it within the return period.

These Nayoya gymnastic rings are sturdy yet not so heavy so you can keep them in your backpack and take them anywhere. Although some have complained of broken buckles, even broken roman rings.

Kobo Fitness Wooden Gymnastics Rings India

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 31Best Gymnastic Rings in India 32

Final Verdict: This is the best gymnastic rings India that I have picked, the wooden version of this KOBO pull up ring is of very good quality and reliable in performance. Gymnastic ring thickness is 2.5cm, good enough to grab it. And since it is wooden there are less chances of getting callouses or burns at your wrists.

KOBO wooden gymnastic ring in India weighs at 1.4kg total.

Tape length is 15 feet and tape is made of nylon. 

Max user weight is 120kg, which is reliable but once they also mention that this calisthenics rings can hold upto 300kgs. This is something I have some doubt about.

RIng is made of wood with 23.5cm outside diameter, inside diameter of 18cm and thickness of 2.5 cm. 

Perfect for all calisthenics workouts like pull ups, muscle ups and more.

Wood quality is not known but nothing expensive, could some type of plywood and it will not slip. But some have mentioned slips and broken buckle and I believe it will depend product by product only.

This is a costly product but not as much as the ABS imported ones like Nayoya.

Kobo Gymnastics Rings India ABS

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 23Best Gymnastic Rings in India 24

Final Verdict: KOBO thought and made this version of pull up ring for all the gymnastic rings users at home. This is economical with similar features to the wooden version – this is a ABS and nylon product with no quality issues. If you are not worried about slipping or have your heart set for a wooden gymnastic rings then you can get this hanging ring for your home.

Item weight is around 1.8kg, surprisingly heavier than their wooden gymnastic ring version.

Strap length is 15 feet and it is made up of nylon.

Outside diameter is 23.5 cm, inside diameter is 18cm and thickness is around 3cm.

Max support weight – 120kgs.

People have reported of this ABS gymnastic rings are built quite good and straps are strong also.

One good feature of these kobo gymnastic rings are the height markers on the straps. You can align and decide correct hanging height easily.

A perfect addition to your crossfit rig along with crossfit hammer and power cage.


Best Gymnastic Rings in India 35Best Gymnastic Rings in India 36

Final Verdict: Heavy metal buckle with straps that have numbers and a wooden gymnastic ring. Although the price is higher, I believe the quality is top notch.

Outside diameter is 23.8cm, thickness is 3cm and inside diameter is around 18cm.

Strap is wide but we have no official information on the max weight supported.

They have some UNBEATABLE text logo going on the wooden rings which looks cool to me.

And the ring has some subtle cuts made into it, making the grip easy for calisthenics exercises.

IRIS Fitness Gymnastic Rings India

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 37Best Gymnastic Rings in India 38

Final Verdict: A textured ABS gymnastic ring with not so great buckles. Straps are 1.5 inch wide and 15 feet long. 

Like in this case of this pull up rings, you will see it has mentioned 2000lbs of weight support. In reality it is the durability of the ABS rings, not the max user weight. Claims quick 5 minute set up like other pull up rings. And you definitely need to have 2 hooks or a steel pipe to set them up.

There are no clear info on the diameters or thickness.

E RELAX Nylon Gymnastics Rings

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 37Best Gymnastic Rings in India 38

Final Verdict: The ring looks a little more shiny and polished which could not be a good thing but with all ABS rings it should allow you to have a good grip. For this your main criteria for buying should be the price only.

Like all other ABS based gymnastic rings India it has 15 feet strap which are 1.5 inch wide. I do not like the buckles here, they seem to be weak. For a single person use in home gym India, it is okay.

The choice of Wooden gymnastic rings India (Nylon vs Wooden)

Choice of wooden gymnastic rings in India are very low, mostly due to their cost. No one wants to use approximate 5000 INR gymnastic rings at home. 

But wooden gymnastic rings have some advantages and get praise by real gymnastics!

Wooden gymnastic rings Advantage 1: With chalk the grip is awesome and beats the ABS calisthenics rings every time.

Advantage 2: Less callous with wooden rings than cheap gymnastics rings. 

Wooden gymnastic rings Disadvantages: If you are planning on using it outdoors then wood is more prone to weather conditions so it’s life will be short.

And like ABS wood can also break.

IRIS Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 41Best Gymnastic Rings in India 42

Final Verdict: Ideal for actual gymnastic training, not just a gymnastic ring at home. Got a 15 feet strap, not so good buckles. If you have your heart set on a wooden gymnastic ring in India and can not afford a budget of 5k INR then you can consider this.

Straps are normal with no height markers, buckles look weak. They do mention wood is birchwood and diameters are 23.5cm and thickness is 3.2 cm.

XPEED Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Best Gymnastic Rings in India 41Best Gymnastic Rings in India 42

Final Verdict: Apart from the USI wooden gymnastic rings India or the KOBO wooden pull up rings XPEED is a new company with wooden pull up rings. Not a cheap gymnastic ring, not so costly either.

If you want reputed gym equipment then you might want to skip this wooden roman ring.

How to choose the best gymnastic rings in India

Here are my top tip – get the best pick mentioned at the beginning of this blog. KOBO is a kown gym equipment manufacturing company and they have wooden and ABS made versions of the gymnastic ring. Get any one of them as per your budget.

Are you into doing more gymnastic and intend to do serious calisthenics rings exercises like the Iron cross?  Rather than just using them as pull up rings then get yourself the wooden gymnastic rings, costly but will do better than ABS versions.

Again only if budget permits. But considering budet do not blindly go for the cheap gymnastics rings available online.

Gymnastic rings benefits

You have seen gymnastics practitioners, they all have one thing common. That is a healthy body with no fat, lean muscles and strength.

They are not into lifting heavy weights in a smith machine, rather they would wear weighted vests and lift themselves up on a pull up ring.

Here are top Gymnastic rings benefits apart from raw strength development!

  1. Mobility of joints
  2. Stability of lats and other muscles
  3. Strength and muscle gain
  4. Options for creative bodyweight workouts
  5. Less joint stress (Although it will depend on many things)

22 Gymnastic Ring Exercises India

  1. Ring Push up
  2. Gymnastic Ring Rows
  3. Gymnastic Ring Pull ups
  4. Gymnastic Ring Dips
  5. Front lever (Knee tucked for beginner)
  6. Iron cross holds
  7. Muscles ups (Leg assisted for beginner)
  8. Leg raises
  9. Split squats
  10. Inverted Rows with pull up rings
  11. Single arm rows with roman rings
  12. Suspension flye
  13. Suspension one arm push ups
  14. Face pulls
  15. Y raises
  16. Y to W raises
  17. Pike Press
  18. Gliding hamstring curls with suspension
  19. Tricep Press with pull up rings
  20. Knee Raises with pull up rings
  21. Reverse Butterfly with calisthenics rings
  22. Bicep Curl

For optimal leg development, you may need to use weighted vests, hex dumbbells or may be a smith machine in India along with a gymnastic ring. Also slam ball and kettlebells would also do!

You better not jump into doing the tough exercises in this list, which may be harmful. Look into progressions of workouts in Youtube and act accordingly.

How to hang gymnastic rings in apartment

Best way would be to drill holes at two walls, at the same level. Get a good height, high ceiling rooms are perfect for these calisthenics rings. Then get yourself 2 inch steel pipes to get into those holes.

With this you do get a straight wall mounted pull up bar also, that steel pipe becomes your pull up bar. And if the area is wide enough and the steel bar or iron beam is strong enough you can also hang a boxing sand bag for some cardio.

You get a solid base to install these gymnastic rings at home then. Then follow the manual to install the hanging rings.

  1. Are ring pull ups harder than bar?

    Ring pull ups requires you to to use your core and stabilization muscles much more than a pull up bar. Thus hanging ring pull ups or muscle ups are tougher although they are softer on joints.

  2. Can you build muscle with gymnastic rings?

    Check gymnastics practitioner bodies, their training revolves around gymnastic rings. That does not mean you will get the same results. Training with the calisthenics rings is tough but it has its rewards.

  3. What muscles do ring pull ups work?

    Like a normal pull up ring pull ups will work on your upper back and lats and arms.

  4. Why are gymnastic rings the best?

    As per my opinion, gymnastic rings make it easy on the shoulder joint. And as you can change the height you can easily switch between various exercises like dips, inverted rows etc. So with only one home gym equipment you can do a lot of muscle building exercises.

  5. Why are gymnastic rings so hard?

    Gymnastic Rings hangs from the ceiling by nylon straps. When you try to do exercise like pull up it demands your body to stabilize the moving pattern. And most of the time our core muscles and stabilizing muscles are weak thus making pull up ring exercises much more tougher. Definitely tougher than pull ups and way way more tough than running on treadmills or cycling.

  6. Are Ring Pull Ups better?

    If we consider only pull ups, then using pull up rings it is becomes easy on the joint due to the wide range of motion. But not necessarily better than the traditional pull up in terms of muscle or strength development.

  7. Where should gymnastic rings be placed at home?

    In India we all have ceiling fans, so find a place where you do not. Do not try to permanently hang them outside. Forces of natures are not kind and your life of roman rings will be much shorter. Find a high ceiling place indoors where you can insert steel pipes across the wall or use some hooks to install the gymnastic rings at home.

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