9 super health benefits of ragi flour or finger millet!

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9 Super health benefits of ragi flour for gym

Ragi offers many health benefits. Eating ragi might help you with getting some extra protein and calcium. And you do need them if you are an athlete or gym goer. Ragi is also great when it comes to providing constant energy supplied to the body.

What Are the Health Benefits of Ragi?

Ragi can boost immunity supported by a healthy diet

Ragi is a superfood that has many benefits for overall health. It is said known to boost immunity, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation. Ragi is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including iron and calcium (Source). Therefore, including ragi in your diet can help to improve your overall health and well-being.

Ragi provides proteins

Ragi is an excellent source of protein. Ragi has 7.7 grams of protein per 100 gram as per this study. But many seller would say that their rag product has 13 grams of protein per 100 gram.

Ragi or finger millet has amino acids like valine, methionine, isoleucine, threonine, and tryptophan. It is not a complete protein but as per 100 grams of ragi contains 7.7 grams of protein that makes it a good option for vegetarians.

Ragi roti, ragi dosa, ragi porridge can be made from it all that will have the protein.

Ragi is rich in fiber which should help with constipation

As per this study ragi has 72.6 grams of carbs per 100 gram. This is a complex carb which is very helpful in releasing energy over a long period of time and help with constipation.

Consuming ragi daily will surely help you if you have stomach issues.

Ragi in your diet aids in digestion

Ragi is rich in dietary fibre, which helps to regulate the digestive system and prevent constipation. It is also a good source of iron which may help with good gut health.

Ragi strengthens bones with its extra calcium in it

Ragi is a grain that is known for its high calcium content. This makes it an ideal food for those who want to strengthen their bones. Ragi has 344 mg of calcium where as wheat has 41 and rice has only 10 mg of calcium in them.

Consuming ragi is a sure shot way of getting calcium on a budget!

benefits of ragi

Ragi is a superfood for weight gain

Ragi is a low calorie and nutrient dense food thus many categorize it as a weight loss food. No one can blame them because ragi is known to suppress hunger and is slow digestive food.

However, ragi has high calcium, fiber, protein, iron and minerals like manganese and magnesium. All of these are essential for muscle building.

So with a proper diet containing ragi, it can be used for muscle gain as well.

More on muscle gain with ragi here!

Ragi in your diet might prevent Anemia

Ragi is an excellent source of iron (6.3 mg per 100 gram) and prevents anemia. It is also rich in calcium, which helps in the development of bones and teeth. Ragi is a portion of healthy food for both children and adults.


Can ragi be eaten dailly?

Ragi can be eaten daily. If you eat ragi daily then you are bound to have better digestion, stronger bones and small dosages of protein.

Can ragi cause gas?

Some people might get gas and diarrhoea from eating ragi. But most of us should be okay.

Does ragi reduce weight?

Ragi is a low-calorie food but it will not reduce your weight. Ragi can also suppress your hunger thus it might be able to indirectly help you lose weight but eating ragi without a low-calorie diet will not help you lose weight.

Can I eat ragi at night?

Ragi has a high amount of fibre and one amino acid called Tryptophan. High-fiber food will help you with constipation and Tryptophan might help you with good sleep.

Who should not eat ragi?

People with kidney issues should not eat ragi. Too much ragi might cause them to develop kidney stones.

Does ragi increase blood sugar?

Ragi does not spike blood sugar like wheat or rice thus it is a good substitute for rice or wheat. You can make ragi roti, ragi halwa etc.

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