Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball? – sports shoes for volleyball


Are Running Shoes Good for Volleyball? – Why Should You Choose the Specific Sports Shoes for Volleyball?

Running shoes are not good for volleyball because they are not designed for the sport. Volleyball players need shoes that provide lateral stability, cushioning and durability.

Running shoes do not typically offer these features, which is why they are not recommended for use in volleyball.

Volleyball shoes should last a full season, but if you do not play 4-5 times a week, you may be able to stretch them out to a full year.

Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball

The Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Running Shoes?

  • Volleyball shoes are a specific type of shoe meant for playing volleyball indoors. They have a different tread and sole than basketball shoes, which are meant for outdoor use. Volleyball shoes typically have more grip and are less likely to slip on the floor. This is important because indoor volleyball courts can be slick with all the foot traffic.

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  • Volleyball shoes are designed specifically for the sport of volleyball. They have a thicker midsole that provides greater stability when playing the sport. This is important because players need to be able to move quickly and change direction without losing their balance. And you can not do these with a running shoe.
  • Volleyball shoes are typically made with lighter materials and have more support than running shoes. They also tend to be more durable so that they can withstand the wear and tear of playing volleyball. Running shoes, on the other hand, are not as durable and are often heavier because they are designed for long-distance running.
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Are running shoes non-slip

Why Wear Sports Shoes for Volleyball?

Volleyball shoes or any other sports-specific shoes are made differently than each other.

They provide stability for the lateral movements that are common in volleyball. The rubber sole is typically made up of a gum material that provides stability for the lateral movements.

Also, volleyball shoes are very lightweight than any running shoes.

Are Running Shoes Non-Slip?

Why Running Shoes Are Not Good For Volleyball?

Inadequate Lateral Support

Volleyball shoes usually have a more supportive lateral structure because the sport involves a lot of side-to-side movement. This increased stability will help you feel more confident when playing and performing, which can lead to better results.

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Running shoes do not offer any lateral support at all.

Volleyball shoes are designed with lateral support in mind. This means that the material on the outsides of the midsole is thicker, providing you with a greater sense of stability and support when playing.

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Poor Grip

Volleyball shoes have better traction than running shoes because they are designed for the sport. The tread on volleyball shoes is designed to channel dust and debris out from under the contact points of the shoe, which keeps you from slipping.

However, you should not run in volleyball shoes outside of the court.

Proper Cushioning

Volleyball shoes are typically designed with better cushioning systems than running shoes because the jumping and landing involved in playing volleyball can be hard on the feet.

Running shoes, while good for running, do not provide enough shock absorption or traction for players who need to jump and land frequently.

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Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball? - sports shoes for volleyball 1

The GEL cushioning system in a volleyball shoe is specifically designed to absorb shocks from jumps and landings, making them ideal for players who need agility on the court.

ow trail running shoes different?

MidSoles Support

MidSoles are a type of shoe insert that help to absorb shock and reduce the risk of injury in activities such as volleyball. They are specifically designed to provide more support in the foot’s forward motion and don’t offer as much support in the ball of the foot.

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When it comes to athletic shoes, weight is an important consideration. Tennis shoes or volleyball shoes, for example, include synthetic leather and mesh to keep the weight at a minimum.

This is important because you don’t want your shoes slowing you down on the court. Running shoes are heavier with thick rubber soles so that it protects your feet.

While this may be desirable for runners, it could be a disadvantage for athletes playing other sports.

Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball? - sports shoes for volleyball 2


Volleyball shoes have a wide range in price, just like other athletic shoes. More expensive, high-quality, and recently designed shoes will cost more than older models that have been enhanced less. The price of volleyball shoes is comparable to that of other athletic shoes on the market.


Volleyball players need shoes with good stability because it helps them make a smooth heel-to-toe transition and keeps their ankle in the correct position. When you push off laterally, running shoes will buckle along with your ankle, which can lead to injuries.

Shoe Soles

The sole of a volleyball shoe is the main part of the entire shoe. It is made out of rubber gum, which gives good traction and makes the shoe more durable. Running shoes don’t use rubber gum because regular rubber works best for them – it provides more bounce and absorbs shock better.

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Here Are the Best Types of Volleyball Shoes to Chose From

Basketball Shoes

I love wearing basketball shoes for volleyball because they have better cushioning systems than regular volleyball shoes. This is really important to me because I tend to jump and land hard when playing defense. Additionally, basketball shoes are easier to find in a variety of colors and styles, so I can always find something that fits my needs.

Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes are designed to provide extra traction and cushioning for volleyball players. These are the best practical shoes for Volleyball.

They come with a gum rubber sole to prevent injuries, as well as a wave or gel cushioning system to absorb shock. The best volleyball shoes are made with solid rubber outsoles for better traction on the court.

Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball? - sports shoes for volleyball 3

Generic Court Shoes

Volleyball shoes are designed to provide good traction on a volleyball court and will generally do a pretty good job when playing the game.

However, they are not as effective for running as running shoes are, so you should not wear running shoes when playing volleyball.

You can wear all your other athletic shoes when you change out of your volleyball shoes before leaving the court.

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There are many generic sports footwear brands but they lack good cushion technologies. There is a huge traction difference between volleyball footwear and typical running shoes.


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