Afton bt 19 review


Afton bt19, a premium looking treadmill with a premium price tag with tons if features.

Afton bt19 houses a 2 HP motor. With wide working area and thickness of 15mm at the running board. This makes running/walking comfortable. 

Max weight supported is 110kg and there is some shock absorption thus running/walking might be less impactful on the knees. 

To make your workout tougher there is 15 level of auto inclination. And there are 12 program presets. Top speed is 14km/hour so you can imagine running at moderate speed on this.

You can track time, distance, heart rate and play mp3 or mp4 files.

Afton bt19 is foldable with hydraulic system, which makes it easy to store and use. Not too heavy also.

Not much on installation support and you can do it by yourself using screw drivers, bolt and nuts.

Comes with 1 year motor warranty. 

Afton BT 19 At a Glance


2HP motor for running
Comfortable Running
Inclination for intense workout


Poor Installation Support
Not Popular

If you have the budget for a premium treadmill then you might want to consider other brands. Not saying this is a bad treadmill but since you will be spending a lot of money for a treadmill, I suggest considering other options also.

Final verdict: Can trust a brand over other well known, popular treadmill brands over this one? 

Want auto lubrication, auto incline, hydraulic features?

Get this one.

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