Are Running Shoes Non-Slip? The Answer! And a guide to slip-resistant shoes?

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Are Running Shoes Non-Slip? the Answer and How to Know if Your Running Shoe Is a Slip-Resistant Shoes!

Are running shoes non-slip? The answer is, that it depends.

To be considered non-slip, a running shoe must have a sole made of softer rubber.

But still, the outsole design will make the difference. Check the premium Skechers Gorunride 9, it has a midfoot strike feature which makes the outsole a little curved. But it will still give you enough traction.

But not non-slip like those flat-sole shoes.

So if you want to buy non-slip running shoes, check for a flat rubber sole.

Non slip shoe sole


If you are looking for a running shoe that is also non-slip, make sure to check for the slip-resistant symbol on the shoe’s box or in its description.

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What Makes a Shoe Slip Resistant?

A slip-resistant shoe is designed to provide better grip and traction on slick or wet surfaces.

This is often done by incorporating a synthetic rubber sole into the design of the shoe.

Additionally, the shoes likely don’t offer much traction and won’t grip well if there isn’t a tread pattern on the outsole.

You will see heavy slip-resistance shoes in industries like catering, food restaurants, outdoor work, etc.(1) Changing to nonslip shoes is linked to reducing 55% the reduction of slipping.

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If there is a tread pattern, however, it’s likely made of rubber or other materials that grip well and provide traction.

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How Can I Tell if My Shoes Are Slip-Resistant?

Is Slip-Resistance Specified?

The product description specifies that the flooring has a slip-resistant surface. This means that it is less likely to cause someone to slip and fall.

Is the Shoe’s Sole Different?

The shoe soles should have a sturdy EVA rubber outsole that is slightly rounded on the sides and designed to grip the floor even when it is wet or oily.

The rubber outsole should also be lightweight, flexible, and relatively soft.

If the shoe sole is hard and is made of rubber then it is not an anti-slip shoe.

Are Running Shoes Non-Slip? The Answer! And a guide to slip-resistant shoes? 2

Is the Tread Design Different?

The tread on the bottom of the outsole is designed to create friction, which helps you grip the floor.

The smaller the pattern on the outsole, the better slip resistance it will have.

And if you have noticed, most running shoes have large treads and elevated outer sole.

On non-slip shoes, you will see smaller patterns, circles, hexagons etc.

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Are Running Shoes Non-Slip? The Answer! And a guide to slip-resistant shoes? 3

Examine the Shape of the Sole

When examining the shape of the sole, look for a rounded side.

This will improve grip and traction on different surfaces.

EVA rubber is a synthetic foam-like resin that is often used in outsoles and midsoles because it is lightweight, flexible, and absorbs shock.

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The sole should also be designed to grip the floor when it’s wet or oily to avoid slipping.

And under that EVA sole, there should be a rubber sole, which will provide the grip.

Check Out Reviews

When looking for the best slip-resistant shoes, it is important to check out reviews from other customers.

This will give you an idea of what to expect and help you make a decision about which shoes are right for you.

The Last Rep!

Do you really need non-slip running shoes?

If you are running outdoors, running in cold and wet weather then you will need a non-slip running shoe.

But if you are just running on treadmills or occasionally running while the weather is pleasant, you do not need a rubber sole shoe.

But if you want the best, all-weather running shoe and money do not matter then go ahead and buy a non-slip running shoe.

Me, I rarely run while it’s raining, and it will never snow where I am living so I do not need any hardcore anti-slip running shoes. Hopefully, I won’t.

Tell me if this was helpful for your shoe selection process.

Until then train hard!


Are sneakers considered non-slip shoes?

Many sneakers do come with rubber soles which might make you think that those are non-slip shoes, but they are not truly non-slip. For general running workout purposes, they are great. But these shoes are not made to endure the slipperiness of moisture, grease etc.

What is classified as slip-resistant shoes?

Slip-resistant shoes are those specialised shoes which have soft rubber soles and tread patterns. This helps the shoe to grip the greasy floor. These types of shoes are generally used by workers. These are not useful for running.

What’s the best non-slip shoes?

The best non-slip shoes are worn by workers, all other running shoes/ sneakers are not non-slip shoes.

How can you make your shoes non-slip?

If your shoes are non-slip then you can not convert them into non-slip shoes. If you know how to make shoes then you can do this though, you would need to buy non-slip rubber soles for this.

Are non-slip shoes good for your feet?

Non-slip shoes are good for your entire body. They save them from falls. They help you by having a solid grip on the floor.

Why are non-slip shoes non-slip?

Non-slip is made with rubber and has a tread pattern that helps with excellent grip on the floor. That is why wearing these shoes, you will not slip.


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