The Best 3 Deadlift Shoes in India for powerlifting home gym use

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

The best deadlift shoes in India are the PRO WOLF | DLx500 Barefoot Deadlift Shoes. They offer a secure grip for gym and powerlifting, accurate sizing, a wide build for toe spreading, and a mesh texture for breathability. These shoes are ideal for sumo deadlifts, traditional deadlifts, squat training, comprehensive training, kettlebell training, and yoga.

I will recommend PRO WOLF DLX 500 for powerlifters and gym enthusiasts seeking high-quality, performance-focused deadlift shoes.

However, if you do not need the slight heel of these shoes you might just want to do barefoot deadlifts.

List of the 3 best Deadlifting Shoes in India

PRO WOLF | DLx500 Barefoot Deadlift Shoes

PRO WOLF | DLx500 Deadlift Shoes Cross-Trainer | Barefoot Powerlifting Weightlifting Shoes (White, Numeric_10)

Rs. 3,999
Rs. 3,699
 in stock
as of February 23, 2024 6:22 am


  • Outsole thikness: 3mm
  • Material Used : Durawoven Upper /Rubber Outsole
  • Shoe Colors : Black, Red, White
  • Uses : Deadlift ,Squats Yoga
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Key Decision-Making Factors:

  1. Grip Performance: Secure grip for gym and powerlifting.
  2. Comfort and Fit: Accurate sizing, wide build for toe spreading.
  3. Material Quality: Mesh texture for breathability.

Pros and Cons of PRO WOLF | DLx500 Deadlift Shoes

The mesh texture is breathable and super soft.High price.
Excellent grip on the sole for gym and powerlifting.Lack of provided shoe box.
Accurate sizing for a perfect fit.Inconvenience during size exchanges.
Ideal for deadlifts and benchpress, no slipping.Limited color options.
Wide build for comfortable toe spreading.
Overall good quality.
Positive user experience with mesh material.
IPF approved for competitions.
Secure grip on the floor.
Suitable for gymming, training, powerlifting.
Positive feedback on wide build for wide feet.

How we reviewed PRO WOLF | DLx500 Deadlift Shoes

Quality and Durability9
Functionality and Versatility8
Customer Support7
Comfort and Ergonomics9
Cost and Value for Money6
Size and Space Requirements8
Maintenance and Care8
Overall user reviews9

Average Score: 8

Top Use Case: Recommended for sumo deadlifts, traditional deadlifts, squat training, comprehensive training, kettlebell training, and yoga.

Target Users: Powerlifters and gym enthusiasts seeking high-quality, performance-focused deadlift shoes.

As a dedicated home gym user, the non-marking outsole with a special design for traction is a thoughtful addition. It ensures you won’t leave unwanted marks, a detail often overlooked in workout shoes.

I feel that the weight of approximately 180g per single shoe is reasonable. I genuinely appreciate the focus on keeping them lightweight, enhancing the overall comfort during extended workout sessions.

With a 3mm incompressible sole and lateral support, they’re perfect for deadlifts.

My feet sweat a lot and thus having the breathability of Pro Wolf helps too. I also like that I can remove the shoe quickly using the velcro strap.

Considering my sweaty feet I would remove it as soon as the set is done.

RXN World Star Shoes for Deadlifting

RXN World Star Weightlifting Shoes for Mens (White, 8 UK)

Rs. 3,200
Rs. 2,850
 in stock
as of February 23, 2024 6:22 am


  • Upper:-High Grade Natural Leather With Mesh Lining,Double Velcro For Fastening; Sole:- Eva Out Sole
  • Weight-Lifting Shoe With Standard Fit For Better Stability And Forefoot Flexibility
  • Use Shoe Bags To Prevent Any Stains Or Mildew; Dust Any Dry Dirt
  • The Surface Using A Clean Cloth; Do Not Use Polish Or Shiner
  • Age Range Description: Adult; Color Name: White
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Key Decision-Making Factors for RXN World Star Shoes for Deadlifting

  1. Stability During Exercises: Provides stability, reducing pain during extended sessions.
  2. Size Chart Accuracy: True to size; consider ordering one size up if in doubt.
  3. Color Preference: Eye-catching red color for those who appreciate aesthetics.
  4. Quality and Support: Decent quality, elevated heel, and sturdy sole, suitable for weightlifting and squats.

Pros and Cons of RXN World Star Shoes for Deadlifting

Comfortable double strap design for squatsLimited response from brand on training wear
Suitable for flat feet with 3/4th arch supportUnremovable insoles hinder full insole use
Stable during 1-hour sessionsAppearance could be perceived as cheap
Eye-catching red colorLimited options for high volume training
True to size according to the chartInconvenient return process for some users
Sturdy sole with an elevated heelTightness around toes may require sizing up
Lightweight and premium appearanceVelcro straps and upper material need improvement
Good flat sole for deaflifting, Scott & bench pressTongue and laces might need adjustment
True to size with little toe snugnessLimited ankle mobility improvement
Effective for squatting with wide sole gripFront bottom not in contact with the floor
Provides good posture and stabilitySub-standard laces compared to the product
Great value for the priceQuality improvement needed for straps and upper sole

How we reviewed RXN World Star Shoes for Deadlifting

CriteriaScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability7
Functionality and Versatility6
Customer Support4
Comfort and Ergonomics8
Cost and Value for Money5
Size and Space Requirements6
Maintenance and Care5
Overall User Reviews7

Average Score: 6

I’ve used these RXN World Star Shoes for Deadlifting for a while, and here’s the real deal without beating around the bush. The upper is crafted from high-grade natural leather and the mesh lining? It’s there, too. Keeps things cool, you know.

Now, let’s talk about the sole. EVA outsole – not specified how thick, but it’s doing its job. It’s stable, and my forefoot flexes like it’s meant to during lifts.

For the price paid, the RXN weightlifting shoes should last a long time. The wide toe box is good for large toe people and the size chart seems reliable.

While the color and top material are awesome there are a few loose threads here and there. Not a deal-breaker, just me being picky.

In my circle, some had issues with high-volume training. RXN suggested couriering back the shoes for compensation – not cool.

They’re not perfect, but they’re getting the job done. It’s like dating – some quirks, but you can’t help but like ’em. If you’re into weightlifting and want to look good doing it, these might just be your gym buddies. For the shoes worth their price.

It’s just that I won’t take them for powerlifting competitions. Oh well, I am not fit for those anyway.

Core Weightlifting Deadlifting Shoes

Core Weightlifting Shoes for Heavy Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting, Men's Squat Shoes, Powerlifting Shoes (Numeric_9) Black

 out of stock
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Key Decision-Making Factors for Core Weightlifting Shoes

  1. Size Matters: Order a size up for a comfy fit.
  2. Rock-Solid Stability: Felt super stable even under a 405 lbs squat.
  3. Material Insight: Toe box slightly narrow but flexible material.
  4. Wear & Tear: After a year, still squatting strong, minimal wear.
  5. Versatility Alert: Great for Olympic lifts, but not for running.
  6. Budget-Friendly Longevity: Affordable yet durable for heavy lifting.

Pros and Cons of Core Weightlifting Shoes

Stable heel supportFront of the foot elevation can be insufficient for some lifters
Good value for the moneyUncomfortable for individuals with wider feet
Suitable for olympic liftingSome users find the material too hard and tight
Ideal for squatting and deadliftingLimited versatility, not recommended for other activities
Excellent for heavy trainingSoles may start to come off after several months of use
Good fit for weightliftingSizing may be inconsistent, may run tight for some users
Snug fit for stabilityNarrow toe box, may cause discomfort
Durable after regular useLimited sizing options, especially for wider feet
Provides good support and structureInsoles may slide around, causing annoyance
Improves squatting form and depthSome users experience discomfort or tightness initially
Slight arch support for stabilityHigher heel lift (1.5 inches) may not suit all lifters
Extra Velcro for secure fitDurability concerns with heel separation over time

How We Reviewed Core Weightlifting Shoes

CriteriaScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability7
Functionality and Versatility8
Customer Support6
Comfort and Ergonomics6
Cost and Value for Money9
Size and Space Requirements8
Maintenance and Care7
Overall user reviews8

Average Score: 7.375

Top Use Case: Core Weightlifting Shoes are ideal for individuals engaged in weightlifting, providing stability and support during squats and deadlifts.

Target Users: Weightlifters and individuals involved in activities such as squats and deadlifts seeking stable and supportive footwear for improved performance.

Actual user review:

“First time using a shoe with 1.5 inch heel. I had been using1/4 inch heel, but to do front and high bar squats had to stand on 10 lbs plates to get my depth. Shoes run about a half size compared to my running shoes (11.5 compared to 12). Great shoe and good price.”

The heel elevation is around 1.2 inches, giving a decent lift off the ground. The front of the foot is subtly elevated, about 0.5-0.6 inches, resulting in a true heel lift of approximately 0.6-0.7 inches. For someone like me, struggling a bit with ankle mobility, this moderate lift strikes a balance – not too much, not too little.

Speaking from my practical use, these shoes have proven to be suitable for various weightlifting exercises, especially deadlifts. The sole material provides a good grip, making them my preferred choice for deadlifts. The flat design strikes a nice balance – not too hard, not too soft, just what I need for stability during lifts.

In terms of durability, there have been some concerns. I’ve seen feedback about soles starting to come off after a few months of use. However, for the price point, I’ve found them to be quite sturdy and well-made. The rubber sole and grippy outsole contribute to excellent stability, especially during strength training and olympic weightlifting.

For wider toes and feet, the wider toe box is a plus. It helps prevent that uncomfortable feeling of your toes being cramped together. I have wider feet, and this feature made a noticeable difference in comfort.

These shoes shine in providing excellent stability, making them top-notch for deadlifts. The rubber sole adds to the grip, and the wider toe box accommodates wider feet comfortably. From my perspective as a user, they’ve become my go-to for deadlifting sessions.

In my opinion, they may not be the fanciest shoes on the market, but for a minimalist shoe that gets the job done in the weight room, they’re a solid choice. To me, they cater well to those who prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach to weightlifting footwear. If you’re into personal training, these might just be the reliable companions you’re looking for.

Core Weightlifting Shoes offer great value for the money, especially if you prioritize stability during deadlifts and prefer a flat shoe design. The wider toe box is a thoughtful touch, and the rubber sole provides that necessary grip for Olympic weightlifting.

Deadlift Shoes vs Deadlift Slippers

CriteriaDeadlift ShoesDeadlift Slippers
Preferred DeadliftStability and supportMinimalist approach
Flat ShoesFlat sole for a stable baseFlat profile for a natural foot position
Great AnkleAnkle support in some modelsMinimalist design may not offer ankle support
Top DeadliftBrands like SABO Deadlift Shoes are regarded highlyDepends on individual preference
Good DeadliftBeneficial for achieving good deadlift formMay offer a good deadlifting experience
Range of MotionSome models prioritize stability over maximum ankle flexibilityAllows for a greater range of motion

How to Find the best shoes for squats and deadlifts?

1. Understand Your Needs:

  • Identify your workout style, whether it’s powerlifting, weightlifting, or a combination of various exercises.
  • Consider your foot arch, ankle mobility, and personal preferences.

2. Focus on Lifting Shoes:

  • Invest in dedicated lifting shoes designed for squats and deadlifts. Brands like Brazos Valley Strength provide insights into the benefits of flats vs. heels for squats.

3. Heel Height Matters:

  • Explore lifting shoe heel height, as explained in That Fit Friend’s video, to ensure the right fit for your lifting style.
  • The Nike guide emphasizes deadlift-specific shoes, highlighting the importance of choosing footwear designed for strength training.

4. Consider Your Workout Environment:

  • Evaluate the type of gym activities you engage in, including squats, deadlifts, and other compound movements.
  • Testify Strength & Conditioning’s comprehensive guide covers everything from what to buy to what not to buy in the realm of lifting shoes.

5. Community Insights:

  • Engage with lifting communities on platforms like Quora to gather user experiences and recommendations for the best shoes during heavy weightlifting.

6. Measure Twice, Buy Once:

  • Ensure a proper fit by measuring your feet accurately. Refer to sizing guides provided by shoe manufacturers.
  • Check out Megsquats’ ultimate guide for valuable online resources and an Excel sheet to assist in your buying decision.

The Last Rep!

In my exploration of the best deadlift shoes, the PRO WOLF | DLx500 Barefoot Deadlift Shoes emerged as a standout choice. Boasting a breathable mesh texture, secure grip, and accurate sizing, these shoes cater to powerlifters and gym enthusiasts seeking quality performance. Despite their positives, the high price and limited color options may pose considerations for potential buyers.

On another front, the RXN World Star Shoes for Deadlifting impressed with a comfortable double strap design, eye-catching appearance, and effective stability during sessions. However, issues like limited brand responsiveness and an inconvenient return process highlight potential drawbacks. Transitioning to the Core Weightlifting Deadlifting Shoes, they offer stable heel support and good value, yet concerns about insufficient front foot elevation and potential sizing inconsistencies warrant attention.

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